46 thoughts on “Dogs don't understand our language my ass!

  1. FYI, the video got 3 million views before Jukin even touched it! Also, the video netted over 19 million views on Facebook before we monetized…know ur facts!!!

  2. I used to try and get my dog excited by asking "Want a bath?" In the same time as "Wanna go for a walk?" But every time, her tail would go straight down and she'd sit and avoid eye contact. I forget the number, but some dogs can learn and understand an unexpectedly high number of words, not just tone

  3. that was really funny when you said when he said he tore up my pants and I said do you still have a good day sis love a good day

  4. AWESOME VIDEO!!!!…Not only because of the vid title, but you're showing the true, loveable, loyal, playfull side of Pit Bulls that ppl do not want to see. Prime example of when will ppl start Blaming The Owner for viscious dogs of any breed…Good on you bruh!!!

  5. The title of this cracks me up. They understand your language just fine, your body language that is, and better than us humans do.

  6. Ahahahaha…Missy totally did it. She the only one with her ears back and she tried to block Laydie from coming out of the laundry room like, "We got to stick together! We supposed to be sisters!" lmbo!

  7. You are great with them Loved the video and more love your furbabies. Send love from us to them. Animals know much much than humans think LOL

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