22 thoughts on “Dogs & Babies Are Best Friends


  2. The baby laughing around the 1:18 mark is hilarious. And so cute the little girl feeding the dog by hand.

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  4. The baby who fell in the dog’s drinking bowl…omg what an amazing thing to capture. So adorable and hilarious!

  5. I don't know what that little kid is telling the dog an 1: 30, but I sure wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of it!

  6. Mommies like to set it up in a way so that the whole world can see how their dogs protect and are good servants to their beloved babies

  7. If anyone here is really rich…he/she can gift me a dog…that would make my day…if anyone interested please comment

  8. Most of the clips just show dog displaying dog-like behavior – almost none was specially aimed at infants. Studpid video!!

  9. Since when is a child safe with ANY animal, especially dogs. You as a parent should have your children put in protective custody by child welfare services for tying such a foolhardy thing. It takes but a second to get bitten, without a warning from the dog. This is just yet ANOTHER dog/baby video. Why would anyone think your screaming brat is cute? Dog licks asshole…dog licks babies face…mommy thinks this is cute?

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