Dogs are incredible | 개는 훌륭하다 EP.2 Part 1 [SUB : ENG/2019.12.04]

(What would you like to do most with your students?) A dog trainer has to deal with many kinds of dogs. This might be my dream, but I want to meet every dog in Korea. There’s a place called Yangsan. There are dogs in Yangsan. We’ll meet them and hear from them. Goodness! (They threaten other dogs) (They even attack each other) (These dogs in Yangsan need help) (What’s going on here?) How scary. What kind of class will Hyungwook and his students have in Yangsan? I posted on social media that I was coming to Yangsan to see if anyone needed help. I saw a few cases. We’re going to meet a Welsh corgi. (Gamja, 1-year-old, adopted abandoned dog) This one bites a lot. (Scars from where Gamja bit his guardian) He’s very aggressive. And this one is raised by the mother. He’s 11 years old and is very nice. He’s always getting bullied by Gamja. (1-year-old Gamja) This is Gamja, the problematic dog. He has a wet nose and big eyes. He’s a cute and playful Welsh corgi. And this is the 11-year-old dachshund. His name is Choco. Choco likes sitting on the sofa. He’s very mild-mannered. (They don’t seem to have any problems…) The daughter’s dog, Gamja, and the mother’s dog, Choco. What happened between them? As Gamja physically grew over time, he started bullying Choco. Choco will go to sleep if I throw a towel over him. But Gamja is always bullying us. He doesn’t just bully Choco. He gets on top of him and pins him down. He kicks him while pretending to smell him. And my mom got surgery for cancer. Has it been 3 years, Mom? – A little over 2 years. / – Right. She stays in the hospital for 4 to 5 months. And since my mom lives by herself, Choco would be left all alone. That’s why I have to look after Choco. A 1-year-old bullying an 11-year-old… My goodness. In human age, it’s like an 80-year-old being bullied by an 18-year-old. You took care of Welsh corgis last time. Tori and Woody are Welsh corgis. (Remember how Yubi was taken for a walk?) Tori! Aren’t they hunting dogs? Welsh corgis are the only cattle herding dog breed. – They don’t have tails. / – Right. Their tails used to be cut off so that they wouldn’t get trampled on by cattle. They actually have long tails. Oh, really? They like to bite your heels when they’re younger. Because that’s how they herded cattle. – Oh my. / – I see. So Welsh corgi owners get a lot of scars on their feet at first. Because they keep biting. So Welsh corgis really need to be taught how to behave when they’re younger. They also shed a ton of fur. True. I can tell. The wind can blow their fur off like leaves falling during spring. All year round. This is how they shed. Like this. (Who’s talking about me?) Do you know what dachshund means? It’s German. Dachs means badger. And hund means dog. – So it’s a dog that catches badgers. / – Right. I’ve seen an actual badger. Even a hunting dog can’t bite through their flesh. You’re absolutely right. That’s correct. A dog can’t beat a badger. Standard dachshunds actually used to catch badgers. Miniature dachshunds are smaller for raising at home. I think the guardians are going to need a lot of advice. I think you guys should stay in the control room and just watch me. Listen to what I talk about with the guardian. Listen for what I ask her. Also, watch her face when she’s questioned and watch how the dogs act. That should help. (I’m going to learn everything I can) (They arrive at Gamja and Choco’s house) (The guardian isn’t home right now) Is that the problematic corgi? He’s so cute. He seems quiet. He’s mild-mannered. It’s like he knows that a dog trainer is here today. He looks terrified. Gamja! Gamja! What took you so long? You little troublemaker. Choco is here. Choco is here, Gamja. Gamja, welcome Uncle Choco. It’s been a while. He doesn’t like him. The dachshund. Feed them both. Come here. Choco, come here. Why do you keep hiding? It’s not good to feed them when they’re together. That won’t bring them closer. It’ll only make them competitive. And if possible, since they haven’t met in a while, they should meet outside and then come in. The dachshund just showed up at Gamja’s house. That’s why the dachshund can’t adjust. He’s not eating this. No! He won’t eat this. Is Choco sick? He must be sick. He won’t even drink water. You’re scared. (Why won’t he eat?) Choco must be sick. Yeah. Are you sick? He’s trembling. He must be frightened. Does Gamja terrify you that much? I guess Choco really hates Gamja. He won’t go near him. He keeps his distance. What can you do to make these dogs get along? We’ll have to see, but they want different things. Choco just wants to rest, and Gamja wants to play. That’s why they don’t get along. I would let Choco get some rest and get Gamja a friend he can play with. That could be a good solution. I don’t think this can be resolved. Trying to resolve this would be a problem. They want different things. They just need to respect each other. Trying to change them could cause more problems. (He feels like he’s being watched) Choco! Hey! Hey! (Gamja approaches) – He’s here. / – There he goes again. He might bite him. – Will he bite him? / – Gamja, no! Would you like it if he did this to you? Take this! “Bring it! Fight me! Bring it on!” No, no. Doesn’t he look uncomfortable? “You’re so much younger than me! I’m 10 years older than you!” Biting again? She’s making him bite. (Gamja approaches Choco again) Choco is trying his best to express his disdain. Why do you keep getting on top of him? Would you like it if someone did that to you? Now he’s going to bite his leg. (The guardians have no idea what’s wrong) If you don’t know how to raise a dog, you’re just going to make mistakes. A lot of mistakes. Gamja’s a bad dog. He’s not! He’s just sniffing him. – Why is he sniffing him? / – He’s a dog! (Tries to protect Choco from Gamja) Stop hitting him, Mom! Go away! Stay away. Beat it. (This is bad) Gamja is the problem. He’s friendly but dumb. Gamja is the problem. He doesn’t have any problems when he’s by himself. Neither does Gamja when he’s by himself. But he keeps bullying Choco. Gosh, he can just play dead if he can’t beat Gamja. What would you do if some dog 10 years older than you attacked you? I’d beat him up. I should go down there and check things out. You students just watch how I counsel them. I’m very curious. We’ll watch you counsel them and how you train the dogs. – Hello. / – Oh my, hello. It’s Mr. Kang. So this is Gamja. And his name is Choco. He’s happy to see you. Did you see Mr. Kang on TV too? Hi! Yeah! Their behavior is so interesting. Look how they go to him. They both like him. Mr. Kang is like the god of dogs. How? I saw that you got injured. What happened? Gamja tends to make people trip. When we’re running together, and I don’t see him, he’s always between my legs. I don’t want to step on him, so I avoid him. And you end up falling. I ended up chipping a tooth. I even fell on some rocks. Why do you do that? (What did I do?) He’s like, “I didn’t do anything.” So your biggest concern is that Gamja keeps bullying Choco. The day before Lunar New Year, I was in the hospital. My daughter showed up with Gamja. We’ve been fighting every day since then. Why did you adopt this dog when your family was so against it? Once it’s been 10 days in the shelter, they put these dogs down. How could I let them put this handsome guy down? I have to go back to the hospital in November. My concern is that Gamja is always bullying Choco. He’s just being affectionate. I can’t leave Choco behind. I’m trying to look for a hospital that will let me bring him. A hospital where you can bring a dog? That would be nice. They can’t be together. He’s vomiting. He must be stressed out from earlier. What? Who’s vomiting? – Choco is vomiting. / – Choco? Poor guy. Gamja sat on him. He hasn’t eaten a thing today. And look, he’s vomiting. Do you have footage of Choco and Gamja? I’d like to watch it. They’re in trouble now. When two dogs don’t get along, being affectionate and petting one of them isn’t very helpful. “Hey! Go away!” You shouldn’t do this. He was bullying him. This only encourages them to fight more. (So aggressive) This happened, because you encouraged their fighting. Why aren’t you stopping them? Gamja doesn’t bite that hard. Ridiculous! How is this not biting hard? So it’s okay as long as it doesn’t kill him? Watch. (Gamja was in the wrong, but they both get yelled at) If you do this… Geez. It’s only going to scare Choco too. That’s not how you stop them. Stop barking! You’re so noisy. – Why? / – And don’t bite him! My mom only hits Gamja. Why, ma’am? Because he’s a bad dog. He always bullies Choco. (Hyungwook is deep in thought) (What does this laugh mean?) Well… (What’s going on?) (Serious) Please… Oh no. Is there something that deserves a beating? Let me ask you. Is there something that deserves a beating? I don’t think so. I agree. I don’t think anything deserves a beating. Then is there a behavior that deserves a beating? (A behavior that deserves a beating…) (This is something everyone should think about) Nobody deserves to be yelled at. And let me ask you, ma’am. (What is he going to ask the mother?) Ma’am, do you resent your daughter sometimes? (The mother hesitates for a while) Why is he asking the mother if she resents the daughter? That’s so interesting. Do you resent your daughter sometimes? – Yes. / – Really? You resent her, don’t you? What makes you feel that way? Right now, she’s my guardian. It’s not that I resent her. I just feel terrible. (She wants to apologize to her daughter) This is what it’s like. It’s like he’s the daughter and he’s the mother. This one’s like you, ma’am. And this one doesn’t know anything. He’s like a very immature daughter. Choco is exhausted and in pain. He walks with a limp. And this one is so immature. He doesn’t know anything. I feel like you two resemble your dogs a lot. How can these 11-year-old and 1-year-old dogs be just like the sick mother and daughter? They’re exactly the same. Choco too. He’s sick just like the mother. Their dogs reflect their personalities. Yes. Why are you crying? Do you feel… – Bad. / – About what? With Gamja around, my mom can’t visit as much. This is a sad story, isn’t it? Gamja was abandoned. The mother is sick. Choco is sick. Gamja bites. Is there a reason why you worry about Gamja? He was abandoned. They abandoned him. I gave him away to someone else, but they gave him back after 3 days. They couldn’t raise him. And then the next day, Gamja got sick. He was abandoned twice. So I feel terrible. I’m about to start crying. This one has a limp because he has degenerative arthritis. I bet he can’t turn or bend his joints. He can’t even walk backwards. And if he can’t walk backwards, he can’t run away either. So that’s why he doesn’t run away? He can’t. It’s not that he doesn’t. It’s hard for him to move his hind legs. You said he isn’t eating. – He won’t drink water either. / – Do you know why? Eating and drinking water is something they do to survive. But this guy can’t do things to survive. Why? “What’s the point of eating this now? I’m going to get bitten later on.” Similarly, when we lose the will to live, we don’t get thirsty. We lose our appetite. If Choco says he’s bothered, will this healthy young guy just back off? No, Choco will only get bitten. He can’t do anything around Gamja. An old dog like him just has to get bitten and take it. How sad. (Gamja kept attacking Choco) (It’s not that Choco didn’t avoid Gamja) (He couldn’t) (He’s so stressed that he can’t eat) (All he can do is express his disdain…) That’s why you have to be good to Choco and to your mother. Then your mother won’t be so stubborn with you. (That’s how they can become a true family) She won’t be stubborn. How did he catch all that? They seem so different now. The dogs. We didn’t realize earlier. – Right, we just… / – We just watched. But after hearing from the guardians, they’re using their dogs as a medium to fight. It sure is hard to be a trainer. He has to listen to all their stories. This is harder than “Let’s Eat Dinner Together.” All I do is eat on that show. The reason why I’m talking so much today is because no matter how much I train your dogs, if the guardians don’t change their way of thinking, nothing will change after I leave. So first of all, this one needs to play. He needs to run and play a lot. – How many times do you walk him? / – Once. Once a day? Walk him one more time. Make it twice a day. Make your husband walk him once. Then you each only have to walk him once. I should try that. Someone upstairs walks his dogs 7 times a day. Yubi, I have to walk my dogs now. You can’t deny it now. Now I have to… (Worried about his future) How about this? First, this one should never be bitten again. You need to get a gate for him so he can stay in there. And let this one roam free here. You need to take him outside every day in a dog stroller. Let him run around on a flat surface and urinate outside too. And this one really has to learn how to behave. Sit, lie down, and stuff like that. Do you have his leash? And bring me a treat he really likes. Wow, he’s a pro. Let’s see how Mr. Kang trains them. Is he good at sitting and lying down on command? He doesn’t know any of that. Why not? He just stares at me when I tell him to. And he’s so cute, so I let him be. Just hold the treat above his head. If he lowers his head, wave it around to entice him and put it above his head. When he starts looking up, it gets stiff here. His neck gets sore, so he naturally lowers his butt. Do you know why he won’t sit? He has a lot of experience getting his treat without doing all this. Even now, this is too hard for him, so he just gives up. He ended up this way because he never had to sit to get a treat. It’s like he’s someone with $300 million in his pocket. Would he be willing to work for $3,000? No. And I’m here trying to entice him with a $3,000 gig. So the solution is very simple for him. I’ll show you. You can eat if you sit. Look at his legs. He’s sitting. (Wow, he sat) (Unbelievable! How is this happening?) My gosh! He sat. He made him sit right away. If he’s distracted by something else, put it near his nose, but don’t let him have it. He’s struggling with the treat in my hand. He thinks this is cumbersome. – He keeps getting distracted. / – Right. If you know, why didn’t you do this? I didn’t know how to. I thought I was supposed to tell him to sit and then press down on his butt. The reward seems very important. I’m going to drop the treat on the floor. Now he stood up. He’s thinking. He used to just ask for treats, but now, if he gets in the right position… Yes! (Reward him with a treat) Wow, he sat. Wow. Now that he’s used to sitting, I’ll lower the treat little by little and teach him how to lie down. Same thing. Make him smell the treat and move it side to side. Moving it from side to side will make the dog’s nose move too. You let them smell it, lower it, and then go side to side. Then they’ll lie down? Side to side. I’m going to give him a treat once his elbows touch the floor. Watch this. The fact that Choco is right there but Gamja is behaving himself will assure Choco that Gamja won’t bully him when a guardian is around. What is he doing now? He sees the snack… – And he’s focused on it. / – Right. So Choco knows he won’t be bullied. He wonders why his sitting won’t work. I want him to lie down. (Yawn) He just yawned. It’s because he’s trying his best, so he’s like… “This is so exhausting. Gosh, this guy.” – He’s tired. / – “Why’d you invite him?” That’s what he’s thinking now. (Whimper…) He keeps yawning. I guess he’d rather not eat it. If you don’t talk to him, please him, or pet him… Yes! (He lied down) – Good dog. Eat them all. / – Wow, he lied down. – He lied down! / – This is crazy. So this is what happens. Your dog adjusts to your tone of voice. That’s why I want to ask you this. Are you calm when you talk to your dog? I get high-pitched. Then lower your pitch. Because I noticed from the footage that your voice sounds higher than Gamja’s. Don’t you agree that they’re the same? – She’s worse, right? / – What? Did I run around like Gamja? Dogs really do take after their owners. So dogs go nuts when you talk high-pitched. Time for some chicken. Let’s go! No! Move it! (You’re watching the perfect example of yelling) Dogs really do take after their owners. So dogs go nuts when you talk high-pitched. And never ever allow this one to bully Choco. What I mean by that is this. You can’t just sit there and let it happen. Just doing nothing? If this one bullies this one, and you don’t stop him, it’s like you’re bullying Choco too. Who do I stop? Him, since he’s the bully. Take him for plenty of walks. He’s not a bad dog. You are not a bad dog, okay? I’m just a bad owner. I wasn’t going to mention that. You must’ve read my mind. (LOL) He said she read his mind. That’s so funny. Now you try this time. What I usually do? No. I’ll teach you. Let him smell the treat. – This? / – Yes. Just let him smell that. That’s good. No more. Then take your dog and walk around. Here? Just walk around a bit. Keep the leash loose. Good. Now yawn. (Yawn) Very good. Nicely done. Relax your shoulders. (Why are they yawning too?) Let him smell it and then take it away. Good. Stand up straight. Let him smell it again. Walk this way towards the carpet. Bring him here. Stand up straight again. Now let him smell it again. Stand up straight. Very good. Yes! Give him the treat. (This is her first time getting Gamja to sit!) I can’t believe you’re doing this, Gamja. (Congratulations) What a good boy! – Good boy. / – Don’t pet him. Don’t pet him after giving him a treat. Go, “Ah!” (High-pitched) – That’s how you compliment him. / – Like that? I can do that all the time. I want to go down there and try too. So now you’ll sit on the floor like I did. Don’t sit cross-legged. Try kneeling. Very good. Let him smell this. Put it near his nose. Now lower it and wait. Let him smell it again. I noticed something interesting. You wouldn’t give him the treat, so he tried to bite you here. (Gamja does something unexpected) Because he’s used to biting people. But he isn’t biting now. He’s trying to control himself. Your goal isn’t to make him lie down fast. You want to break his old habits by doing this too. Let him smell it and then lower it. Very good. It’s okay. Just wait. – Yes! Let him have it. / – Good boy! – Yeah! / – Yeah! Well done. Oh! He’s lying down! (She got Gamja to sit and lie down) (The students seem more excited) How many times a day did I tell you to walk him? Twice. I want you to meet the guy that walks his dogs 7 times. Can we get that guy down here? – Gamja! / – Here… Hello! He walks his dogs 7 times a day. – Hello! / – Oh, hello! – We were watching upstairs… / – How was it? Dogs are incredible, but you’re even more incredible, Mr. Kang. Right? How’d you get this one to lie down? At home, I force my dogs to sit if they don’t listen. After pushing them down a few times, they’ll sit. Want to try getting him to sit? Yes, I want to try. I really want to try this. (Gamja notices the treat and sits immediately) – He’s already sitting. / – He’s already sitting. (Already perfect) Let him smell it and then hold it above his head. Put it near his nose first. Don’t put your face so close. Just sit. Sit down. Yeah. Let him smell it. Raise it. – Yeah! Let him have it. / – Yeah! Well done. Very good job. When we were watching up there at first, we didn’t know the story, so it was confusing. But your stories are projected on your dogs. Now I know how they ended up like this. – They’re at it again. / – Hey, hey. It’s okay. It’s fine. Choco isn’t ready yet. Because he’s used to Gamja bullying him. It’s important that he gets time to heal. We’re always like, “I apologized. I changed. – What else do you want?” / – But that’s wrong. Keep apologizing until you receive forgiveness. What if you hit him? (You’re going to hit me when I’m so cute?) (You’d better take that back…) (Did I just hear that?) I mean… When he growls… I would stop him. Gentle. Be gentle. Don’t approach other dogs like this. You want to sniff him? Then you need permission. You can’t get permission? Then not yet. I’m guiding them. Even now. Look at him. He’s in a better mood. He feels more at ease because Gamja is being controlled. He’s walking around now. So Choco knows what’s going on. (Gamja tries to approach Choco again!) Don’t touch him. Then he’ll think you’re being affectionate. So just watch. Let me do this. You want to sniff him? I’ll get in between. With your body. (So captivating) Then he should stop and back off. All right, one more time. I’ll block him. He feels wronged, because he’s used to playing like this. It’s not like he was trying to hurt him. Right. That’s why you have to walk him often. Got it? Morning and late at night. (Very well said) I know I had a lot to say today. I apologize if I offended you. No, not at all. I just feel bad about the situation. The dogs seem to be getting along a lot better now. Choco seems more comfortable. And you two also seem a lot better off than earlier. – He’s playing. / – He’s playing nicely. Choco doesn’t want to play right now, so I’m going to get in between them. Now Choco is scratching himself. That’s a signal too? Yes, he wants to relieve the tension. And I recommend taking this one out to play right after we’re done shooting. He has a lot of energy to use up. And the way he used up that energy was by bullying Choco. So people who always relieve stress by drinking can’t relieve stress with exercise. How did you know? They’re not used to it. People that drink 25 days a month… I’m sorry. Gosh, how did you know? He was talking about me. I thought this was about me. Everyone feels guilty. (If you’re smiling now, cut down on drinking) All right then. Good work today. I hope to see some improvements in the future. People call him the dog president. You don’t usually use those two words together. But it’s no wonder they call him that. I was truly a bad owner. Gamja is not a bad dog. I raised him wrong. I was so happy and thankful. Gamja and Choco, I hope you boys continue to get along. (And) (There’s someone else in Yangsan) (3 weeks ago on the day of the first shoot) Duchi has a son named Durim. He lives with someone else. I want to see if he has any problems to fix. I bet they’ll be surprised if you bring me to see the dog too. Right. Good idea. (He’ll never forget this beautiful memory) Gyeonggyu has a special bond with his dog Duchi. A few years ago, Duchi became a mother. Gyeonggyu took care of Duchi like her father. (Duchi gave birth to puppies in November 2016) Thanks to that, Duchi gave birth to 8 healthy puppies. (Duchi gave birth to 8 puppies) Way to go, Duchi. Your owner is here. Gyeonggyu felt bad for Duchi. Are you awake? Duchi looked for Gyeonggyu even after giving birth. She had so many. (Good job on having 8 puppies, Duchi) (Gyeonggyu makes sure they all get fed) Gyeonggyu made sure each of the puppies got to drink from their mother’s teat. Gyeonggyu sure is loving. (Orderly) Look at those cute little guys squirm. They’re nice and plump now thanks to Gyeonggyu’s love. (The cutest sight in the world) One of these 8 puppies is Durim, who we’ll meet today. Which one is Durim? Oh! This is when Duchi’s puppies were born? Yeah, this is less than a month after they were born. So cute! They’re squirming. One of them is living in Yangsan now. Her name is Durim. I combined the names of Duchi and my daughter Yerim to get Durim. This one with the spot on her head. A spot! She’s wearing a hat! So this is Durim. How adorable! Duchi had 8 puppies. And this is the one we kept. Durim’s brother. His name is Janggun. – Oh! The one at your house now. / – Yeah. Oh, right, right. I haven’t seen Durim in 3 years. Oh no. I’ll never forget her. – Because of her spot. / – Oh, her spot. Yeah, that’s why I’ll never forget her. I really want to see how big she got. Yes. I wonder what happened to her spot. It’s probably still there. It probably got bigger though. I bet Mr. Kang is waiting for us. He’ll probably be watching. Let’s go to Mr. Kang. I really want to see how big the dog got. It’s been 3 years. You’ve never seen her grown-up. Right. I gave her away when she was small. (Hyungwook is in the control room watching) Oh, they’re coming. Do you know why we’re here? For Durim. We’re all here to see Durim. Did she grow up healthy? Yes. But she has a lot of issues? – Oh, well… / – What? She doesn’t have any big issues. This house is pretty big. It’s a loft. – Oh, really? / – Yes. There are two floors and a terrace. I wonder how big she got. Where’s the dog?

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  1. It's interesting that i've learned so much just from this. Although it's not so much that I've learned anything I need to change about myself, but it's more like confirming that what I do is correct. Dogs usually like and obey me, but I never actually knew why. I act much like the dog trainer around dogs, but that's just my normal behavior, so I never thought much about why.

  2. That Gamja is actually like my dog so much. I have 2 dogs, coffee is a bit smaller than the rude one of mine. Coffee always got bitten and attacked from the big one. Since I have a big house coffee always eats and sleep on side the house she only come in if the rude one isn’t around 🙁

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