Dogs are incredible | 개는 훌륭하다 EP.1 Part 1 [SUB : ENG/2019.11.27]

(Pen, office, super serious) (This is unfamiliar) (What is he working so seriously on?) (An application?) (Name: Lee Kyungkyu) (Age: 59) What’s my skill? (Trying to figure out what he’s good at) I don’t have any skills. (Job: comedian, hobby: fishing, skills: fishing) Application field? (What is Kyungkyu applying for?) (Application field) Dog trainer. (Why is he applying to be a dog trainer?) Because dogs are incredible. (His dog Duchi gave birth in November 2016) Out of all the animals that people raise, they relate to us the most. They’re the animals we’re closest to. Dogs. They’re really incredible. Just being with a dog gives you peace of mind. They cheer people up. I can’t look a person in the eyes, but I like making eye contact with dogs. Dogs really are incredible. So I want to become a dog trainer. When I was in elementary school, there was a veterinary hospital nearby. I’d always go there after class. (Kyungkyu even wanted to become a vet) (His childhood dream didn’t come true) (But he still loves dogs) I’ve always liked animals. (He applies because he wants to realize his dream) Please pick me. I’ll be the best student. “I won’t disappoint you.” (What does dog trainer Kang Hyungwook think?) Can this person even learn from me? (Huh?) Will you take him as your student? No, I don’t teach people how to be trainers. I’ve never done that before. I’m sorry. (Firm) Because dogs are incredible. Nothing in this world is sincerer than they are. They just want to be with me. That’s all they ever want. How could they be this way? I don’t do that much for them. Seeing this side of them makes me sure of how honest they are. I’m learning a lot from them. I want to be more like that. They’re really incredible. (Dogs Are Incredible) High five. Dogs are incredible. Lee Kyungkyu likes dogs more than people, and you will watch him struggle to become a dog trainer. Mr. Kang Hyungwook. I’ll give you the utmost respect as my teacher. I like dogs a lot. If you accept me as your student, you won’t be disappointed. I’ll become your best student… (Play with me) All right, all right. I will become a great student that won’t bring shame to your name. (Please accept him) (August 24, trainer Kang Hyungwook’s house) A lot of people think that being a dog trainer is a cute job. But it isn’t at all. I’m 35 years old. Look at my face. I’ve always gotten a lot of sun as a kid. (Try to avoid the sun…) What am I saying? (Gives up) (Application) Dog owner Lee Kyungkyu. Will he be cut without even an interview? If he wants to learn from me, he has to put up with something big. Trainer Kang has conditions for his student. He has to take care of the dogs with love. Some people struggle to look after a dog. Hey, idiot! You keep fighting and giving me a hard time. You idiot! So much for that first condition. I want to see him work hard without complaining. Just doing his duties quietly. Stop pooping. Stop pooping so much. Geez, you guys sure pooped a lot. This is just swell. I’m so happy, I could go crazy. I’m about to lose my mind out of happiness! Let’s go! He doesn’t meet this condition either. Let’s go! And he has to study, obviously. He needs to read good books. (Reading a book on dogs) Kyungkyu reads a book on dogs. Does he finally meet one of the conditions? (Flipping through…) (What’s with the tongue?) (Is he a speed-reading genius?) I once tried to get a bakery license, but I failed the written test. I failed the written test 4 years in a row. So he’s not good at studying. I know how to bake, but I don’t have a license. I’m teaching someone how to raise dogs. But I don’t think he likes people. He doesn’t seem to like people. He obviously won’t make the cut. And this is really important. He has to like dogs. (Finally…) Nice. He finally has one condition to be a good student. (Kyungkyu definitely loves dogs) He does seem to really love dogs. I can tell. But that’s very different from being a dog expert. Does he want to do this to make money later? I think a lot about what I should do if I quit TV. I think about that a lot, which makes life really hard. So I want to learn more about dogs. I want to learn. – Really? / – He’s very serious. So should I teach him like I’m training an employee? Right. (That’s how our project started) The dog trainer project finally starts. (Kyungkyu’s home cameras are on) The staff wanted to show how qualified Kyungkyu is as a potential dog trainer. So they let Hyungwook watch footage of him at home without telling Kyungkyu. (Let’s see how good he is with his dogs) Dog owner Kyungkyu and his life with his dogs. Let’s take a look. He has a lot of dogs. (Many dogs) Ow! (Chubby) (Kyungkyu’s oldest dog, Duchi) (What are you filming?) (Second dog and Duchi’s son, Janggun) Duchi had 8 puppies. He was the biggest one. So we gave up the other 7 for adoption and kept him. What a cute one. (He’s still loved by Kyungkyu) He just shows up and sits there without barking. He likes to put his head on my lap when I eat and just sit there. (Dragging) (I follow Kyungkyu everywhere) This one’s Namsun. (Put her down, I’m getting jealous) I got this one during “Qualifications of Men.” I adopted her. She’s been with us for over 5 years. (She’s still so cute) (Pretty good, right?) (What’s this one’s name?) – Who? / – The black one. He’s… Is it Kuma? (Correct! Fourth dog, Kuma) (Fifth dog, Buku) (What about me?) – What’s this one’s name? / – Well… What’s his name again? (Disappointed) They have weird names like Buku and Kuma. (Name: Hamster) (Why doesn’t he know my name?) After his first three dogs, he has trouble remembering their names. He can’t recall them all at once. I don’t call them by their names. The only one I call by name is Janggun. Janggun. And Duchi. She’s a very good dog. Duchi! (Spacing out) (Even if he doesn’t remember their names…) I’m here. Hey, Janggun. (Kyungkyu’s dogs really love Kyungkyu) Where’s Duchi? Duchi, get over here. (How is he around his dogs in real life?) (I’m watching) (August 30, in front of Kyungkyu’s kitchen) Time to eat. (Just one bowl) (For five dogs?) Eat up. So he feeds them all from a big bowl. (Disbelief) (The food has been served) (Janggun starts eating first) (Hamster glares at him) (Freezes) (Janggun starts eating again) (Annoyed) (Fighting over the food) Yeah, that won’t work. Just having one bowl of food will start a power struggle. That’s not good. (Power ranking of Kyungkyu’s dogs) (Top dog, second) (Doesn’t care) (I don’t care if you all fight) (Is Hamster the winner?) (Janggun starts eating again) (Another fight breaks out) They don’t want to fight, but this is causing them to fight. (I don’t care if you bark, I’m going to eat) (Janggun just does things his way) (Getting angry) (Starts a fight a third time) (What are you going to do about it?) (So when do we get to eat?) Did Kyungkyu say he’s seen my show? (Yes) Then why is it like this? I bet he just watched some clips. (Stares) (Janggun is ready to sit with Kyungkyu) (Get out from under there, Janggun) (If you won’t come out) (I’ll pull you out) Janggun sure is quiet. Very quiet. (Janggun is so cute) (Kyungkyu eats) (Begging) (Want some?) (Will he really?) (What will happen?) (He gave him some) Oh no. This guy doesn’t know dogs. He only likes them. This guy doesn’t know dogs. He only likes them. I feel bad when they only get to eat dog food. How can you just live on dog food? Right? You want some meat too. (I like meat) (Something’s strange) (What is that behind the dining table?) (Is that a potty pad?) Since he has a lot of dogs, he uses a lot of pads. It’s like a carpet. (Duchi relieves herself on the pad) (Namsun shows up and looks busy) She must want to poop. (Yup, she’s pooping) (Kyungkyu passes by) (Is this thing on?) (He sees the mess) (And just walks away) Huh? Why didn’t he clean the poop? I know he saw his dog pooping. (It’s not over yet, here comes big boy Janggun) (He sure poops a lot…) (What will Kyungkyu do this time?) Oh, more poop. Sheesh, more poop. So he waits until two of them poop. Just like how fathers used to flush after urinating twice, he cleans up after two dogs poop. (Nice job, Kyungkyu) I can tell he’s been doing this a long time after seeing him clean the poop. What is he doing with the poop? (Covering it with toilet paper) What is he doing with the poop? (And…) (Finished) (I’m seeing a lot of strange things today) (It’s a relief if they go on the pads) (But that’s not always the case) I knew it. Not all of them poop on the pad. (This one’s just a few meters from the pad) They just go anywhere. This house has a lot of dogs. You little troublemaker. You peed here? (Grumbling) Why’d you have to pee here? (Sad) This is nuts. I lay out a lot of potty pads, but they go elsewhere. That’s a big problem. And he’s kind of obese too. He’s asleep. Of course, the dog owner takes his dogs out for a walk. Will he do a good job walking his dogs? Man, this is tiring. He just got outside and he’s already tired? Come on. Let’s go to the woods. Come on. She’s pooping, she’s pooping. (Duchi sure pooped a lot) (She ends by wiping her feet) (Finding a bag) (The variety show godfather cleans up dog poop) This is why I didn’t want to go out. So he carries around poop bags and tissues. He’s very prepared when he goes out. (They arrive at a park 5 minutes away) So tiring. Boy, I’m tired. Gosh. This is hard work. (Complaining to the staff?) Gosh. (Stop sighing so much) Hey. Drink some water. Drink some water. (Shoving water into his face) (LOL) He gave him water like this. “Drink up.” Like that. (Hyungwook has never seen that before) (How Kyungkyu feeds his dogs water) (He shoves it in their face) (Refreshing) Why is he giving them water like that? Why do it like that? “Drink up.” Like that. (This is still quite a surprise to Hyungwook) (That was pretty refreshing though) Let’s go. Let’s do a lap and go home. Come on. This is poop. (The weather is nice) (With his poop bag on) Janggun. (This will be therapeutic for him and his dogs) (Or so he thought…) (He sits down to rest after 1 minute of walking) Have a seat. He’s sitting down after walking like 30m. He should be able to walk. Some people walk their dogs for 4 hours. (He gives them more water) You’re drooling everywhere. Gosh, I’m so tired. It’s like watching an old man’s life. You filmed a day in the life of an old man that likes dogs. (Kyungkyu got through a hard day with his dogs) What am I supposed to get from this? Gosh. This clip is just one of many applicants, right? Applicant 1, Lee Kyungkyu. Applicant 2, so-and-so. Applicant 3, applicant 4… We have like 30 applicants, and I get to pick one, right? Are there any other clips? (Thankfully, we do have one more clip for him) Hyungwook seems troubled, so the staff shows him a different applicant. (Who is the other applicant?) (A dog?) Tori! Woody! (A voice can be heard from somewhere) (Let’s go find this applicant) (There’s a person somewhere in this house) (Nobody in here) (Then how about in here?) (Nobody here either) (Nobody outside!) (It’s about time for her to show up…) (Where is she hiding?) (We finally found her!) All right. (She’s filling out an application) (I know I’m lacking, but I’ll try my best) (Who is this girl?) (Who is this girl with the worried fingers?) (Actress Lee Yubi) Hello. I’m dog newbie Lee Yubi. Nice to meet you! To the teacher… (Why is Yubi applying to be a dog trainer?) A lot of my friends have pet dogs. Some of them are really disobedient. “What do I do in this situation?” That happens a lot with dogs. I bet some viewers are first-time dog owners too. “Can I really be a dog trainer?” “Will dogs listen to me?” I bet people are afraid to even try because of fears like this. A lot of people like dogs, but don’t get one. (Some people are afraid of the responsibility) Yubi, you don’t have a dog? I don’t. I’ve never had a dog. You have to be responsible for a dog, which is kind of scary for me. I’m busy for months when I’m shooting. Dogs are so cute and great, but I don’t know much about them. I don’t know if I could raise one. Can I be responsible for a life until the end? Why do you like dogs? – Why? / – Yes. Why did I get to like dogs? (Why do I like dogs?) Because they like me. There’s that. And abandoned dogs are a big issue these days. And I see a lot of articles about dogs being mistreated, which breaks my heart. (Yubi wants the dogs to forget their pain) (I know I’m lacking, but I’ll try my best) (Will Hyungwook feel Yubi’s sincerity?) The staff cautiously hands Hyungwook Yubi’s application. Honestly, I don’t know who this is. (Sad Yubi) You’ve never heard of her? Well… You don’t watch much TV, do you? I only watch what I like. “Law of the Jungle,” “The Fishermen and the City,” “National Geographic.” Oh no, this is bad. (Eyes bulge) Oh, she was in “Law of the Jungle.” (I went to the jungle too) She’s been on Hyungwook’s favorite show. Let’s take a look at a day in Yubi’s life. This looks like the U.S. (She looks disheveled in this U.S. home) (Bloated) (The sound of guests in the morning) (Peekaboo) (Peekaboo 2) (Who are these friends?) My good friend has dogs. Woody and Tori. They’re Welsh corgis. (Woody, age 5, female) (I like being held) Woody, look at your brother’s butt. (A nice backside) (Tori, age 3, male) (He has odd eyes that are different colors) They come visit me often. I like to play with them. My friend runs a macaron shop, and it gets busy. So I watch her dogs for her and let them stay at my place. Let’s take a look at dog newbie Yubi and her day with dogs. (I’m watching again) (Things are already noisy?) (Woody is confused) (Flapping) (Is Yubi trying to train at home?) (This isn’t dancing) (It’s exercise) She’s very active. I’m a lot younger than Kyungkyu, so I have more stamina, passion, youth, and spirit. That’s what I bring to the table. (Are you watching, Kyungkyu?) (30 minutes into her workout) (Did you forget about us?) (Woody seems bored) (Tori also seems bored) (Lies down) (This is so boring) (Okay, I get it) This won’t do. (Will you finally play with us?) You two need to exercise too. You two need to exercise too. Come on. (Hooray, a ball) (Woody loves the ball) (Dancing) (Dancing queen) I exercised as I played with the dogs. We’re dieting together. Those little guys got really fat. They need more exercise. (Are you ready, soldiers?) (Throw the ball already) (Scurrying) (Hooray) You don’t play fetch with two dogs. (Woody and Tori get really competitive) (Tori is the winner) (Disappointed Woody) (Dancing queen Yubi) (Tori goes nuts) (Going wild) (Good, keep playing) (Let’s get another ball and play some more) (She’s trying to play with Woody and Tori) (Who will get this ball?) Dogs love to play fetch when you throw a ball. It’s good exercise too. You don’t play fetch with two dogs. (It’s mine! No, it’s mine!) (The problem is that it encourages competition) (About to blow) (Playing fetch is the best for dogs) (She finishes her workout) (Yubi is exhausted now…) (Aren’t you going to play with us?) (Things seem tense) (But he seems used to it) (Tori leaves his mark and disappears) Hey! Someone peed. Gosh. (Yubi’s soul leaves her body) Of course they’d pee there. Of course. Is this your pee? Move it. (Gross) Hey! Come on! Why pee here? Your potty pad is right there! You’re driving me nuts! (Dog newbie Yubi cleans up the pee) (She tries using a lot of wet tissues) (Adding more and more wet tissues) (Now she tries dabbing) (Still gross) (Yubi is a very cleanly person) (Spray) (Cleaning is easy!) (Nicely done, Yubi) (Woody, it was you, wasn’t it?) (It wasn’t me) (Tori gets away with it) I have to find out who did this. Tori, I bet it was you. (Deep sigh) She’s out. She’s out! Here’s my opinion on Lee Yubi. In my opinion, she doesn’t know anything. She’s a blank slate. She knows nothing. But… (Hyungwook, are you crying?) It really breaks my heart to watch this. (He senses his fate) I can be kind to them at first. I can definitely be friendly. But I could end up cutting them too. Seriously. Am I allowed to cut them for real? Yes, of course. (Yes, you’re allowed to cut them) If you keep that in mind, I’ll meet up with them. I’ll get a better idea of what they’re like and what they want. A few days later, it’s time to meet the applicants. (Buku, Hamster) Kyungkyu has no idea what’s going on. (Meanwhile, at Kyungkyu’s house) (Something fishy is going on in the parking garage) (Hyungwook infiltrates Kyungkyu’s home) (Buku, Hamster) (Bark!) What is it? What? You don’t like this? (The dogs bark as they walk up a hill) Why is she barking? (When is he getting here?) He must be quite the impressive student for making me wait this long. (I had to get some rest! I’m on my way) (They’re finally about to meet…) (To be continued in part 2)

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  1. I am soooo in love with this show…i am a dog lover…i wish this show will be successful n a big hit n stay for a long time….when asked y do u like dogs, Yubin said they like me first….that is so true….despite oir race, colour, gender, poor, rich,dogs like us…the ly are INCREDIBLE…my best wishes for this Show…

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