Dogs 101 – Papillion

is it possible that this adorable toy breed is actually named after an insect who couldn't love a dog a little butterfly ears Christine Aguilera and Lauren Bacall have fallen in love with the breeds unusual Flair papillons have been popular for centuries they were the subjects of painters like Titian Rubens and Rembrandt papillons are one of the oldest breeds that we know originally known as the dwarf spaniel the Papillon may have received its name from a rien Winnett who referred to hers as the petit Papillon little butterfly and the legend is that she actually carried the dog with her to the guillotine and the dog was spared its life nowadays the upright eared Papillon and floppy eared faylene's can be found in the same litter because they have that beautiful spray of hair along each side of them that definitely is their defining characteristic that coat is always multi-coloured white with patches of another color it's very very silky unlike most dogs for their coat feels like firm and the Papillon was also named the squirrel spaniel due to the similarity of their arching tail however despite its cute demeanor the Papio is anything but a typical lap dog they're very smart have a lot of energy can go for a long time despite their small size but the Papillon can still channel its inner Napoleon they can develop what's called that small dog syndrome as long as they can run off some of that incredible energy this brave Reid is definitely able to handle all environments so you could have them an apartment but it is important to get them out in to exercise them with a life expectancy of 16 years the Papillon has very few health issues and despite its elegant look that fine coat won't require too much attention I mean papillons have a beautiful feathery coat and it really just requires a weekly brushing if you are willing to put in the time and treat the Papillon as more than just a lap dog training can be quite rewarding in general it's a good family dog but can be snippy with small children so the Papio is adaptable to both small apartments and large spaces provided they get enough exercise there are very healthy breeding and they require a small effort in the grooming department papillons are easily trained but special attention should be given to socializing them so they don't become aggressive especially around children but if you're looking for a small sociable dog with great enthusiasm and energy a Papillon could be the compact canine for you

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  1. They're a wonderful breed. My Papillion is the sweetest dog you can ever wish to meet. They are very clever and have a lot of personality. They do get overwhelmed easy with small children.

  2. If you have kids and your getting this dog make sure the dog likes kids I'm getting one and she's good with kids and she likes them.

  3. Our LOVES to be with either my wife or I at ALL times.  awake, sleeping, he wants to be there lined up with you.  they love touch and soak up all the love and adoration you can give.  if you want a dog to love on AND you return their love with loyalty, this is the best breed. Also, if you find one that is half Papillion/Chihuahua this is also GREAT and not to be passed up but adopt it and you will be floored how lovely they are

  4. Snippy is understatement.. these little fuzz balls are vindictive and are quick to go after ankles. Several of the older ladies in my neighborhood had them as pets. They would let these dogs off leash and roam the neighborhood. I hated walking through the streets.. they were forever yapping and trying to bite if you walked on the sidewalks in front of their owner's houses.

  5. I have a deep hate for this breed or at least my aunt who has one of these where I went 2 days with no sleep of these dogs biting me all night and even peed on me at one point

  6. If only I could have one, but we would never get along! I am heavily introverted, extremely lazy and appreciate peace and quiet and I heard these little guys bark a lot. Why do I always attracted to extroverted pets such as Papillons, Chihuahuas and Burmese cats?

  7. My Papillion is so cute! His name is called Rex and i walk him everyday! You can also see him on my profile picture! He is the best dog EVER! If anyone is reading this and has not a Papillion i really recommend buying one. They are very rare too!

  8. My husband and I have a papillon maltese mix. He's ADORABLE and so fluffy with the most gorgeous ears. I love my Benjamin so much.

  9. My mom has a Papillon/Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix.
    He inherited the papillon's size
    He's 5 years old.
    Got the arching tail

  10. actually my dog is a papillon but she loves children and plays with them …she relates to everything in the video like she's smart , energetic , sociable and so but surprisingly she loves children very much

  11. I probably don't want a papillion. Don't get me wrong. I love them so much, but I'm allergic to digs especially one with silky hair.

  12. My family has a rescue papillon. She is incredibly cute and quirky. She goes running and swimming in the cold New England ocean with our golden retriever. A great dog!

  13. wouldn't be a good dog for kids who don't realise how to handle them properly without hurting them

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