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did you know sigmund freud's ciaochao Jovi attended all his therapy sessions he said it helped him assess the mental state of his patients other famous ciaochao owners include 30th President Calvin Coolidge Elvis Presley and Martha Stewart arguably one of the most beautiful and admired dog breeds the ciaochao is a bonafide head turner but ciaochao looks kind of like a cross between a lion and a bear in fact like the bear the ciaochao was the only dog born with 4014 compared to other dogs that have 42 teeth and while they have a cute and cuddly exterior many childs have a reputation for aggression this is a dog that definitely has you know been known to be a little bit aggressive in the past and a little bit standoffish with kids and with strangers the Chow Chow is ranked one of America's most dangerous dog breeds and many insurance companies refuse homeowners policies for people who own Chow Chows despite its reputation almost all properly trained and socialized jowls make wonderful loyal companions once you get through the outer layers of this dog's personality they're amazing warm loving spirits the Chow Chow was one of the most ancient dog breeds it originated in northern China more than 2,000 years ago Chow Chow is seen in Chinese pottery as early as the Han Dynasty many believe the Chow came from crossing Tibetan Mastiffs and Samoyeds while others argue it's the original ancestor of the Samoyed Pomeranian Norwegian L County and Ches owned the Chow was bred to be an all-around working dog Chinese emperors and merchants use them for hunting pulling sleds and most notably guarding once thought to ward off evil spirits by the Chinese the Chow Chow is most well known characteristic is his blue-black tongue which is a little disarming if you're not prepared for it but is of course one of the things that people find most charming ultimately about the breed Chow puppies are born with pink tongues that darken as they age Chow's also have their distinctive straight hind legs don't swing back and forth like a pendulum giving them a stilted gait and the most immediately recognizable of any characteristic is their dense double coat that is either smooth or rough very profuse with that ruff that gives it a very lioness appearance the lion like Chow Chow comes in five colors red black cream blue and cinnamon red is the most popular fiercely loyal and protective over their owners Chows can make great pets but don't always appreciate being fussed over by children or strangers Chow Chows can make amazing companions for adults I think that they are probably not the right companions for young children Chow's are not an active breed so apartment living is okay as long as they receive daily scheduled exercise when a Chow Chow is not exercised usually they become a little bit more lethargic a little overweight and also a little bit cranky at times oh we don't like cranky Chow Chows they thrive in cold weather and are prone to heatstroke so Chows need to be in a cool place on hot days Chow's are seasonal heavy shedders and regular grooming is important they have a very very dense thick coat that needs constant brushing Chows can be very territorial and take their home and family very seriously so training and socialization need to start early let them meet people let them meet other pets if it's not socializing don't bond with the family and you could have problems with people just coming into your home when it comes to health Chow's are not always the sturdiest breed Chow Chows actually do have a lot of health issues the most common being elbow and hip dysplasia so in general Chow Chows thrive in cold climates they are prone to several health issues including hip and elbow dysplasia and entropion they should be brushed daily training and socialization should start from puppyhood and these dogs do best with an experienced adult family

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  1. WARNING!! keep these dogs away from your children because they are very aggressive and will attack them as I was attacked by one when I was only 4 years and nearly almost lost my left arm from so much damage I received and after reconstructive surgery It took me several years to fully recover the use of my arm and not to mention the fear trauma I developed over the years of dogs.
    I thank JESUS CHRIST for healing me completely physically and emotionally from this bad experience as I don't hate any dogs because I grew up to own many dogs and loved and cared for them but I am very careful with any animal for that matter…

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  3. My chows were always weary of strangers but would warm up to people who came over often enough. They really hated other dogs though.

  4. It seems like a lot of people have chow chows that are very loyal to their family in particular but not others, but I think that you just need to raise them in such an environment that they are often socialized and become more accepting to other people being around them

  5. i have 3 Chows and before them Siberian husky, alaskan malamute and Kurdish Kangal. The Chow Chow is and always will be my choice for a family with children and at the same time a home that need to be well protected. Chows are special dogs, they dont eat from your hand, they dont eat food from others, they are extremely strong and protective and will do everything to protect its home and owners…. Chows are like a St Bernard, big strong, heavy and protective but at the same time very kind and calm.

  6. I grew up with a chow and he was so protective of us. He never bit anyone but you knew if he just didn't like someone. He absolutely hated any sort of violence and was just the best dog ever. Wish he was still here

  7. I remember my neighbor having a big and fluffy male chow chow! I had old little lady who was a lovely german shepherd mix, she was well liked in the whole neighbourhood due to being so nice and careful. I even remembered other kids (I was a small kid at the time too) running up happily to me and my dad just to greet our dog. But anyways, back to the chow chow. The chow chow was named “Bosse” (It’s a Swedish name) and was suuuuuper lazy. Every time I would see him he would just walk super slow and even sometimes just lay down right on the spot to take a not so quick nap. But every time he saw my german shepherd he would just immediately start running towards us and wag his big fluffy tail! My german shepherd would always play a bit hard to get, due to her only having eyes on me and my dad at the time but she really loved the new found attention she got from “Bosse”.
    I was one time walking my dog by myself when I suddenly saw one of “Bosse’s” owners struggling to making him get up after laying down on the road to sleep, while the other owner just couldn’t stop laughing. Thankfully the road wasn’t trafficked at all at the time but since they were in a rush they had to get him to continue walking. That was when “Bosse” suddenly saw me (his favourite kid in the neighbourhood, due to him being a real food lover and that I would always would always share a bit of my rice to him) and my dog. He immediately stood up, making both his owners who were really strong and well trained almost fall due to how quick he rushed up, he rushed towards us and started licking me and my dog. The owners had a good laugh about how a small kid and an old dog could make “Bosse” get up while they couldn’t.
    I miss Bosse and my old dog a lot. If you guys want to hear more stories about my dog I would gladly share them! I really needed to rant about how much I miss them lol.

  8. My family owned a kennel (pet hotel) when I was growing up. From the age of 10 to when I was in high school I worked there, feeding, giving water and cleaning. There were two breeds of dog I was truly scared of, Akitas and Chows.

  9. I own a chow chow and a shih tzu, and when they said chow chows were aggressive they weren’t kidding because even my chow chow attempts to bite my uncle, even me except I was really bitten and I had to get 15 injections I wasn’t the only one who had to get injections my older sister had to get it too she was bitten on her finger but the injections were 12.

  10. My mom had two chow mixes I never met them but she told me they where the sweetest and their names where gypsy and jasmine.

  11. My sister has a chow and I keep making fun of the breed saying it's a big cat. Moody and reserved, albiet very cute.

  12. My aunt and uncle have two

    Cocoa, the sweet floppy fuzzy lazy girl
    Coda: aggressive, pretty loyal though, (he protects zoey, who died, from biscuit, who is a turd) less fuzzy, loves hikes

  13. We have a dog that we recently realized is a chow mix. He is very loyal to my husband and I, but will still attempt to attack anyone coming into our home, including our adult sons that he knows well. We are working on socializing him, but still can't trust him with small kids coming into our home. Honestly, he's just doing what he thinks is his job; he's a good dog over all, but the training has to be intense. He is mixed with Border Collie, so he is also very fast and lithe. A bit of a handful, but still fairly young, so he has time to improve.

  14. My Chow Sam and I were best buddies for 11 years. He was my loyal friend. He hated everyone that I hated and always protected me. He was a cuddly bear to me, but never to other people. He would tolerate those that I know, but not a stranger. Sadly he passed last Nov 2018 🙁 and I miss him already. I still cry to this day…

  15. I was showing this my mom to convince me to get a chow chow and when it said Elvis Presley had one she was convinced

  16. My first, last, and best dog ever was a chow. Her name was Sally. I had her since she was 3weeks old. She lived her full life. I trained her well as well. Man i miss her so much. I still have pictures of her and time to time ill look up pics or videos of other chows just to cherish the memories of Sally.

  17. I have tow chow chows ones a fully trained show dog and one in training one of my chow chows are red and the other chow chow is cinnamon

  18. a chow is definitely a one person dog… can be super affectionate, but to their person and no one else. scratches leg scars

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