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as Juliet Shepard with his unusual markings and piercing blue eyes is hard to ignore the Australian Shepherd he is smart exuberant and blessed with outlandish amounts of stamina while he's called the Aussie he's as American as apple pie hi welcome to animal facts today we look at 10 fun facts about the eye-catching bobtail herder the Australian Shepherd let's get started but before we start take a moment to like us subscribe for more fun fun facts let's know that your doggy in the comments below number 10 the history of the Australian Shepherd may be a bit cloudy and borderline mythical but one thing is for sure the Aussie is not from Australia in fact the breed we know today is distinctly American the Scotch colleague border collie and English Shepherd are all believed to have contributed to the Australian Shepherd bloodline as Stockman worked to create an alert intelligent agile and adaptable dog ideal for hurting and varying terrain as herders from France to Spain settled the American West my way of Australia the dogs are called Australian Shepherds because they were associated with boss Shepherds that came to Australia to the United States in the 1800s it was first recognized by the AKC in 1991 mem denied being a working dog Australian Shepherds need a job to do Aussies are bred to her and if you don't give yours a job to do he will find one on his on inadequate mental stimulation and exercise causes destructive behavior and misbehaving be prepared to give him at least 30 minutes of brisk exercise daily ma if your Aussie chooses you as this favorite person in the family you will find yourself with an extra shadow he will follow you everywhere from room to room indoors and out and even to the potty the Australian Shepherd loves to be close to his family members then rescinding despite his love for his humans the Australian Shepherd is a very shy apprehensive dog around strangers because of this it is important to socialize your Aussie as a puppy and expose him to as many people in situations as possible member states it's all in the eyes when people think of the Aussie they normally think it was crystal blue peepers in fact some Native American tribes called the breed the ghost guide dog because it is blue phantom-like eyes they were said to be considered sacred his eyes may also be brown or hazel and is not uncommon for his eyes to be heterochromatic meaning that both eyes are different colors number 5 of course a hard-working West Coast dog is going to end up in Hollywood of notable celebrity Aussie owners are Mel Gibson Jennifer Connelly Steven Spielberg Alyssa Milano and Trace Adkins Linda fly they make great family pets for active families but there are a few things left undone some being a herding dog you should know they do tend to bark a lot but this can be overcome with proper training while Aussies do well with other pets they may chase a nip them due to their herding instincts your kids may not be immune to this herding min ba'di they love to learn and are eager to please so training in Aussie is usually a pleasant experience they're super responsive to positive feedback and praise for anyone interested in competitive dog sports like flyball agility hurting or obedience training this will keep your awesome happily employed and they'll easily be a top contender limiting when you're doing hard work Kirti longears and Tails can get in the way or stepped on to avoid injury many workers with dr. dogs ears and Tails the tail was somewhat bred out of this room as one in five Aussies is born with a naturally bobtail so dogs are expected to have either doctor are naturally dog tails men day away in the 1970s Australian Shepherd Piper Hank and his owner Eldon McIntyre done a lot of fame for their expert frisbee routine the talented disc duo won contests across the country performed at the pre-show of Super Bowl 12 and even spent some time with the Carters at the White House want more fun fun effects go ahead and smash that subscribe button and hit the notification icon to not miss a single fact if you like this video go ahead and hit that like button hey this fan works well that other button also works if you'd like to help us grow consider becoming a patron on patreon or clicking the PayPal link on our FAQs not us in and always connect

41 thoughts on “Dogs 101: Australian Shepherd (Aussie) Interesting Facts Information – Animal Facts

  1. I love my Aussie, she is incredibly smart and very fun and active. Like your video says, she fallows me everywhere.

  2. I have a 8 year old mini australian shepherd. He's a blue merle who was born without a tail. He walks like a bear.

  3. These are great dogs. I'm lucky ours has an off switch when in the house. Aussies tend to prefer their owners over other dogs. They are very smart, loyal, great with children and easy to train. We have a beautiful red merle. His mother and father were minis, but he turned out to be average sized. It doesn't often happen, but it did in our case. I'm actually happy that we ended up with an average size rather than a mini even though that wasn't what we expected. He is a stunner and true to the breed with a wonderful disposition.

  4. why you not cut the tails? been breeding aussies for many years and bobbed tails is part of the standard…

  5. I had a Shih Tzu poodle mix, named Louie. He died on the 30th of December, late at night from a seizure and I really miss him. It's the first time in 17 years we haven't had a dog. I've decided to get a female Aussie and name her Tika. It'll be a while before we can get her, but the house feels empty without a dog…

  6. Best dog I’ve ever owned
    Beautiful and very loyal. Extremely smart and great with people and other animals.

  7. Wow so many Aussie owners and lovers ?. Well I don’t exactly own an Aussie, but I do have a German Shepherd and she’s pretty sweet too. Sweet as pumpkin pie!! ? ?♥️

  8. 0:06

    Genetically white Aussies can have issues like


    Being deaf

    Or other issues

    It can't be all white like that
    It has to be merle

    ?? Just saying if you have an all white aussie

  9. Having raced 3 Aussies, memory eternal, you suck… Were you trying to impress people with your kid on the video? Anyone who is owned, love, Aussies as a breed of dog don't go to these things… Get a real job,

  10. Aussies are my favorite breed 😀 I have a black tricolor aussie and she is full of energy. I gave this video a big thumbs up!

  11. I love aussies to death, I owned my first girl and I’d never go back! Aussies aren’t a dog for everyone and I’ve learned that after my sister thought she’d like one and it didn’t work the way she wanted. But me personally am a huge Aussie mom! I don’t use YouTube much but I do have an Instagram @god_bless_the_shepherds they’re an amazing breed! Anyone interested in an Aussie I’d recommend one in a heart beat! But you gotta know the Aussie to have an Aussie ; )

  12. Why are the facts numbered backwards? The first fact you say is the first one! Is it a classification? And if so, according to which parameter? From the "least what" to the "most what"? It is completely understated.

  13. Thirty minutes of brisk exercise a day? That's a recipe for a trashed home. You have to see their stamina to believe it.

  14. My Aussie is black and brown with a title bit of white and her name is Briggs. she is such a pretty puppy and she loves meeting new people

  15. My Aussie is all black fur and brown eyes, his name is Vader (yes like Darth Vader) and he is such an amazing boy. He loves playing with other dogs and loves people

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