Dog Yeast Infection (Home Remedy) Conway's Journey To Health

hi guys Pet here uh I did an intro to my nail trimming video that won't be out quite yet I know I've been promising it for a long time but I did it outside because Sony so it's getting a little bit chilly no but oh my gosh it I'm just gonna just sit here and enjoy this weather while I'm doing this video instead of sitting in that stuffy basement so what we're gonna be doing today is working on Conway's skin and when he first came to me I I was just doing minimal um things like just the shampoo it was just topical because I didn't want to mask um anything when he actually went in for testing well they were so impressed with his skin after him just being here for like a week and a half or two weeks that they just gave me the go-ahead and we're gonna do it topically instead of I don't want to be given medications I'm sure the vet doesn't and the rescue doesn't either because that can just cause other problems so if you can do anything at home topically especially for yeast um you know what it works more power to you because if you start giving your dog's antibiotics it's just going to cause more problems if you know you killed steroids it puts everything on hold and their body can't fight what it needs to be fighting and fix what it needs to be fixing so this is working great and I'm just so happy that it is we what all I did was bathe him and what I used and I I have a really hard time saying this because I'm and I was trained and I preach do not use human products on pets unless you darn well know that that it's safe and um you know there's some stomach medicines you know that are human grade that you can use um but especially topically I I just am so such a stickler about it but years and years ago dad came in that we used to groom Springer I can't remember what his name was he was huge but he um his vet recommended selsun blue because he had this red swollen moist skin that felt warm and kind of greasy and the smell that just like not too of your feet and it's and he recommended selsun blue and I really didn't want to use it but he started coming in once a week and we started using that and he just he turned around the smell that I'm talking about we call it free defeat I do some people think it smells like crackers or old bread um it's a musty smell and chances are that's yeast infection and we call it Friedel feet because if you smell the bottom of any almost any dog's feet you're gonna smell Friedel feet and we just walk around and smell over Doug's feet and I think it's cute because if you just smell your dog's feet and smell a little bit of frito don't panic because that's pretty much normal but if it starts becoming a bigger issue and in more areas and you see the skin that I was just describing um then you there's there's a yeast problem I'm not a vet but come on so if I can teach you how to do things at home and you don't have to go to the vet and get medications and these things work great because then you're not causing more problems so another thing that you can you is use for bathing no this is just the bathing I'm not talking about the rinsing is betadine or the first first day to antiseptic soap and I always be shampoo my dogs twice when they're in the tub and the first shampoo on both of these I use it full strength and I leave it sit on for about three minutes to five minutes and I leave this on for about five the antiseptic soap but I leave the Sun for about three and especially because he is a white dog he's got more sensitive skin than darker darker dogs and then I rinse and then the second time I diluted and then I rinse rinse rinse rinse rinse with water before I do the final rinse which is kind of like putting conditioner on your dog like a leave-in conditioner I use water with white vinegar water with peroxide or water with lemon and or you can mix you can mix them up or water with um essential oils like peppermint peppermint you know was a great one um I don't know that I would use a lot of other things than that because you can cause more damage than good but once you do that rinse it's going to be really strong like especially if you use the vinegar and you're going to think your dog is going to run our own smelling like that but once they're dry you don't smell it as much anymore so and then you don't rinse that rinse off so I'm going to show you step-by-step how we go about doing this and Conway is gonna absolutely love it because he just feels so good when he's done now he's been chewing on his right front leg and the vet did shave when they put him under they shaved an area for the IV and I don't think it's because of his skin I think it's just he was bugging at that area and now it's become a habit and a lot of people or boredom um you know because it's it's here I think that area was bugging him and now it's become a habit that can happen I bring my dogs to work all the time they're busy oh well they're not busy all the time but their stuff is going on roam all the time they can't be bored but yet Earl licks at his feet and it's just becomes such a habit and it you know just like we all have bad habits I don't like my feet but I can't reach them so maybe I would lick my feet if I could reach them because sometimes I'm bored huh just think about that one detect my doctor about that one just kidding all right let's head on down to the stuffy basement and give Conway a bath and I'll show you how to do some of these little steps to hopefully hope your pets feel better okay so the first shampoo that I've done in a shampoo LaMotta it was chant with my dogs twice like I said I'm going to be using this full strength the second time that I and leave it sit the second time that I gave him I'm going to be diluting it to make sure that I get a really really good rinse because that's so important so what I did is I filled half the bottle with water and then I put three gloves yes that's technical term on how to mix champ but I put three gloves I just tip this upside down and went look-look-look squeezed it three times and that's how much shampoo I put in for the second shampooing okay so I'm going to show you how to mix the rinse that I'm going to be using what I'm going to use is half a cup of or a half gallon of water and then not quite but I'm going to put a 1/2 cup of peroxide in the mix and then half a cup of vinegar in the mix and sorry both nice this is what I'm going to be rinsing with it at the final the final bits I'll fill up the rest of this with water and I'm going to use a little bit more open not warm water but water on the warmer side just to make a comfortable way mix in or whatever there we go set up really good and I'm going to use this whole half gallon on him because I don't want to be storing it in the plastic jug because I want a plastic breakdown so I just mixed it in here because that's what I had at the moment so okay Conway is all good and wet and now we're going to apply the shampoo and he's still good for his self he doesn't particularly like it like I said but what we're going to do is where I put the shampoo everywhere separator on this eyes because we want to protect his eyes I'm the am gonna put it on the face and cheeks and I put it on a full-strength this time really spread it out because it's so thick and then what I'm going to do is let it sit for about about 3 3 minutes can all lathered up you're going to feel so much angry annoyed and you want to make sure to get shampoo everywhere don't miss any buzz because you're just going to be having troubles in those areas if you don't get the shampoo everywhere so love you very generous with the shampoo I've also got his collar in the tub right now we're just going to do kind of a redneck bath on his collar we do put this in the washing machine also but I'm gonna make sure that I get that all good and clean because of the smell picture that all smelling good because of a good bath you also want to get their their collar clean salt make sure to get an armpit in between every tool and we'll be back after this gets so you do not want this to get in his eyes so what I'm going to do around this is I'm going to use a blueberry facial it's kind of new to the industry not new brand new but it's a milder shampoo that you can use around the eyes and it kind of protects their eyes from any of these chemicals you want to make sure that if you're using harsh shampoos that you don't let it get in their eyes because if you cause chemical burns so flea shampoos or medicated shampoos okay so normally I would put this on right away I just didn't think of it when I started this video but this is a blueberry face scrub and cold whitener they make many different products like this own for many different brands and so I'm just going to put a little bit in my hand and then carefully you still don't want this to get in the eyes but you want to carefully put it around around the eyes because you want to get that area clean also let's get some little eye globes in there and on certain dives this is going to cause more problems so you don't want to use this if there's like extreme skin problems so oh you know how much better you feel yes but you have to get you have to get all the hair and all the skins so whatever we have to do to get the damn clean and feeling good alright we're going to let this sit the cells and blue for about three minutes and then we'll be back with you you get scroll on all those little eye books I'm going to put I'm going to get a warm wet towel warm wet towel and put on them so that he's not cold during this three minutes okay so if you have a dog that has to sit in shampoo they're going to get cold whether it's really warm own or not so I just put a light weight all around them and get it wet with warm water and it keeps them a little bit warmer water sitting here and that isn't going to run so Shampoo off the shampoo is still gonna perform its magic okay here is Conway after his bath with the social blue and it's been a while since he's been groomed and some of us here is growing better than other places so he's very patchy looking right after her screaming he was absolutely gorgeous you're still gorgeous by the way you're still just um but you can see how this front leg is really really dark red from him chewing and that's an allergy to a saliva and hopefully the new food will take care of that and they shaved right here see that they shaved right here um for the anesthesia and all his blood work and everything and so I think that kind of made him focus on this leg more than than the rest and there's still some areas that are pretty red I don't know if you can see this hang on guys my camera there pretty red and that's that's what he looked like actually even worse than that over its full body when he first got here so he's feeling pretty good and some of the areas on his body actually looked like they're coming in a little bit thicker so I hope that we're doing we're doing good is there anything you would like to say is there anything you would like to say to the youtubers no would you like to see something would you look does he thank you for watching thank you thank you for watching he's still cold from your bath you're completely dry you just want to go upstairs and cuddle uh can we yeah thanks guys

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