Dog Wound with Something in it | How to Dress it

If there is something stuck
or embedded in a wound, you need to be very careful about not pushing on that and
pushing it in any further. So ideally you would get some sort of a triangular bandage or a couple of other rolled bandages, and you would put it either
side of the embedded object. For your triangular bandage, you would roll it into
a donut ring like this, and you would roll it up, and create a donut ring that you can then put over
the top of the obstruction of the embedded object so
that the embedded object is sticking through. So you would be putting it on, and then you would be
bandaging over the top like we did previously So two bits either side, the embedded object in
the middle, like this, or this over the top, and then you would be
putting the soft wrap on and then the vet wrap over the top like we showed previously.

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