Dog With Burns Never Gives Up His Life With A Rescuer| Animal In Crisis EP36

A little dog was found With scars all over the body His skin is burned like this These are all scars from burns His whole body was injured He has third-degree burns all over his body Vet : Particularly this part is not easy to get a skin draft So we might have to see if his leg has to be amputated Hold on tight for a sec. It must be painful, right? It will be alright, doggie He might not be able to stand on with his four legs ever again Vet : Burns are the most painful injuries Moreover, the pain gets worse over time Due to huge stress, pain, and fear He’s completely forgotten about how to defend himself And never has barked at people or rejected their touch Unbearable burn treatments It should be painful for him But he doesn’t make any sound, not even groaning for little Only his body is slightly shivering The only way to ask for forgiveness is.. Reveal the truth But it’s more likely that the crime was committed near the place where he was found I’m sure that it must be near the crime site where the dog was found A village where the dog was found Somewhere in here, the crime might have occurred However, almost in every corner of the village Fuels to run farming machines (Inflammable liquids) And sites to incinerate garbage exist There’s no clue to outline the crime The truth has gone with the smoke.. Animal Protection Organization : There is no witness or surveillance camera It’s hard to grasp the case by his burn scars Or any evidence is not available at all Thus, figuring out how he got burned And ended up here is not easy for now But the good thing is that He recovers from injury quickly Soondol~ In the meantime, he got a new name Soondol licks grandma’s hand PD : Do you think he recognizes you? A lady who found Soondol and looked after him He calmly accepts the lady’s touch How can one be so cruel to a living creature It’s so cruel He might not be able to walk on one of his hind legs As the skin tissues on his leg gradually die The dog approaches the lady He came to me like this when I first met him Just like this when I called him On the day when a horrible crime was committed If he didn’t meet the lady His destiny would have changed The lady wants to let him know that Not all humans are cruel After Soondol recovers from injury completely I’ll bring him to my place And help him get over bad memories Let him live as he wants to be Will he be able to Begin a new journey of his life? After 3 months, Soondol~ Come over here Soondol has changed beyond recognition He has lived in two different worlds Because he went from hell to heaven I couldn’t imagine that he would survive Just like the other dogs Soondol is so silly But The scars from the crime still remain all over him The medical team and the lady who never gives up on him And Soondol who never gives up his will to live His leg that almost had to be amputated due to skin necrosis is recovered well enough As he can run freely with it It’s amazing that he’s looking at me like that When seeing him running I think it’s marvelous that such injured one can be cured For Soondol whose paw pads are almost melted down The lady put find sand on the ground Soondol looks happy I moved out to so he can adjust to a better environment from the start The first thing came to my mind after installing a solar-paneled roof was That it would be great to make his house under it Perhaps Soondol became healthy With love of the lady 🙂 The other person who would be glad to hear about Soondol’s recovery Vet : Are you really Soondol? Wow, he is! I was surprised at first, thinking ‘Was Soondol brown?’ Soondol has improved a lot What’s surprising is.. Vet : His paw pads begin to form Vet : He’s not just recovering so fast It’s a miracle As the lady put find sand on the ground It definitely helped to prevent making new scars on his paws , and recover its function Sometimes, I realize that sincere care with love Has more medical effects than my treatments After going through a test of survival Soondol has begun a new dog life Hope there’s only love in his new journey with the lady♡

100 thoughts on “Dog With Burns Never Gives Up His Life With A Rescuer| Animal In Crisis EP36

  1. Dios este hermoso ser es un ejemplo a seguir de supervivencia y de vida un ejemplo de amor y vida que hermoso ser.

  2. Obrigado por colocar a legenda em português!!! Muito lindo ver veterinários e pessoas se empenhando pra ajudar animais tão machucados fisicamente e sentimentalmente, machucados por seres humanos HORRÍVEIS e DESPREZÍVEIS! Amei esse canal, me faz ter esperança! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Este caso me hizo llorar pobre perrito cuanto debio haber sufrido todo por una persona estupida sin sentimientos, no maltraten a los animales ellos son seres vivos inocentes y puros, hay que darles amor y respeto NO CRUELDAD HACIA LOS ANIMALES

  4. Como algunos seres humanos pueden ser tan mierda que culpa tiene un animal indefenso ? pobre bebé ???, gracias por ayudarlo ???

  5. Awwwwww i am so happy that he is healthy and looks so happy now….
    God bless them all and that aunty she is such a cool aunty…lots of blessing and love you guys…
    Lets keep helping eachother and the animals ???

  6. ดูแล้วน้ำตาใหลเลยสงสารมากๆคนที่ทำหมาใจมันทำด้วยอะไร??

  7. ??Mit dem Drecksack der das gemacht hat sollte man das gleiche tun.Ich hoffe daß es den kleinen bald wieder besser geht.

  8. The most beautiful thing I have ever seen!! That dog is just a little angel here on earth. He deserved to get well?

  9. Я шокована!Що за паскуда скалічила нещасну тварину?!Як можна було додуматися до такого зла?!Бідна,скривджена собача душа,пробач будь ласка,нас,людей, за такий огидний учинок.

  10. merci, thank you, you make this world better. Merci … i'm sure he is happy now for the first time in his life. I wish you both a long long long happy life. God bless you.

  11. So glad to see this amazing beautiful recovery. So many thanks for all the great people involved in his recovery.God bless this amazing lady who gave hi heaven on earth. GOD BE AND BLESS ALL THE LIFE'S JOURNEY THAT THIS LOVELY DOG AND HIS LOVELY OWNER PASS THROUGH.AMEN!

  12. I badly wants to adopt cats and dogs but mom doesn't allow me…. Why??? They also have feelings like us… I want to give them love and care… Human is such a cruel…..god bless u little doggy… U live 100 of years… ???

  13. These videos are excellent and I learn a lot from them, but some things are so bad I almost wish I hadn't watched. It's a relief to know this story has a great ending.

  14. 1편보고 너무 화가나서 온몸이 부들부들 떨렸는데
    그나마 이정도라도 회복돼서 다행이네요.
    수의사님과 보호자 아주머니의 보살핌 덕분인거 같습니다.
    범인을 잡아야하는데 방법이 없어서 안타깝네요.
    그 범인과 그 놈 자손대대로 똑같이 당하기를 기원합니다.

  15. Like i said in the part 1, dont worry, guys. The idiot who made it will burn too, forever, in the hell.

  16. Кто так поиздевался над беззащитным существом? Господи! Прошу не допускай больше такого.

  17. I have like 6 minutes crying because i never going to understand this stupid things that monsters do to little angels, amazing lady amazing vet only blessings 4 u

  18. โชกร้ายแต่ต้น.ตอนนี้น้องเขาโชกดีที่หลัง.ฟ้ามีตา.ขอบคุณค่ะ


  20. Thanks God he found you grandma. And thank you for taking him and give him a happy life. God going to bless you grandma. ?

  21. Theres a kind of peoples like evil and therea kind of peoples like an angel..thanks to that lady who safe this poor dog and make his life become like heaven..

  22. Sra. DIOS la bendiga y le de muchos años de vida y salud y gracias a todos las personas que lograron hacerle una vida feluz. ??????????

  23. Без слез не возможно смотреть!(((Та Ая жестокость !!!(Спасибо врачу и доброй женщине ,которая не осталась равнодушна к его судьба,мальчик пережил такие мучения.

  24. Fortunately, for every monstrous person who would do such a thing as this to a helpless animal, there are many more who are decent, kind, compassionate and dedicated to making wrongs right again. May that lovely woman and all the Vet staff who helped out have the most wonderful lives. Along with that lovely doggie of course. Love always triumphs over evil.

  25. Thank you thank you thank you for your kindness and caring doggie is so happy to be with you your the best all lives matter so cute

  26. Ну какая мразь может поставить дизлайк? Только тот, кто сам изувер!!! А женщине и медикам огромное спасибо за еще одну жизнь!!!!!

  27. God bles?❤s this kind lady with good health and strenght! God bless the furkids and let her heal asap..
    The bastard hurting a poor animals they will get the punishment! Please God dont let these cruel humans hurt animals! Rot in Hell!?

  28. Vihaan eläin rääkkääjiä yli kaiken!!!
    Harmi ettei rikollista saatu kiinni mutta ainakin koira näyttää olevan ihan hyvässä kunnossa ja iloinen!❤️
    Kiitos tälle naiselle ja eläinlääkäreille jotka pelastivat tämän kouran hengen❤️❤️

  29. If you ever find the PIECE OF SHIT, that did this, PLEASE STOMP HIS GUTS OUT. Then smash his hands with a sledgehammer, this way he won't do it again

  30. Que desgraciado el que le hizo eso al pobre perrito, tiene el alma podrida y merece que le hagan lo mismo que el hizo, que bueno que lo ayudaron, Dios los premie.

  31. Hia scars mark how courageous and strong he is,how much he has been through and they make him unique. He passed through hell and now he's receiving all the love he deserves. I love happy endings?
    May God bless the kind grandma and the doctors who helped♥️

  32. He is now getting good karma and enjoying a happy life with the lovely lady! Hope the scumbag who did that to him enjoys his bad karma!

  33. Que tristeza ver esse anjinho assim???…graças a Deus existem ainda pessoas com o amor enorme pelos animais ?????????pra todos Deus os abençoe

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