Dog With Burns Asks A Stranger For Help | Animal In Crisis EP35

Where is he? In the corner of the front yard A little dog lies down, breathing helplessly His whole body is covered with wounds I fed him water and food He has a will to survive, which makes me take pity on him even more A discharge waters from the wound How come he ended up like this? When the hurt dog came here This dog found him, and started to bark at him 2 days ago The hurt dog was found in front of the house At first, I thought it was a skin disease After I looked into him closely, I figured that they were all scars from a burn He was bleeding, and he smelled like.. The burnt smell of his hair The whole body was bleeding, and oozing with fluids A heavy, burnt smell from such small body His skin is burned like this These are all scars from burns Who the hell did this.. The burn scars are everywhere from the head to toe Foot The bones are exposed from burn scars He doesn’t make a sound at all Not even groaning No response at all Perhaps he’s scared I would less concern if he makes a yipping sound What caused him to suffer burns all over his body And hid in a strange house? Sad looking eyes.. Yesterday and today as well, I took him to the hospital and get him injected The doctor prescribed only an antibiotic and painkiller A painkiller and ointment Is the best of what the hospital in a small village can provide Bring him to the hospital in a big city And check his condition It’s hard to imagine how painful it was for him After a long drive Finally arrived at the hospital Vet : I don’t know where to start He’s in dire condition How is it possible.. The burn scars even make the vet flustered Vet : How did he end up like this? It’s strange that he’s injured in various parts His hind legs are speechless Vet : I have never seen this kind of case before It’s hard to predict why he ended up like this You can see the marks over here The hair is scorched The hair is burned from deep inside Vet : 4 legs are the most problematic As you can see, the paw pads will be torn apart Due to the burns The paw pads were melted down by the flames The flesh is barely left on them Perhaps he got burned while escaping from the fire accident? Vet : I don’t see any marks in bronchial tubes or the mouth cavity If he was at the fire accident Soot would have finely gone into the respiratory organ So there must be scorching inside Since it’s not found at all We can say that the dog was not at the fire accident No soot is found inside his body Perhaps he was blacked out..? Vet : Don’t think he fainted completely When the heat from the flames coming through, he closed his eyes That’s why the skin near his eyes is less burned Maybe he was exposed to the flame When he was awake? Vet : I guess he hasn’t received care for a long time That’s why he’s also infected by heartworms And lacks in nutrition and his heart is malfunctioning His bony body Even before he was burned He must have starved every day Though he survived Every moment in his life must be painful for him How did he reach the strange lady’s house? Rescuer : He was bleeding and smelly I thought it hasn’t been that long since he got burned If it happened from a long distance, he couldn’t have made it to here In a small village Someone might know about the dog..? I haven’t seen this dog especially with the scars He looks new to me I feel so bad for him, right? It’s clueless of where or how the dog came from Vet : It isn’t that he suffers severe burn on his whole body It’s like some parts are totally burned And some are only partially burned While his back is slightly scorched His legs suffer a third-degree burn The paw is totally melted down The dog’s abdomen is in okay condition compared to his legs Specific parts only got badly burned What are these wounds telling us..? Here’s what the expert thinks Seeing that his body is partially burned Someone must have caused burns on him on purpose Also, he didn’t just pass by the flame in the fire Meaning that he was in the flame Did somebody purposefully set fire to the living dog? Pyrotechnician : The burn scars are not linked on his body Which indicates that the burn was caused intentionally with flammable liquids such as gasoline or thinner Upon setting the dog on fire with gasoline It makes a huge flame in an instant After then, an oil mist evaporates And remained inflammable liquids on his body keep burning his flesh After pouring gasoline on a dog doll in the same burned area of the dog’s body The expert sets fire on it The doll engulfed in flames in an instant Soon after, the flames slowly die down But its face and legs where he poured the gasoline are still burning Pyrotechnician : It’s wrapped in flames in a second right after it catches the fire But after that, remained inflammable liquids on it keeps burning the spot for long Which makes it even worse as it deepens the wounded spot just like the burned dog Thus, someone has highly likely to pour gasoline and set fire on the dog A human’s cruel violence Inflicted on a living creature This little dog Had to go through intense hardship He was able to barely survive But the life he has to face from now Would not be the same as before All we can do for this little dog with serious burns is.. Praying for him to get through it well..

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  1. Find out how the dog begins his new journey in part 2↓↓↓
    Part 2 :

  2. Ну почему в нашем мире столько зла, жестокости и насилия????Надеюсь сейчас с песелем все хорошо??❤️

  3. Господи, прости наши души грешные. Вот у кого надо учиться прощать и не обозлиться на всех людей из-за морального урода, и придти за помощью к человеку. Невозможно смотреть без слёз. Не дай Бог мне воспитать безжалостных детей…

  4. Poor pup I ???my eyes out just seen him trying to survive and to the lady many blessings for find better treatment for him and a second chance of a better life. And to the piece of $%$that did this to the poor pup, may karma gets you and bite you in the ass for what you did to this poor dog!!??

  5. Ojalá la persona que lo hizo muera quemada es lo único que merece. Malditas personas enfermas de la mente. Me indicnan estás situaciones, me causa impotencia y mucho coraje. Llore amargamente por esa situación. ??

  6. I hope he makes it through it and gets to go to a loving home so he can understand what love and affection feels like. I cannot imagine what this dog's mind was going through at that time, poor thing..

  7. This deplorable behaviour is perpetuated by individuals who get a seriously sickening joy in seeing another sentient being suffer in the most horrid way. Epicaciracy or schadenfreude come to mind, it is linked to a form of psychopathy however the individual is fully aware of his or her actions and feelings; psychiatric institutions won't 'cure' their degeneracy. There are varying degrees of mental health conditions, and most of the time those who live with this have animals and are very much loved but what I mentioned earlier is something different and very abhorrent.

  8. It's some heartless people on this Earth. I hope the animal that burned this puppy will recieve the same treatment. Evil beast.

  9. when that woman take care of him untill he got the full treatment should be awarded as a true hero for the dog . She's an angel to him .

  10. I don’t understand why this people wait sooooooo loooooong yo help an obviously dog in pain!!!!! And they keep explaining and filming !!!!! I hope this is not done on purpose to make this videos!!!
    Poor animals, I can’t stand see this poor souls in excruciating pain and waiting to help them, sorry but each time my heart breaks and hurts ….?????♥️?♥️??

  11. Dogs are men’s BEST FRIENDS and most men are the WORST Friends to dogs and animals in general!
    Bestiality comes from HUMANS!

  12. Another gutless pussy who needs to hurt defenseless animals to prove how big of a man he is. I would love to put a bullet in this motherfucker's head. But after I beat him to a pulp and burned him.

  13. Cara a pessoa que fez isso com o pobre cachorro e um monstro .Cara e só um cachorro ,não faz mal a ninguém, e o ser desprezível faz uma atrocidade dessas com o pobre do cãozinho o verme que fez isto quem q softer .

  14. It's strange this situation in this country… I'm so sorry for my opinions but.. In this country most of these people likes hearts poor dogs… I see more videos about the violence of animals.. Their have terrible problems… For example a see in every video the dogs with CADENAS EN SUS CUELLOS…….. IT'S NECESSARY THIS???…. ….ESA GENTE NO SABE CUIDAR ANIMALES.. GENTE ENFERMA….

  15. El hijo de p.. Q hizo eso.. Seguro se lo quería comer… No es novedad q en ese país.. Les gusta comer vivos a los perros… Hacerles daño… Ahí no hay justicia para los animales.. Por eso… Dejaré de seguir a este canal.. Porq no averiguan q paso… Y saben que. En cada video.. Se ve q tienen a sus perros con cadenas en sus cuellos… Que es eso…se llama maltrato.. Por eso digo la mayoría de esa gente les gusta maltratar a los animales… Miren las estadísticas.. Y las costumbres q hacen ahí… Gente de mierda.

  16. If I founded this guy I would burn him, I don't care if I go to prison, because at least the guy won't be able to this to other cats and dogs, he would be burned and he would go to hell, and burn on hell too

  17. Сколько боли и мучения. Как же так, что происходит с людьми если они способны на такое.

  18. El que ace actos violentos contra la creación de dios, abría que arrancarles la piel a tiras y despedazarlo para que aprendieran. Sime dieran carta blanca a mí en todos los países otro gallo cantaría

  19. Omg what kind of person will do this. I hope u will rot in hell. Poor baby. Thank u for rescuing him. It realy broke my heart

  20. Бедная собака , переживает такую боль . Молчит, словно понимает что его спасают ! Спасибо вам , добрые люди !

  21. Really shocked, the freak that did set fire to that dog may do it to a human next time. Worst animal treatment i have ever seen.

  22. I am speechless who could do this to a poor dog. I just don't understand. He is a real fighter I'm proud of you. Sending my love to you;)

  23. Son.unas.vestias..elgueisoeso.espeor.gue.unanimal.estupido.engendro.deldemonio.lo.guisiera.tener.enfrente.demi.pague.marlotanvien.averguesiente…ygrasias.porayudarlo.dios.losva.reconpensa.cuidenlomucho.

  24. สงสารน้องหมามากๆค่ะช่วยน้องให้สุดนะค่ะขอให้น้องรอดปลอดภัยหายใวๆค่ะ??

  25. Kasihan x anjing ny ingat y smua diperhitungkan Tuhan. ada balasan yh setimpal df Tuhan krn anjing adlah ciptaan Tuhan

  26. Espero que tenhan medicado esse pobre cachorro para amenizar suas dores. Coisa abominavel. Seres do inferno os que fizeram essa crueldade.

  27. Unless it was done by a cruel human being, torturing this dog, it could possibly be due to an accidental cooking gas explosion.

  28. Evi lives here.This is not human,this is evil disguised as human.I pday that this poor gorgeous dog gets well soon and has excellent recovery. And also pray that the monster who did this gets caught and gets the maximum punishment there is.

  29. 이 강아지에게 불 붙인 싸이코패스놈아.
    이 강아지에게 한 것처럼 네놈도 똑같이 불에 타 뒈지기를 기원한다.
    아니 그것으로는 부족하니 네 놈 자손대대로 똑같이 당하기를 기원한다.
    정말 용서가 안되는 악마 그자체네.

  30. I just can not believe that some people can be so horrible, how can those people to something like this to such a sweet dog?? That is heartbreaking ?

  31. Goddess how dare some one hurt beings like this in this way….im so happy the puppy found help! Such a brave little soul

  32. Dont worry, guys.
    The idiot who made this poor little thing suffer will burn too, forever, in the hell.

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