Dog With A Tumor Holds The Hand Of Her Owner Crying Over Her Pain (Part 1) | Animal in Crisis EP97

Owner : My dog’s in a critical condition It’s totally out of my hand.. Sandy became 10 years old this year PD : Oh, look Dangled on her belly, A large tumor What happened to her? The tumor has grown for 6 months and became this big The tumor was not as big as now but once it grew the size of the tumor has rapidly increased Sandy used to be a healthy dog Neighbor : Sandy was a big, strong and healthy girl when I first saw her But as time goes by, she looked exhausted and a bit sad too.. The tumor discharges.. Owner : It’s also painful for me to watch her suffe.. Can’t imagine how painful it’s to her I don’t know what to do whenever she suffers from pain So pitiful.. I feel very bad to her In a rural area where there are no medical facilities.. All he could was to take care of her while staying next to her When her grandpa has a long face, As if she wants to comfort him, Sandy gives her hand Sandy’s been a great support to the elderly couple Sandy, do you want some? Eat some! Eat up! She doesn’t eat these days She finished a bowl of a meal so quickly since she’s big Perhaps she’s lost her appetite.. Doesn’t try to eat at all Since she’s not eating, she lost weight Sandy doesn’t eat much For Sandy, Prepares beef soup every day Owner : She’s getting skinnier as she’s not been eating at all She became so skinny that she can’t even use her hind legs now But once I fed this soup, she was able to get up Beef soup with grandma’s love Sandy, mealtime~ Wonder Sandy would eat up well Fortunately, Sandy eats so well After seeing her eating well, the grandmother can relieve She finishes her meal in an instant and goes outside Then she starts to scratch her tumor on the wall Scars everywhere on the tumor… Sandy’s family has been together for 10 years Will they be able to stay together for long? Owner : She has another one here On her left hind leg Tumors are found every part of her body Sandy spends most of her time lying on the ground these days after losing strength… Pus from the tumor stuck to her hair Her hair’s messed because of pus discharged from the tumor The grandmother cleans her hair with a towel every day Owner : I thought an angel came to me when I first met Sandy She was so calm and pretty with twinkle eyes Her eyes were so clear like a crystal Sandy became a 10-year-old grandmother PD : You must be so worried about her Owner : Can’t digest food properly after eating PD : Oh you can’t Owner : No.. Sandy is their own child to the elderly couple A vet’s arrived to help Sandy How’s her condition? Vet : She must’ve carried this tumor for long, right? Owner : Yes, and it’s grown bigger Vet : Another one is here too.. But.. Vet : We need to check if it’s a metastatic tumor that could be spread to organs Sandy’s condition was severe than expected If the tumor ‘s spread over her organs It’d be hard for Sandy to endure the pain.. Vet : Regardless of how much the owner’s fed Sandy She’s lack of nutrients as all the nutrients went to the tumor As a result, she lost weight and became weak First aide to prevent further infections Hurriedly transferred to the hospital Now Sandy has to get on the car But Sandy insists on staying at home.. What’s Sandy thinking right now..? Vet : Going to remove the large tumor on her side After taking a biospy, we’ll decide if the treatment would be possible to remove multiple tumors on the other parts Owner : You must have gone through a lot because of the tumors, Sandy? The tumors will be gone today, you will get better for sure! But another problem is.. Vet : Sandy has health issues regarding her heart It’ll be hard to put her under anesthesia during surgery, but a little anesthetics will be injected Sandy’s too old to be put under anesthesia Wonder if she can endure.. Surgery beins For the sake of her stability, the owner’s allowed to stay next to her during surgery Owner : Aww, Our Sandy’s doing well~ Good girl, going through so well PD : Are you feeling bad for her? Owner : Can’t watch her in pain.. So sad The owner turns back eventually.. Will she endure surgery despite her age? The surgery takes more time than expected Owner : Hang in there The owner gives strength to Sandy Finally The tumor that has put Sandy in pain is removed Vet : The surgery went well Other than we did our job, Sandy and her owner were a great help to finish the surgery without any troubles Though it was definitely a tough one Sandy went through it so bravely! Owner : Sandy, you went through a lot today, good job Thank you for enduring so well Good girl~ You did so well After the tumor’s removed, Sandy looks way more comfortable Take a biopsy of the removed tumor Vet : It’s adenocarcinoma on her mammary gland which means that the tumor is malignant The result shows that she has malignant breast cancer.. Normal cell / Sandy’s cancer cell Vet : Found white lumps A variety of lumps have been created already in her body According to this picture, it’s suspicious that the tumor cell has already spread over to her lungs The cancer cell has already spread to her lung For such an old Sandy, Another surgery would be too tough.. Unbelievable results.. Not much time with Sandy has left.. Owner : I hoped she would all be cured But my hope didn’t come true.. Though there’s nothing I can do about it, I will do my best to use our time together with Sandy more happily Happy 10 years with Sandy.. As long as she’s alive The couple wants to give her so much love However.. Sandy’s condition has rapidly become worse Patient’s room Sandly barely breathes due to painful agony.. Owner : Sandy’s looking at me.. She’s looking at me.. They might have to let her go.. Tears out of fear of having to let her go.. Will the family has to send Sandy to heaven? To be continued in part 2

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  1. Бедная собачка. Хозяин ждал неизвестно чего, пока питомец так мучается. Свою опухоль побежал бы сразу удалять.

  2. Mi corazón llora hace apenas 20 días perdi a mi angelito peludo de cáncer siento.perfectamente el dolor de la familia de Sandy

  3. i'm crying so much i want hug the dog bcoz hi deserve that ?? before she go to heaven . and say iloveyou and thanks for every thing bcoz she full of happiness to the grand father and grand mother. ?? and i know sunday what to rest .

  4. Самое грустное видео на канале(
    Трудно отпустить собачку, но это нужно сделать…?

  5. 부처가 항상 가난한 샌디 개를 보호하고 그의 가족과 샌디가 암과 싸우고 빨리 회복되기를 바랍니다.
    베트남에서 1 명의 시청자

  6. Isso foi um grande relapso e falta de cuidado com a bichinha
    Falta de responsabilidade, não tem tem perdão
    O animalzinho tem que ser observado sempre, para evitar o avanço de qualquer patologia e por 10 anos esse casal só viu quando o tumor estava visivel?
    Realmente nao tem perdão

  7. My dog had one too and she passed earlier this year. I had her for about 9 years. She was the best friend I’ve ever had and I hated seeing her in pain. I’m happy she doesn’t have to suffer anymore. I love you Lui!

  8. Я не понимаю , опухоль выросла не за один день . Целых 6 месяцев хозяева собаки ничего не предпринимали .

  9. I Only had 10 years with my Firend Woodstock, we meet on my 12th Birthday and said our farewells on my 22nd.
    I will never have a Friend like him again. I feel your loss its now a few days after my 52nd Birthday and I miss him still . my best friend. you were the best boy

  10. Share love for Sandy and the owners…my 13 yr old Golden Retriever Madison is an Angel now all around. I too had to ease her pain and suffering from the same exact condition, tumors and cancer spreading. What a blessing to meet Sandy via video. Thank you for sharing such a peaceful moment looking in Sandy's eyes…I will always see my Madison's eyes while whispering to her, "Its okay, be happy and youthful now and see you soon." Sandy is happy, youthful and seeing her owners all the time, watching over them. Grateful for such animals of incredible love for this universe.

  11. Kritter Klub, he aprendido muchas cosas en cada uno de sus videos, su amor, entrega, pasión por cada uno de los pacientes que atienden, pero nunca había visto un cuarto para un paciente perruno, y es muy bueno, tener un cuarto de estancia hospitalaria donde uno pueda estar con su amigo del alma, gatito o perrito o cualquier otro ser. Es que el amor es tan intenso y tan real por uno de ellos que cuando enferman o mueren o tienen dolor a uno se le parte el corazón en pedazos. Sandi que Dios te de paz, te tranquilidad que tus dueños estarán bien cuando tu te vayas al Cielo! Te abrazo muy suave y te beso!

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