Dog With A Disability Never Loses Hope To Walk On Two Legs | Animal In Crisis EP67

Keumsook, whose front legs are bent inwards Her hind legs withstand the whole body’s weight Despite her disability, she’s so bubbly Though she was born with a disability, She’s very cheerful and healthy Eats well Greets people with her wagging tail With a disability though, Just like other dogs Her favorite time is.. Keumsook, let’s eat. Come here Mealtime~ She keeps balance with her hind legs And clears a bowl of meal Owner/ Eats well~ Owner/ Compared to other dogs who walk on four legs Keumsook has to crawl due to her disability in her front legs But she’s still brave, cheerful and bubbly When I call her name, her eyes shine Owner/ Keumsook~ Keumsook runs to her Lovely Keumsook Lives with her mom, Bali But Bali ignores Keumsook who’s excited to meet her up She even goes over the fence Keumsook follows her And hesitates when facing the obstacle As she wants to stay close to her mom She jumps over it Using her hind legs Goes up the stairs But the mother dog avoids her again.. Since she has moved around with such condition She has calluses on her elbow Owner/ She loves her mom She wants to smell her mom’s butt and stay together But the mother dog usually plays in a high place I feed bad for Keumsook.. The mother dog didn’t take care of Keumsook, who had a disability in her front legs So the owner had to feed her milk Who couldn’t be breastfed not even for once Owner/ You gotta eat this to live But.. Owner/ A vet said she might not survive So I massaged her legs, saying ‘Your legs have to be straightened, or you won’t survive” The doctor said that she won’t survive As her organs are pressured by her front legs But the owner never gave up on her And trained her how to stand up with her hind legs Owner/ I’m grateful that she’s grown up strongly Look how she’s sitting right now Looks exactly like other dogs when she’s like that Keumsook has overcome the disability and grown up well Owner/ Said she wouldn’t live for long But she’s grown up so well. I’m so thankful for it As much as she’s grown Keumsook is curious about the world outside She’s been spending more time looking at the door Owner/ I’m worried that she might step on glass pieces while crawling around the street with such legs Also, I don’t want people to stare at her with a strange look That’s why I don’t really take her out for a walk Out of pity for her, The owner decides to go out Walks outside in a long time Keumsook sniffs everywhere Excitedly running around Owner/ I thought she would stay next to me But she walks around very well PD/ I think she’s happy/ I think so too After sun goes down The owner takes Keumsook inside Owner/ It’s too cold. Go inside and sleep I took her inside since it’s cold outside The weather has become cold.. Keumsook health is worrisome.. Owner/ If I take her to the hospital I might have to hear negative comments I’m afraid they might say there’s something wrong with Keumsook So I could’t take her to the hospital The owner is afraid of losing her.. Owner/ Keumsook has grown up so well and healthy But I’m worried that she might have health issues Is it impossible for her to walk with four legs? Next morning After consideration, The owner decides to take her to the hospital Will she be able to walk with four legs? Vet/ She doesn’t have the hip bone It wasn’t created at all She lacks a bone piece on her front legs Vet/ Her legs stiffened already Any rehabilitation or surgery to fix her legs is not an option for now How’re her hind legs which withstand her weight Vet/ She won’t have any problem using them with the current condition But causes pain to her Vet/ Nerves are alive, so she must have been feeling the pain It must be tough for her She’s able to walk since she’s endured with a strong will With a strong will to live Keumsook could stand up with her two legs, like a miracle Owner/ She did self-taught on how to walk on her own She’s very brave and strong A few days later Construction goes on from the morning Owner/ We’re putting cushy mats on the ground for Keumsook Thank you, my dear lady 🙂 The cushy ground is ready for Keumsook to walk around more easily Owner/ She won’t have callouses anymore Keumsook loves her new space Owner/ Keumsook, since you have a colorful house now You have to live long and healthy with me, okay? Despite her disability Keumsook is happy Hope she stays strong and cheerful forever

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  1. Wtf dog is disabled, best thing to do is leave her alone on a concrete patio with ice….I'll take her for a walk, leaves her on the freezing snow. Is there no way to help with padding or a body harness, wheelchair?

  2. Какая-то очаровательная кроха, не обижайте ее и любите всем сердцем ❤️ это чудесная собачка

  3. Khâm phục ý trí của con chó khuyết tật trong cuộc sống. Qua hình ảnh này tôi càng khâm phục những người bị khiếm khuyết tật. Người dân bình thường phấn đấu ý trí 1 thì người bị khiếm khuyết tật phải phấn đấu ý trí gấp nhiều lần để hòa nhập trong cuộc sống

  4. The dog why have 2 broken legs and he can eat and drink and no running and walk poor keumsook have 2 broken legs and keep balance

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  6. Little sweet dog needs a warm clothes, lack of sense, owner is poor, properly never seem one before, it never too late to send few dog clothes to the lady. Well, Korean dogs lovers, time for your to act, move you fat butts. Oh, it is an old program, it is summer in northern Asia.

  7. Mi dispiace molto per lei!!Ma è una cagnolina molto attiva e vivrà.Che Dio la protegga sempre, ogni minuto e ogni istante!Un bacione….E complimenti alla signore che la adora e le da' la forza di andare avanti! !

  8. Hewan saja walaupun cacat masih mau berjalan/Bergerak/berusaha tetapi ada manusia yg sehat normal malah menjadi pengemis dgn MENCACATKAN dirinya

  9. Éste perrito es un guerrero, es cariñoso y muy hermoso. Gracias a la Sra. Siguió con vida a pesar de los pronóstico que le dieron cuándo nació, lo ha cuidado muy bien. Gracias a las personas que le pusieron alfombra para que caminara. Me hubiera gustado tenerla dentro de la casa.


  11. Es muy triste que ella busque el amor de su madre y no quiera dárselo. Aquí teníamos uno que lo paseabamos en un coche de niño y Cómo le gustaba salir porque se ponía igual a ella mirándolo todo. Ellos nos entregan tanto amor que deberíamos ser recíproco. Que bella palabras dijo la Sra. Que tenía miedo perderla éso es Amor. Saludos

  12. Sería más feliz la perrita si viviera adentro de la casa como otro miembro más de la familia y además se ve q hay frío y la pobre no está abrigada y su dueña si ? . . .

  13. Nanai.. Que ternura y así se queja el ser humano habiendo animalitos

    Que nos necesitan tanto y son felices con solo un poco de cariño.. Así podría ser el ser humano fiel y leal.. Dios nos diferenció de eso..nosotros jamaz podríamos ser así me duele alma ver estas cosas.. ?

  14. ay ne guzelde sahip cikiyorlar ne hisli duygulu insanlar var bir insanda acima duygusu varsa o kisiden kimseye zarar gelmez ama o kisiye zarar verirler onun iyiligini kullanirlar çünkü onda art niyet olmadigindan bu gibi insanlara ALLAH firsat vermesin

  15. Awww I want this little honey so badlyyyyyy. She is so pretty and ambitious! Shame on Mama Doggo for ignoring her ?

  16. Can’t someone build her a cart to support her chest and build her a higher table so she doesn’t have to balance or dip too far down?

  17. 개를 그렇게 많이 사랑하신다면 왜 그 개를 밖에서 키우나요 그것도 두 다리가 못 쓰는데 집안에서 키워야 되는 거 아닌가요 테레비가 방송에서 나오니까 아끼는 척 하는 거 아닌가 두 인격자 같애요

  18. Boże kochany biedaczka co Tobie się stało? Ale ty kochany jesteś dzielny oby wszystko co dobre było z Tobą??????

  19. I’m quite saddened that the only thing they could do was to place spongy mats – unlike the other success stories, but still thankful that it still help her a little.

  20. Poor dog walk around with two back legs very cuteness is very happy with lots of love from the human mom help thank you for sharing your beautiful dog love you thank you


  22. Давайте в ещё большую миску насыпать еду собаке,которая стоит на задних лапах епта.

  23. Tropmignon,Je souhaite que le propriétaire hébergé dans la maison que extérieur,surtout il fait froid la température MERCI ??❤

  24. She clearly will benefit from better living environment. She needs somewhere to live warm and cleaner and maybe a wheelchair

  25. Por favor!!! No puede esta señora tenerla dentro de la casa? Con el frio que hace!!!! Me parece muy cruel.

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