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do not attempt the techniques you are about to see without consulting a professional on this episode of dog whisperer when we pass a strange dog on a walk Snickers lunges and he barks it's almost like he's going in for the kill we started noticing food aggression when I get the bowl of food I set it down and he starts growling if I'm close to it my biggest fear is that Snickers will hurt my wife or my son if he's not on the leash with me he's in a crate where he's snarling and growling at people that get too close and he bites them the main thing that I do is dog behavior I got him to not bite me but he punched me I've never been punched by a dog I've seen her rehabilitate 15 to 20 dogs and Marie's been the only one that's like this this hard case I go into people's homes I work with their aggressive dog but I have one of my own home it's difficult when good dogs go bad there's one man who's their best friend Cesar Millan no dog is too much for me to handle I rehabilitate dogs I train people I am the dog whisperer it's feeding time at the Cronin Feld household and Snickers the Australian Shepherd needs to lead but his stomach isn't the only thing growling I get the bull of food sometimes I would like to run but I set it down and he just starts growling if I'm even close to it something snaps if you're near him within five or ten feet his eyes glaze over and you know he'll growl at you and it's a mean ground he used to be such a cuddly dog and he used to lay with me and I just I don't know what happened and I would love to have that dog back I actually acquired Snickers through my mom he was found underneath a car with his blanket at ten weeks old they cleaned him up warmed him up I came over and there he was he was wonderful I fell in love and that was it about seven years ago I started dating Bob that's when things kind of started to go a little awry with Snickers Snickers seems to want affection when it's on his terms he's very protective almost too protective of just about everything in the house during the past four years – Conan pelts got married and had a son Riley they also adopted another dog a yellow lab named trace we got trace because we thought that she would calm Snickers down but it hasn't it took them eight months to get used to each other I tried to implement some of the walking strategies I walked the dogs every single day for an hour several years earlier two boxers attacked Donna and Snickers during a walk since then Snickers behavior has changed for the worse when we pass a strange dog on a walk Snickers will sit there with her lunges and he barks it's almost like he's going in for the kill can you come home I don't trust him we do not feed Snickers and tres together Snickers gets fed in the front of the house the gate gets put up and tres gets fed in the kitchen area my biggest fear is that Snickers will hurt my wife or my son or or tres I think the reason why I stuck it out is because I don't want to see a good dog be put down and I know that there's something that we can do to help him he was my best friend before bob was my best friend he's been with me through so much the Conan felt were unaware is for a private consultation with Cesar but then the first season of dog whisperer went into production we've been waiting for seven long years apparently because of the show and him helping so many people the private consultations just kind of got put back and here we are we're ready he's bitten me I required four stitches in my lip I was just petting him and he jumped up and got me mmm yeah it was so quick he's injured our other dog trace we have two dogs we do we got trace because we want to add a dog for our son that he could pet because Snickers you can't pet him without him growling and it's taken trace and Snickers about eight months to become comfortable with each other but we went on vacation we stuck them in a kennel together and said it was wonderful the girls would take him out for his walks and she would want to be loved right but doesn't want us to love him hmm so I was interested in anything very interesting I try to be calm but I don't know I'm sure that my fear comes off yeah you know because I am scared of him well yeah for seven years for seven years I joined the pack in year six and you know the hierarchy has kind of changed because he doesn't act the same way with me that he does with Donna but you realize you have two families right the canine family and you have the human family they're both family it's just a different language some people need coaching when when they see aggression yes you know so it's very important that we evaluate their problem properly so we know what we're working with we've been waiting for this Cesar so this is a different case from what we normally experienced look how this guy's is actually targeting hi he's definitely looking into my eyes and he's targeting my face so that makes them a much more extreme case because he's definitely definitely challenging this is just to protect I don't use the word aggression all the time because we haven't been around a lot aggressive cases like the one today this is looking at you say I'm coming after you now your legs now your hand now your racket I'm after you that's aggression baby that's aggression the Labrador over there has learned the barking mentality or the territory of mentality but it's nervous all right so here comes here now one thing that uh that I'm seeing on him is he has a back problem some kind of physical problem so we have to be careful about that okay I'm not gonna move in right now I'm not gonna move in I know better you know he's not even a dog right now he just animal I know you know yes arthritis oh he has a back problem he's gonna get tired he's legging on evolving for so long so then that's when I saw that he started looking at my feet that's when he went from the animal to being Australian Shepherd and I can come in and I can totally start controlling him the way he will control me which is being a sheep herding dog or a watch Shepherd racket is to take my life and at at the same time I use the racket so I can trigger a step back and I figure that so now I'm done now we have to go and fight oh sorry so I already have him I was thinking oh my goodness you know what's happening back there I thought that Snickers would go off on Caesar like maybe try to bite him I just didn't know what to expect he went from not fighting to start running away and then at one point he started avoiding me you can see by the language I mean he's a beautiful book you know as a book about pure aggression I'm going to kill you and then I'm gonna run away from you and then I'm gonna ignore you and then then what he says he's practically giving his back he doesn't know how to surrender but I want him to surrender that's what you're going to see once he's finished I want him to learn all the way just like he has learned to be all the way aggressive state and at the same time remember we had to dog shut in in this location and we are only addressing ourselves to one and that's when I put the leash on I said well then what you got to do is just just have to go all the way to submission because that's where you want to be so we saw a little bit of a fight there he uses his ball to try to control the situation I just danced with him a little bit and then just send him to a calm submissive State I have to change the way he was looking at me because as as much as as dangerous for me is danger for anybody that comes in on knowing how to change the state of mind so because we change the state of mind of the aggressive point which definitely we were dealing with aggression look what happened to her by us not doing physically anything we actually changed the Bible in the place so the leash is not just you know for surrendering purposes look you surrender to the leash then I send you back to freedom so so here is the dog that was about to kill us coming up Cesar shows Donna a different kind of protection racket stay tuned there are more dogs in your future right here on the National Geographic Channel once these are calm Snickers it's time to work on this food aggression she usually eats over here okay because he gets very aggressive let me show you how to do it you want me to do oh no problem I'm up for it yes ma'am definitely I won the whole enchilada [Laughter] all right Donna what's this okay did you notice how he lower the head right that is already showing you how he went in there okay Hannah Graham opee yes looking like a big bear no shoulders up right the head is low poor shoulders are up yeah himself agree with it that's all I want I just want you to disagree with the girl I guess what my thing is is I'm scared because he gets very to the point where he's staring me in the face and I'm afraid he's just gonna go absolutely so I just put it down and go and then when I pick it up it's the same thing so may I do it then yes definitely okay so what I'm gonna what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna I'm gonna help show you how to use this okay so we can't put our hand there he's so as you see the way I'm fighting his intensity I have a smile on my face so that gives me a sense of confidence ok cuz he knows how you holding look so now we have my mouth open if I were to put the foot in the ground when his mouth was closed and he was giving me this this eye contact I'm rewarding that state of mind so now he's going through the process of what do I do now see now you can see more like a thinking okay right it's like alright this is taking longer than what I normally used to you see the difference in the eye contact yeah it's not so lack of it so you help in him I want him to hear the sound and to relate it to that moment okay right just like he smells he smells the the food you're not getting out of it until we tell you to get at it that's right you stay back this right alright so he can make the decision pretty much that's always that that's really good that's better Oh fantastic there we go so now you walked away from my foot I'm just claiming I don't have teeth like him right I have to do something that gets me power right not to hurt him it's just to say look you can do that so I started telling her about how a dog will see things so it became a funny story versus like a horror story and that's pretty much what you did drop the plate and run and then she started laughing about herself that's the point you know you can make fun of yourself and learn so much about it so let's do it now you're doing it stay right there shoulders up so on the side look who's there you go fast right no you stay right there No but I think what you know nice so at that time would you say no and thank he goes into that and then you go yes okay good no good good look psychology helps people to calm down definitely you know because you focus on what they need to and and you also focus okay now he's come so he's going through the process of now relating with you in a different state of mind okay yes and look what he's there so at this point I will totally give the food here is that's a retina now we're going to go so yeah I'm rewarding that he is giving out you still hear a growl but he's given up okay he's thing is not about biting it's about protecting the food just the human gave him so much power so we used the racket at one point to give affection so by ask touching with the rack and then the mind recognizes okay this tool is not only for discipline so that's how we balance the experience the reason why dogs by people is because the person get went and gave affection at the wrong time so like this would be the time now to give him affection okay I'm just excited when Cesar gave that to me it felt like getting a diamond at this point and the coaching just really made me feel like you know what this is a situation where my dog can be okay and I can be okay in that situation also he's being a dog from that point of view see this is really the first time in a very long time that I've seen him not because he wanted to kill me a second ago he's a killer he was able to move on so I have to honor that and that's what I'd love to work with dogs because they move on now he can experience everybody's in the same state of mind right it's not about a breed pitbull Portuguese where the dogs or say terrier Australian Shepherd it's just about the state of my state of mind seeing the change in his posture in his head and his mouth all those different things I was in control of that situation the tension should not last more than two seconds okay okay less closer to close that was too close learn not to think okay just do yeah I know I had a little problems correcting Snickers but once I got the hang of that it was wonderful I could walk past dogs and not be drugged by my dog for him to get over there beautiful beautiful then go around Nicholas that's the guy with the long hair there you see he doesn't care about the dogs anymore no he doesn't and that's an very nice beautiful that I like they will you catch yourself like that that was one second he didn't automatically look in their eyes and go for the other dogs his nose was working he was smelling them and he was a dog let's walk back home okay when somebody waits for somebody for six years they're gonna put every single effort because they have now gave up nice has just intensifies like a good wine good job you know what I'm walking with the smile and I'm optimistic that this is working and I feel awesome seems right it's amazing it's gonna be such an easier household I'm looking forward to less growling I'm ready to learn yeah man it felt amazing to be able to take my dog on a walk and not not have my arms pulled we sound happy and that's great I am there's really no words for it because after six years seven years I have my dog back still to come Cesar gets an SOS from a dog trainer who can't crack her toughest case dogs are you come home and there they are you know you show them something new and they've learned it for basically forever they like to hang out with you they like to kick it on their own usually when I tell people that I'm a dog trainer people that would never really talk to me are all of a sudden telling me everything about their dog it's a connection that nobody has with a human colleen starkloff loves dogs and has had many throughout her life so it's no surprise that she's turned her passion into a thriving career I've done movies I've done a few commercials and a TV show but that's kind of for fun and maybe to make a little bit of money the main thing that I do is dog behavior I try to model myself after Cesar and what he's taught seeing her come from like a clicker training tree training kind of trainer to a true behavior specialist has been wonderful um and I've seen her rehabilitate fifteen to twenty dogs for much love los angeles-based much love animal rescue rehabilitates dogs from shelters and finds them new homes whenever we have a dog that has any kind of issues that could be social issues aggression anything we call : first one reason why we love Colleen is because not only is she a trainer but she houses the dogs that she trains in her home so the dog is getting a home environment as well as getting a balanced you know training environment Colleen and her fiance sunny live with nine dogs including three of their own all of the dogs have Bright Futures with one exception yeah his name is Murray although it's spelt ma you are why because I don't like the word Morrie I'm not gonna say Morrie so I call him Murray you're nice I know you are they called me they said oh wow this guy is more than we can handle can you go check him out when the vet tech brought him out it was like there was a rhino on the end of the leash just running through the halls and there was Murray said oh boy here we go and he didn't bite me I got him to not bite me but he punched me I've never been punched by a dog to keep Murray in check Coleen put him on a rigorous exercise regimen and began applying stricter rules she hoped to find him a home through one of much loves adoption fairs if he's not on the leash with me he's in a crate where he's snarling and growling at people that get too close he's pretty smart to the fact where the people aren't interested in him they just want to pet a dog he's really nice and friendly if the people come down and they say hey I found this dog Murray online I want to check out he bites them guaranteed every time the behavior Sumi says that he is dominant but the softer human side of me says he's trying to sabotage any chance of being adopted which I know sounds crazy but he's done it many many times he usually gets about three and a half hours of really physical draining and exercise before the event but I always try to do a very calm introduction where he sniffs the people and gets to know the people before they interact with him unfortunately everybody wants to pet the dog after coming up empty at the adoption fairs colleen tried another approach one of the things i noticed was his remarkable desire not just to fetch but to search for things talking to other dog trainers i found a woman who does search and rescue and she thought marie might be a great candidate they tested him said oh he's amazing physically he's perfect mentally he's perfect he's got a great drive but in the end marie washed out of the program they called me and said he was extremely polite but did not want to search and did not want to fetch so i made him go back and double-check that it was marie because those things don't match he's not polite and all he likes to do is search and fetch so sabotaged again and he came back to me Marie has now been living with Colleen for two years every day that Marie is here is one more dog that much love isn't able to give me to help train and find a home for it I don't want to say it's a scar on my record but it messes with your your comfort level when your own basically your own dog is growling at you I go into people's homes I work with their aggressive dog but I have one of my own home it's difficult it's probably pretty disheartening for not being able to find that thing that would help them get through this behavioral issue like most people go I don't think she was gonna be able to I have no doubt he'll be able to find the thing and help Mary find a home ultimately you know just sum it all up that you want to adopt him he bites you if you don't care for him he kill you can do whatever you want mm-hmm I have people I said you know let him sniff you don't talk to him ignore him don't make eye contact but eventually anyone who's interested in adopting him they do want to pet him eventually you know they want him probably too soon but he even does it to me at times oh yeah if he's worked up he'll nip it oh I was excited he's excited for what for a cat for a dog for food for a toy you excited over a feather on the floor I mean everything gets him excited so he's playful yes two modes on-and-off nothing in the middle and off is like in his crate sleeping how easy I Ron dogs unpredictable around my own pack I can trust him sometimes he's great a dog will go to attack him and he actually once put a dog in a headlock and moved his head out of the way and waited for me to break it up but then some random dog walking next to him if you're not paying attention he'll lunge and bite at him yeah I guess we got to meet him I mean you're a doctor how much could we talk you know yes hands-on kind of thing when we return Cesar meets the energy dog he's ever seen on the show the dog trainer Colleen Steckler calls in seizure to help her learn how to deal with Ridgeback mix Murray and his aggression toward potential adopters she has done an amazing job it's just with some cases sometimes we need help whoa as long as you don't have an ego you can ask anybody my intuition told me from the start that Cesar was going to come in kind of see Murray do his thing and then decide that he needed to go to the center good to see ya Colleen has already used an electronic collar with Murray to help control is unpredictable behavior Wow he's done tread milling this morning played fetch this morning so that's it stop sitting on his bed non-stop so after exercise he never gets into that resting mode no you have to tell him – anything positive that Murray does is because I told him to do it I told him to sit I told him to relax I told him to lay down never on his own I mean maybe after a while but he's well-trained he's very obedient which is good and bad yeah but that's a beating with excitement yes exactly he doesn't ever completely surrender and give up to you it's always excitement he knows the rules he knows the boundaries he doesn't know the limitations that's that's what it's missing the mental part he's had like some definite dog friends and then one day he gets aggressive usually possessive over something and help he'll bite him it's that possessive thing a toy or food toy like I can put something on the ground and make him leave it alone but I don't trust the fact that if there's three dogs sitting there if you take that away so he just moved to play he didn't move to give it to you like right right he thinks it's gonna become a game amazing dog but he's not using common sense he's using more his ability to be trained yes yeah he he doesn't behave he obeys funny is this is you know this is a very specific case no aggression yet but that excitement can lead him into obviously what you have described sorry this is one of those cases I have to go to the center I knew it I knew it just like I called it you owe me 20 bucks I've been threatening you and so you know sometimes the city like is so much excitement going on they benefit more from going into the mountains so that the center is now in Valencia which is 43 acres versus south central it's like a retreat it's like you want to practice meditation letting both ways it's really fun to hike with oh he's fine fun is not a problem here he doesn't know how to relate to another state of mind my goal is to change that intensity of excitement to an intensity of peace relaxation because of Murray's stable home environment and Colleen's talents as a trainer cesar delays his rehabilitation while it deals with more urgent cases her techniques and her energy is perfect but it allowed her to only get that far which is 90% she definitely took it all the way to 90% we're not starting with a dog there is rock-bottom no no no but we still have I've read some dog Wow is he always that way yeah I know he's gonna trigger a revolution in there with that energy so show me how you normally will calm him down or help him to calm down what would you do very good it's a great technique great I never seen a woman doing that with physical touch you see I mean because you made you do what you did as you pull forward and then push this way so you can get them a little bit of balance you can feed the energy in it that's the good technique thank you yes still very playful though I know you still a little playful he's definitely surrendering but not calm submissive right right he's still excited submissive so I'm definitely working with a dog that can hurt another dog yeah you know what I mean and this he loves balls it right yeah he's mr. playful I was what is the pack gonna say we haven't had this energy in a while it's like a racing horse nori made this place his house in a second as soon as he step out of the car that was his house that's a lot of confidence let's see how generous iam not trust they're curious but what is after they're curious whether they believe about him look they're all lifting the leg look at Apollo all the way from there he doesn't trust them before I open the gate I was waiting for two things one is for Murray to come down a little bit more second for him to use his nose to relate with the pack because the pack already told me we don't trust them look at his body language is his first time in the at the ranch he feels at home and that can cause major major problem with the pack the new guy feeling at home no way no way he have to be polite and then they tell him when keeping coming to the circle it's just part of the ritual look how he wants to come in that's a problem buddy for daug like junior who never had an issue junior has never experienced a dog like Murray before like Daddy has experienced over the years you know so for junior Murray becomes his first high high high level energy experience and what is picking up from him is let's be dominant about being in the place so that's what junior is taking the invitation so I have to remind you that you don't copy that kind of behavior so we're gonna ask Colleen to which is all the best which will we'll accomplish but at this time her presence will not benefit him because he's getting too excited so Colleen I'm gonna thank you for bringing him and I gotta get to work okay right now as you saw all that stuff that he's doing he's already creating competition you know junior which is my adolescent dog he's already turned to imitate him so I gotta get to work so he can start his rehab today if anything we can do for you okay all right after Colleen left my first goal was to make sure Murray learns what is his purpose I mean he is already at a level 10 of confidence I feel good what are we doing so you have to let him know right away this is what you're gonna do here we're going to find activities that will help you calm down that's what we're gonna do here this is the part where they tell you what works for them I don't know what's gonna work for him I just knew that I needed to find something today they can actually trigger relaxation so I'm gonna find areas where I'm gonna put him in it in an air in a top area in a high area for him to practice total relaxation so that that way we're gonna say ok from 1 to 2 p.m. you're gonna practice relaxation by the use of platform or tables what his mind changing as soon as he goes in the ground so as soon as he touched the ground he became obsessive so we're already showing him what is it that you're gonna do at the dog psychology center oh yeah somebody was gonna like him somebody's good let's see how far this go he since things are taking over Virginia it's again that will become a fight look who's not listening today a dog like Murray to the pack that I have right now he's gonna be an amazing teacher that's what he's bringing I am this excited but that's not what I want to be I am confident and that's what you want to be so it's a very give give situation because my pack is going to teach him to be calm and he's going to teach my pack to be confident so you go back to his junior self head low all that is great very good see now he knows not to go and smell him and try to mount them he got the lesson all right man you going home I can't leave you here first-timers never stay at the center they always go home and that's when I get the worst time with my wife another dog I need to know more about him the way you know a dog is by living with a dog walking with a dog waking up with a dog you know taking a dog to use the bathroom feeding the dog 24-hour seven they said we you guys become one Cesar employs an unusual strategy for Murray's rehab next on dog whisperer stay tuned for more high-energy adventures here on the National Geographic Channel seizure brings Murray to the dog psychology center where his high level of energy and self-confidence wreak havoc on Caesar stable pack especially junior it's clear to Caesar that Murray has the energy of a marathon runner in the vast expanse of the dog psychology center he thrives the question remains can Murray learn limitations and still find his rightful place in the world so right now we're gonna have three dogs that he has never met these three dogs have a certain seek have a certain amount of energy they can trigger a reaction that we want to see so we can work on it they get into a pack concept and they're also can fight for the ball look at that look at that approach but look how he comes and cuts the dogs in that if a dog is not under control they can trigger fight in a second so tumor is in one place is a four other is tumor is in one place it was a very little time where it was tension from both sides and then they let it go he wants to play but his game is quite dominant you could I told him I didn't create it that I just know that that's what happens you know he's he's looking for a plague and you heard the growl right here all right come on he went with me to Big Bear I dig a ball under three feet of snow and he found it in I throw the ball at the ranch and the bushes way high he found it so I knew his capability he's an amazing retriever he retreats like nobody else he calms wrap the ball very gently he doesn't guard the ball everybody there's good sergeant scales here this is the fact that he's given so much space before he comes in drink water that's that's a good time of respect Murray come on the last one to drink water that's great sign that's fantastic for four weeks no tennis ball is safe from Murray's dazzling detection skills by now Caesar knows the kind of job that will fulfill Murray's needs but first the high-energy Rhodesian Ridgeback pit mix needs specialized training and to get it he needs to pass an audition so Caesar sets one up at all states k9 detection a company that trains and then places champion sniffers Israeli work I am extremely happy about Murray's growth he is an American citizen who wants to help America and I'm hoping that that's exactly his call at all states k9 Murray will be evaluated by Harlan lamb Lambert a former police officer an expert trainer is this not a pet quality guy whatsoever yes two choices in the city to live by himself whatever it's just not a life or to be euthanized and I know that you can't help them learn how to detect what you whatever you want a cellphone dog a bomb dog a drug dog search and rescue dog cadaver dog I mean this guy he's ready to work this to me is a guy who's ready to work evaluate the dogs so you may want to watch that I don't you'll put in min to see I don't know I don't want to be I don't want to interrupt the magic you have to learn when to move forward you got to learn when to step back so you have to be a good leader and you also have to be a good follower today mr. lamb is the faculty and he knows what to do with him [Laughter] the drive he has make me all bubbly inside I will be able to sleep yes sir now that you are saying yes I can go to see Murray in to see mr. Lam it reminded me when I used to train dogs you know when I used to do things like this where the level of excitement is very important you know when your reward the dog you get excited can accomplish anything that he's taught to do I think they were a total loss if we would have given a chance another chance in life total loss thank you so much thank you thank you thank you for keeping your doors open for us hey he deserves it they click they became friends and it was time for me to walk away this is how I say goodbye I left you with a great handler buddy for the next two weeks I'm gonna bond with this dog get him to think like I think to use this knows better than what he's doing and give him a job within eight weeks this dog will be trained completely trained honestly he'd be so bored as a pet he's just not that kind of dog he really needs a job it makes me feel better I now know that it's not that I was lacking in my training of Murray but it was just really finding the right place for him the right outfit for Murray never give up on a dog that's the lesson of Snickers and Murray and the dedicated people who love them Donna's willingness to change her approach to sneakers has made all the difference Hey we just wanted to say thank you so much she's just doing wonderfully I pet him and he goes right into submission with his food and it's really made our life a lot more easy Cesar thank you so much we really appreciate it you gave us her doctor congratulations Donna and congratulations to you mr. Lampe for unlocking Murray's true potential Murray came to us as a rescue for the next temporariness nose to detect anything that he's trained to do Murray has improved 1,000% he has now trained on detect the odor of cellphone hidden in a car as well as in our scenario rooms at our facility once he's trained will be donated to the form of Correction to find cellphone in that department dogs have simple needs when you help your dog fulfill those needs you give your dog and yourself a wonderful gift

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  1. She may have pampered and spoiled Snickers to the point that he became the alpha. He was keeping her in line. When there is no discipline from the owner the dog will become more aggressive.

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    If you can’t do that, give up on owning a dog. Get selfish cats, bloody fuckers don’t care ?‍♀️ about you.

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  12. Some dogs are territorial. my dog is small but when it comes to strangers she is very ferocious ??

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