Dog Was Left Frozen And Not Taken Care Of | Animal in Crisis EP15

There is a dog on the 4th floor so I had a look but it’s in a bad state The dog is on the 4th floor There is a dog on the 4th floor?? The door is firmly locked Then!! A dog’s cry is resonating You can only see the dog by going up here and looking at the opposite side If you look from here, the dog is neglected over there Checking the rooftop on the other side.. A white dog is found tied up on a leash! When I saw the dog, he was in a severe state He couldn’t get up properly because the sacrum sunk.. I feel so sad The dog was first found 10 days ago.. He eats food that he was provided with and restores his energy But he’s still skinny Looking at the excrement that built up, I think he was neglected a long time ago PD: Does the dog have no owner? I don’t know. They used to live here but it seems like they don’t come home often It was back on the 21st so it’s been over half a month Did the owner leave.. But it’s been long since the electricity cut off.. All doors of the building are closed Does anyone know about the white dog, Baekgu? PD: Does no one live here? I think someone moved in last year but it was quiet and no one came and went We don’t communicate so I’m not aware There is no light and no one lives there PD: Really? Yes, the rooms are unusable. It’s been over a month since I saw someone People haven’t seen people come and go from the building for a month… We decided to put up some observation cameras and keep an eye out on the situation Stay still. I’ll give you food later Imagine someone starving for a week. It’s the same for dogs.. Luckily, the restaurant lady has been feeding the dog for the past 5 days.. He’s up after eating. He was just sitting because he couldn’t get up PD: He’s eating fast He can’t relieve hunger with this but he can’t drink water Baekgu couldn’t drink water for over half a month.. He can’t move a lot because he’s tied up The next day Assistant director: Huh? He’s let loose! PD: He’s let loose?
Assistant director: Yes! What happened?! We check to see if someone visited overnight… But there was no one. We decide to have a closer look at Baekgu But from close.. The dog wasn’t let loose but the leash was cut He hovers around as if he’s looking for food Then stops at one place and starts to bark Another dog..? Not far away from Baekgu.. Another dog has passed away.. It’s difficult to find traces of people Baekgu is protecting Hwanggu’s cold body Finding the owner of the motel Writer: Ma’am, did you live in XX Inn? Motel owner: Yes Writer: Are you not living there now? Motel: I am, why? Writer: There is a dog at the rooftop. Is it your dog? Motel owner: Yes Writer: The dog is neglected Motel owner: He’s not neglected, why are you lying? I’m feeding him, who informed you with false information? Writer: So are you feeding the dog? Motel owner: Of course Writer: It seems like excrement isn’t being cleaned up Motel owner: Why does that matter to you? I just have to raise the dog well and not abuse him Don’t talk nonsense. Hang up. The motel was closed throughout the whole filming session.. No one came to see the dog.. It’s urgent to check the dog’s state Then! PD: Hello Motel owner: Yes PD: Are you the owner? Motel owner: Who informed you? The dog over there is doing fine and growing up well PD: We fed him Motel owner: How did you give it food, you can’t open the door PD: We gave the food by throwing it. Motel owner: Don’t lie PD: When did you feed the dog? Motel owner: My son fed the dog PD: When? Motel owner: My son fed the dog every day PD: How is he fed when there are no traces? Motel owner: Why wasn’t he fed yesterday? PD: Right now… Motel owner: Stop joking, how can you throw the food to the dog. Don’t lie PD: The dog- Motel owner: Let it go PD: Didn’t you come here after receiving our call? Motel owner: That’s funny, I didn’t receive your call. I was on my way home but you came PD: But there’s no electricity over there and no person is there too. Motel owner: Why is there no one? Why can’t nobody live there? PD: We kept visiting the place Motel owner: Why? Can’t people live well? You can light up a candle PD: No one was in the building Motel owner: Why is there no one! Stop saying nonsense and leave! You’re making me curse PD: Will you keep taking care of that dog? Motel owner: Of course, the dog’s life is more precious than mine A dog more precious than her life…? Borough office employee: Not feeding the dog for a long time on purpose.. this has to be discussed with the dog owner but it can be targeted with accusation We can’t enter the building despite the arrival of police There’s no way a dog of that size can freeze to death.. unless it isn’t fed The motel owner appears again Borough office employee: He could’ve died from hunger Motel owner: My son feeds him every day and took care of him all day Even if we starve, the dog won’t. Borough office employee: Our employee said “I’ll bring them here or come here” We decided to go over to the house Motel owner: My son lived in a motel and stays here when it’s cold I freed the dog but I think he died from the cold after walking around. I heard about it on the 28th Let’s listen to the son PD: When did Hwanggu die? Son: It was cold on the day of Christmas so I let him free so he can come inside The next day, I went to feed him but he was gone. I thought he escaped but he had died But… Hwanggu died with the leash on.. Police: When was the last time you gave food (to the dog)? Son: I gave food yesterday PD: Yesterday? What time Son: I gave the dog food when I woke up during the day Police: What time? Approximately when Son: 1-2pm PD: 1-2pm? Son: Yes But No one came to the rooftop at the said time by the son.. PD: We wanted to check on the dog’s state and see what actions should take place because it’s different up close and far away The son refuses the crew’s request Police: If you just let us check Motel owner: We won’t~ We can’t enter the building unless the owner opens the door… At that time It’s the motel owner! Borough office employee: She’s bringing the dog PD: Huh? She brought the dog? We found the motel owner who is escaping in a rush Police: You have to show proof Motel owner: Why are you going nuts over false information She tries to drag Baekgu thoughtlessly We check the state of Baekgu quickly Borough office employee: How’s the dog? Vet: He’s skinny Motel owner: How is he skinny? Vet: People decide whether the dog is skinny or not by the looking at the body The dog is not normal weight but very skinny~ We have to check the dog that passed away. Motel owner: Go and do it~ Then! She calls someone Motel owner: Hey, I’ll pass the phone. They’re telling me I’m abusing a dog and starved it to death. Take the phone sir, it’s the owner of the dog!! Police: Hello? This is the police. Owner: I have a Jindo dog but I have to travel back and forth to America so she told me to give me the dog and also said it’s sad to have one dog so I brought another male dog to her from my sibling’s house We called yesterday evening. I told her to give warm water since it’s cold~~ She told me that they’re doing well and the two dogs can’t live without each other~ The police inform the situation to the owner and hang up The motel owner tries to escape the place and drag Baekgu! Borough office worker: Let’s take action for compulsory protection and take him to the animal hospital Baekgu was asked to be protected Motel owner: I will report you to the presidential house. You think I won’t? That night The owner arrives from a long distance PD: Did she say Deokgu was alive till yesterday? Owner: Huh? PD: Did she say he was alive till yesterday? Owner: She said he was there yesterday and I kept asking for photos but she never sent me them. I have to go and see PD: Of course, you have to see the dog Police: Please tell her to come and check with the presence of police Owner: Hello? I’m here. Come here quick. I have to see Deokgu The motel owner comes Owner: Let’s go!! Motel owner: It wasn’t me Owner: Stop lying!! Owner: Where!! Is my Deokgu!! Owner: Oh dear!!!!! Our Deokgu!! Lord… our Deokgu.. what is this!!! Deokgu!!! Police: He’s stuck to the ground.. Owner: What do we do!!! Deokgu passed away in a skinny state.. Vet: If you take a look from the pelvis, spine to ribs, only bones remain. The stomach is very slim and it shows that he was not fed properly Owner: Look Motel owner: I didn’t starve him to death, he died before that Owner: Stay still But.. PD: It hasn’t been long since he was given food It wasn’t there in the morning PD: Since when was the dog food here? Motel owner: I only gave food to Baekgu after Deokgu died. PD: We never saw dog food Motel owner: After Deokgu passed away on the 27th, I only gave food to Baekgu The place the plate was placed Was never there before She said she couldn’t live without the dogs but she did this and let him die.. The updates given by the motel owner were all lies She tries to hug her dog belatedly but the cold body isn’t responding Korean Animal Welfare Association: Since he was neglected for a long time and it kept snowing and melting into water He ended up getting stuck on the ground We can only check on the violation of animal protection by knowing the cause of death.. We remove him carefully so the body isn’t damaged Vet: To me more accurate, we will do an autopsy to see if there is food in the stomach or intestines, determine the amount of fat. Then, we have to be clear on whether he passed away due to lack of eating Owner: What is this state, Deokgu. Thank you for removing him well (from the ground) Owner: What did I say! Why did you do this to me.. I asked you for an update yesterday night! Motel owner: I didn’t do that Owner: I told you to give him warm water yesterday night! Motel owner: I did! Owner: You did? Then why did he die! Motel owner: I told you he died on the 27th Owner: Yesterday night you didn’t even say he died on the 27th! I told you to give warm water.. Motel: I felt bad so I didn’t tell you Owner: How come!! I don’t want to hear more about Baekgu from you so just take him if you want!! Police: Let’s do it that way!!
Owner: You son told me the same thing Police: Do it that way Deokgu that died on the cold rooftop without his eyes closed.. was able to escape the rooftop this way Korean Animal Welfare CEO: If it’s obvious that an animal is being left to die the animal has to be rescued quickly to be taken care of.. But it’s difficult to rescue them due to current laws. If it was a person… and in the same situation, anyone can break in and rescue them. We need a systematic complement for rescuing animals the same way was humans Even if there are dogs that die in front of you, and dogs that die from hunger they can’t be helped This is the reality of South Korea where police and local officers don’t have the right and can only watch from far away.. Owner: Goodbye Deokgu, rest well.. The owner agreed on doing an autopsy on Deokgu On a snowy day Owner: I like snowy days!! It looks like Baekgu PD: 1, 2, 3 Owner: It’s a miracle that he is alive. Deokgu died a horrible death but it’s a relief that Baekgu is alive.

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  1. То чувство, когда в школе учила немецкий язык, а на корейском разговариваешь только во сне… ? Почему то не добавлены субтитры на русском языке… ? Плохо

  2. Note to everyone who are angry: I get frustrated when I look at these vids, but then again I know they are going to hell soooo ?

  3. I want to kill the motel owner , and do a lot a lot a lot EXTREMELY violent things with the dead body of this motel owner
    Edit:this son too

  4. You know what, THAT STUPID EVIL MOTEL OWNER NEEDS TO GO TO JAIL! She is freakin lying a bout that she takes care of the dog well ?

    I felt bad for the woman who lost her other beloved dog.. R.i.p..


  6. Although I'm a Muslim,still poor dog.

  7. That owner needs to be punched to her face for her to go back to reality. She's killing her dog and one of the dogs just passed away so how will she explain that she cared for her dogs? smh

  8. Boyyyyy if I were the policeman that was kicked by this woman, I would RNC that bitch for 5mins. That dog's life is more important than that old bastard.

  9. If my dog died cuz of her I would of done more than scream I would gone of on one she deserves to be in prison for neglect but I would never leave my dog in hands with anyone

  10. That poor dog done nothing and died in a horrible way and honestly if a dog died I hate it when it us from neglect like honestly someone would of had to be cold hearted not even tell the owner and not move the body or do anything about the other dog like the women is heartless what if it was a human would It be different just cuz they are doesn't mean a dog deserves that i wanted to cry

  11. No se que dice la señora pero se ve que le paro los carros a la weona que dejo al perrito congelarse, yo le hubiera sacado la chucha a la tonta qla?????

  12. For emergency protection and survival purposes, police and civilians should have the right to break into private property to save or deal with the emergency without the owner’s permission.

  13. No se ingles pero le entendí los máximo que pude pobre perrito murio congelado ambriento y solo T.T que bueno que rescataron al otro perrito.

  14. if I'm the PD on the scene…
    im gonna beat the crap out of her and her son that i don't care about jail anymore

    The Dog did nothing to deserve this…

  15. อีเดรัจฉาน กุอยาดจะเอาไม้หน้าสามไปฟาดหน้ามึงจริงๆ อีห่านรก อีเปรต กุขอสาบแช่งให้มึงต้อนทนทุกข์ทรมานยิ่งกว่านี้สิบเท่าพันเท่า อีเหี้ย !! เสนียด!! มึงไม่ควรเกิดมา อีมารโลก อีสัส ขอให้เป็นตราบาปมึงตลอดชีวิต อีดอก!!!!! : (

  16. How can someone being so careless like that cruel old lady the hotel owner..? If u can't take care the dogs, why u willing to help then? And if someone not reported this.. Then the other dog will die too. ? I really want to yelling right in front of her face a d slap her for the attitude and her filthy mouth filled with lies..

  17. I hope the owner starves like she did to these animals. I don’t know why the police didn’t arrest her for animal abuse.


  19. Hermoso programa, pero no entiendo su lenguaje. Pero muy triste a la vez, el maltrato animal, donde quiera existe gente inhumana.

  20. if you can't take care of the dog, JUST SAY SO?? the owner would've asked her relatives or smth. she asked you because she trusted you!

  21. I reckon police and people should be able to kick the door open of someone's place or busses if a animal is being hurt or neglected

  22. The cops should have taken the dog to the vet immediately. Maybe it would have died anyway, but at least make the effort. This is so sad.

  23. I was so angry. Why the owner and her son can do that with a poor dog. If u can not take care them, let the other people do that.

  24. anjing sih, mbok nganti ono le nabarak kochengku njud nyolot tak tapuk cangkeme. the motel owner and her son deserve punishment thats staright fact, but i think the real owner was also guilty because if you really really really couldnt live without your pets, you'll come over to see them yourself when someone you trust couldnt sends pictures of your pets.

  25. Honestly, I feel like the worst parts of this is the dead brown dog lying on a cold, frozen ground with extreme starvation, and the fact that the stupid motel owner was pulling on baekgo's chains when she tried to escape. I really hope that the motel owner changes her ways. Or, is lying desolate on a cold, hard floor in prison rotting away.

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