Hey Oh make sure you guys get your tickets to come meet us at dobre and also don't forget to get your merch at hey we are here and we are back with another exciting video if you don't know already this is Romeo I'm Darius I'm Cyrus I'm Marcus and I'm Lucas and today we're gonna be in Romeo's world but we have a little mixture here we have human foods and dog foods it's kind of hard to tell which one is where human treats and dogs I'm not sure which ones which we don't know we're gonna give it a try I'm not gonna lie this bacon looks really good but I don't know if it's for dogs or for humans so we have a bunch of pretzels ice cream cookie cones cupcake and his mouth is watering yeah really yeah but so are we because I actually haven't even even eaten breakfast yet so this is gonna be my first meal of the day I feel like he can't even tell if it's dog tree or human tree all right well should we just get into it like who goes first I don't know I think we should go from right to left so do I just pick a troll oh I think he picked a tree you know what I'll just go first okay it's like I'm pretty hungry I'm not gonna lie is that cool with you yeah this ice cream cone looks really good right there try that on so maybe we should all do it at the same time right this one yeah all right guys here it goes I hope this is human I mean looks like it as I see one I should don't know you don't know let me try thanks good I can swallow this no Roma come sit that is 100% a dog really yeah I might be half dog down cuz that tastes a normal to me I mean look at this bacon like oh oh what youíve bro you guys I don't feel well notion is all of that right I don't know don't try this at home but I'm not gonna like Oh guys I may need a break from this I love you guys but really kept of this some people can handle it some people can what's gonna go next yeah I know that babies before so I'm pretty sure this human food unless they made it for dog food like I'm not sure so let me try it I think I've seen you went at the pet store that looked just like that but I've also eaten one like that how was the cookie it was good it's definitely human food really I want a try when it looks really good I found like a key lime pie I'm cookie yeah okay I don't know why stars ate this one I literally saw Romeo steal one off the table it's clearly a begging strip yeah he's healthy he's an athlete yeah well we got plenty more cookies and cupcakes yep a treats to go to so um this one like how do you know that looks like it has got some berry berry on it yeah alright so let's go ahead and move on to another one dad you want to try one of these cookies yum yum yum well I don't think notice I just do it for fun some of these are dogs now they're all human food all right except for this one this is not the dark wood Romy okay we'll step away okay all right so let me see what's on that one so greenish it's a cookie yeah okay oh I want a hard one that's for love honey you guys have to both take one bite so hard is it good the frosting is pretty good but it's kind of hard then he's not sweet enough dad you want to try one I'm gonna try one take a minute out of the water yeah I want to get it give me the other side honey I'm not gonna break my teeth don't eat the hard stuff you need your teeth forever because if you break your teeth then you're not gonna be able to eat later on when you're older I took care of my teeth and I can eat anything but I'm gonna keep it healthy and strong chocolate making chocolate making oh you said it's not so you what was that that's a doc there you see what happened if you hear dr. Romeo what do you think about that he's gonna start barking suni wait let me watch I'll go let's see if he likes it mom give it to him yeah good dog treats yeah you said it tasted like it had no sugar in it right it's really good really hard I think you might you need that really it's good right it tastes good watch your teeth watch your teeth ah ha ha ha yeah I want to go next alright pick one Lucas pick this one that looks like a waffle yeah well what do you think what do you think um food I don't know it tastes like the graham cracker what do you think yeah I think yeah it's AB to effect really yeah I trust your judgment on that I'm gonna go ahead and pass this off yeah it actually tasted really good but I had to give it to wrong yeah he's good I've I have no problem eating this she's still eating the dog yeah mom eating the dog treats mmm well because I'm a dog all right let's continue with the challenge Romeo what you doing you should let pick one yeah he's gonna keep keeps on eating the bacon strips yeah he likes to have bacon strips with a lot alright I think I'm up is it much better pick one yeah so we got this one this one this one they don't want to go with this one this one has it looks like it has icing in the middle event looks like a good cookie bro tastes good wrong I mean obviously the eye sees I see no really I can't tell wait wait wait um dogs can't eat chocolate right Oh bro this is definitely you so that's definitely human yeah oh yeah Loic skin yeah yeah here try this is definitely human it's pretty good what's that how about those guess what at it I have a you trifold ID it's very good now all right let's see dad take a bite oh yeah yeah wait so what's left this I think this one we got four of these still left on the table we got a cupcake yeah and the pretzels we haven't tried the president so we got four more items I think these no we try we try the waffle I think I'm gonna have to what just try a bro I'm gonna go ahead and get the tough quiz that's all put over there where oh god I don't even poop I think that's like straight dog food I cupcake going down the hatch all right bro good luck look that's definitely human yeah right mmm that's good like a hundred percent cupcake Lucas is a because he wanted a cupcake you mean he's gonna eat it I think you eat anything yeah wow you actually didn't like it no no today Wow no no he definitely doesn't like it well let's see what happens when you give him this yeah let's see what happens yeah that's 110 dog treat oh yeah so cupcake down Marquess you want to pick another one I think I know that's why you always eaten it yet right yeah you could tell by the smell that it's a dog treat or human food smell oh yeah this one is dog food yeah I take a bite well I hate to confirm it yeah it's too hard that's how you know I'll take a bite take a bite boom bro good bite down the hatch and that knee broke my teeth no wait I want to try one of the things on top yeah no you can use that strong No so we tasted little things on top look like cranberry or raisins yeah something red yeah I think that's human food mmm no that's not human it's hard for you yeah what is it a raisin and it's like like creamy all right I think we have one or two left yeah I think it's dumb things the bread the toast great touching it I think we should all take a bite Yeah right hopefully this is peanut butter what do you guys think it is I think it's like a cinnamon cinnamon peanut butter cookie you didn't say ants after you died re two one go what you guys think huh all right three two one human dog hey this is so stale doesn't mean dog you said human I'm not against human yeah not good right I didn't get some human food after dishonesty yeah I guess he likes dog food too oh my goodness so I guess this is goat food too yeah he's destroying let's see which one is his favorite yeah right that's a strange looking back no I ended up eating the goat cheese oh the crazy boy all right before the whole house gets damaged if you guys enjoyed this video make sure you give it a thumbs up we post every Friday and Saturday oh you guys so much thanks for watching and also don't forget to get your tickets to come meet us at Dover in toward calm and go ahead peace

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  1. When you said dogs can’t eat chocolate with the icing dogs can have those my dog eats those those are dog treats

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