so I'm taking care of my friends dog she is her name's like I like she is so bored constantly he's always complaining about something in that right you know whiner no he's whining he's so cute so it's okay you stink though yeah I think I'm going to take her for a walk okay come on come on let's go you don't like squirrels and [Applause]

31 thoughts on “DOG VLOG

  1. Denis in honor to the new Godzilla movie play project Kaiju it’s really cool and I suggest the legendary Godzilla he’s pretty cool if that don’t work try kaiju online it’s in Roblox

  2. YOU'RE ADORABLE. BOTH OF YOU. ♥️?♥️???????♥️?♥️????????♥️?????????♥️?♥️?????

  3. laika?? i believe that was the dog sent by the soviet union to space and she or he died while in space

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