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cookies world good morning Prince it's time to get up you need to wakey-wakey oh I don't think he's ready to get up yet look at him he's like don't bother me I'm sleeping come on Prince let's go out and go potty leave Lexi's ready to go potty look at her so let him out here they are on the yard oh I think they hear something she hears something nope here he comes here he comes princes wants to know what it is – there might be something in there might be a lizard what is it you guys wait is there something in the bushes they are really sniffing something he smells something there is something definitely in there there they go good morning Goldie what are you doing are you eating your food yeah she's eating her hey all here she comes she's coming over to say hi oh hi gold so this is my pony Goldie Michael well she's like I want to go back to my breakfast well hi treat she's eating her breakfast – ooh yum-yum-yum-yum-yum oh here comes sugar she wants to come over hi come here baby so this is my horse sugar she's like I'm gonna go get some breakfast now you won't reach to eat that's her favorite thing in the world is to eat so of course she loves breakfast time hey Farah did you get some breakfast too looks like she ate her food really fast look at the wind and how they're making those shadows on sugar okay look at how weird this bug lesson I found outside look at it it kind of looks like it's got like little moose antlers on its head it's kinda says he's really weird kind of like these weird antennae that it's got look at that stripey shell that it has – that is a really cool looking beetle look there goes whoa oh it's gonna fly prepare to fly oh oh oh is he okay I think he really wants to fly away oh here we go oh I hope it's okay he's trying to get on one tiny little grass sand in order to fly up into the sky oh here we go oh there we go it's gonna try to fly again well look at the fur on its back come on little beetle you can do it whoa maybe he's just a little bit tired think he's just a little bit too low on the grass in order to fly he may have to get up a little bit higher it's absolutely huge you guys it's big and green look at its body you can see it just wiggling and making its way through the grass I can't believe that this is gonna turn into a moth or a butterfly one day look at its face it's tiny little arms its squiggly body oh here it goes just kind of making its way through the grass I wouldn't have seen it because of its green color but because it's so big I noticed it right away I laid out a few shopkins so you guys could see kind of for a size reference just how big this caterpillar is so here he is it next to lars lederhosen I mean this is a giant caterpillar next to of shopkins look at how big he is well there goes going through the shopkins look at how his little arms reach out for each little blade of grass as he makes his way through it beep beep crawling over a leaf okay look at how silly yet so I was editing videos and this little spider crept on the screen and he's following the mouse cursor I think he thinks it's like a bug but he wants to kind of jump in lunch after come on come get it so this is a real this is a real spider on my screen trying to get the mouse cursor it's so silly come on come on look how fast it lunges at it watch he's following it oh come on this is how you train a spider it's coming come on it's following it Circle Circle Circle Circle Circle come on oh there we go there we go it's starting to follow it's starting to follow Oh got it guys look at I saw that there were two birds hanging outside of the window look at how close they are good morning pearl how are you so this is my cat pearl he is super duper sleepy this cat he loves to lounge more than any other cat that I've ever known ever he is so sleepy all the time oh you guys look it just started like raining like crazy all the sudden outside look at pearl he's looking out the window enjoying the rain so pearl now is hanging out on a pillow Oh what is he clawing at he's like trying to bathe and claw at the same time whoa what is it pearl oh oh oh he just wants to get comfortable he's playing at the ice cream cone tag ah now the Sun is back out and he can go back to relaxing and sleeping yeah hi pearl he's just trying to relax and stretch on out I mean you guys look at how comfortable he is that is one comfortable kitty Oh looks like my dog Lexi decided to join him okay now this adorable guinea pig is not my pet I wish he was but look at how cute he is I just had to show him because he's so adorable I love him and I want a guinea pig now hi look at how cute you are oh you guys look at the moon this is the coolest looking moon ever absolutely gorgeous look at how orange the moon is I did not adjust the colors this is really how the moon was it is absolutely gorgeous and it was really big and bright in the sky too I mean look at it wow so pretty whoop all right cookie fans I hope you guys enjoyed this video hanging out with all of my pets and some cool animals that came to visit me have the best day ever if you have a pet give it a hug for me and I will see you cookie fans in my next video bye cookies alright cookie fans who remembers what animal did we see first in the very beginning of this video was it a cat a horse a pony or a dog bye cookie fans

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