Dog Trapped In A Sewer System | Animal in Crisis EP10

It’s been a week… Since a cry is heard from the draining hole I heard horrifying sounds. It was whining.. Who is in the dark..? In the middle of the city I heard whining sounds from here. PD: Inside here? Yes. Only trash and leaves can be seen.. If I give a bag of hardtack after work, it is gone next day in the morning It does eat food that is west so you have to place them well inside Place the hardtack inside the drain And install a camera for observation. After a while A strange sound is heard inside the drainage Something is moving?! There is a dog inside the waterway! Seems like he wants to come outside.. So he cries as he looks at the ceiling.. Travels back and forth both sides of the waterway And finally eats the hardtack. How much did he starve.. to the point the ribs are showing.. He is shocked by the presence of someone and hides back inside There are a few dogs that wonder around here with collars on. I think it’s one of those dogs. How did he end up in here? We examine the inside of the waterway.. Crew: I can’t see anything PD: Is it narrow? Crew: Yes Where is he hiding.. We have to figure out the length of the drainpipe. Expert: There is an inlet for the water coming from above. The outlet here is connected to Inje-eup so it’s tens of kilometers.. So it’s longer than tens of kilometers. The sewer the dog is hiding in… Is a long and complicated path of over 10km from the inlet to the outlet We decided to watch the dog further.. We hear sounds from the sewer on the right! Found the location! We decided to chase after the dog with special equipment. Expert: It went all the way to the end. PD: It went all the way? Expert: Yes. Expert: Teacher, are there any traces? Expert: I can’t see any traces right now. If so, how is the opposite side of the sewer? Expert: This is the end. There is a big hole..? Expert: There is a meter gap between the inlet and the outlet So it will be difficult for the dog to jump to it The dog can come from above but cannot climb up! We look around the pipes connected to the area the dog is stuck… Crew: Senior! There are dog footprints here! Dog footprints! There are clear dog footprints However there is no hole to enter. We look around a different place Crew: Senior! There is a hole here! A hole that leads to the sewer! There are clear footprints here too He might’ve entered here.. And got stuck because it couldn’t climb back up.. The only thing he could do was to cry to show his presence How lonely and scared must’ve he been We prepare food, clean water and move out of the way… The dog comes out quickly and eats up.. And starts to cry again A leash..? Did someone lose their dog? PD: Have you heard of anyone who has lost their dog? Yes, I haven’t heard about anyone who has lost a big dog.. PD: Hello. We’re from the broadcast station SBS. Have you seen this dog before? I haven’t seen such dog. PD: We’re looking for its owner. Have you seen such dog? No. Ask this person. Is this the dog that was lost a few days ago?? PD: Where? Go up there and there is a road going to the side. It’s the house below the house at the end… PD: Sir, did you lose a dog? Yes PD: How does it look like? It’s a yellow dog. This big? PD: When did you lose the dog? He left on the 3rd of January. The leash was loosened that day and he left. The Jindo dog ‘Gom’ that was raised for 4 years had left home 20 days ago because of a loosened collar The man shows the dog he lost PD: The foot is white.. The front foot was white. Yes, that’s right. It is! PD: Is it your dog? Heading to the place right away Gom! Gom! The man calls out Gom’s name… Gom! Then! But he got shocked and goes to the other side! The man shouts his name again! The moment their eyes meet Gom cries in sorrow This baby. You’re alive, Gom! Alright, okay… Gom cries because of the dramatic reunion in 20 days Gom! We’ll rescue you! The man goes down to see Gom Oh dear~ how did you survive! Gom goes into his embrace like a child I’m so happy. He is happy to see his owner And it’s great to see him come up calmly. When he was young, his mother was bitten by a big dog and died.. I fed him milk to take care of him. I fed him milk during the winter so I’m very attached to him… I was upset when he was gone… When I take him to the mountains, he hunts raccoons. PD: Did it leave to hunt for raccoons? Yes, seems like he was chasing something and ended up like this. Gosh…If he wasn’t noticed, he would’ve died… He’s slowly relaxing Health check Vet: He lost weight and showed 3% of dehydration But his heart rate, breathing rate, temperature are all normal. Heading home happily! The man hurriedly prepares healthy food for Gom Gom! Eat up! How does it feel to see me? Aren’t you hungry? Gom~ don’t leave the house again. Okay? He must’ve been very hungry since he was stuck there haha.. I have to take him on walks frequently and take him to the mountains. I’m worried he might leave the house again Gom. Don’t leave the house. I’ll take you out often.

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  1. ปลอดภัยเเล้วนะ Gom อย่าดื้อเเอบหนีเที่ยวอีกล่ะ เดี๋ยวตกลงไปในท่ออีก
    ♥️#Gom เเสนซน

  2. Maybe he suvive because he know that someone will help him and find his owner… and without people with a great heart he would never find his owner

  3. Why do I sense that he is not actually happy going back home? He may just want to got out from that sewer but I can feel that he doesn't want to come back home again and why do I have this feeling, seeing that dog's reaction of reunion that he is not happy with his owner now that they're reunited? Most of the time, when I see a dog that reunites with their owner, they're so jolly, cuddly and bubbly that they don't stop jumping to them and kiss them because they really miss them. This dog is different. As you can see, he doesn't want to eat. He doesn't look so happy. Is it just me being judgmental or am I right that the dog is not happy at home that's why he ran away? ?

  4. سبحااااااان الله … يصرخ مثل الطفل اللي لاقه أمه من بعد غياااااااااااب

  5. I love this channel I wish more people could be like you including me I love animals and I hope you can start an entire team dedicated to helping poor animals in danger.

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