Dog Training & Ownership : How to Care for a Dog in Heat

hello my name is zephyr clarke-dolberg from miami dog training in this clip we're going to talk about how to care for a dog in heat female of some give off a strong scent to the male dogs while they're in heat so if you're not going to fix your dog which does increase their lifespan you do want to remember some important things when your dog is in heat one to close the windows and try not to let that scent hit the males in the neighborhood otherwise they're gonna be lining up outside your door you know make sure your fences are secure and make sure you have an eye on your dog at all times sometimes male dogs will even you know dig into under your fence or through your fence to get to your female sometimes your females desire to roam and mate can be just as strong so what you want to try to do is make sure all your borders are secure and keep your windows and doors shut to not let that scent get out this is zephyr clarke-dolberg and this has been how to care for a dog in heat

19 thoughts on “Dog Training & Ownership : How to Care for a Dog in Heat

  1. What increases their lifespan sorry? spaying or not spaying? you weren't very clear. I keep being told spaying increases it but then I'm being told not spaying does.. :/

  2. If you spay a GSD, it should not be until they are fully mature, those hormones are important to bone growth.  The spay and neuter propaganda is from the SPCA, while I understand rescues requiring spay and neuter to prevent breeding, the lifespan is longer with everything intact.  

  3. I actually want to mate my German Shepherd but she is horribly aggressive towards other dogs. When she meet the stud she went postal is their anything I can do to stop this and also she keeps peeing in the house I have done all I can I dont want to get rid of her but my house is being destroy please help if you can and great video

  4. i don't plan on fixing my female chiwawa mix because i plan to breed her with this gorgeous white male teacup chiwawa pure bred ^.^ but i have a question though? after my dog is done with being in heat how long untill next time because that's when i plan to breed her.

  5. Ugh, I don't look forward to my puppy's first heat. She's getting fixed after she turns a year old.

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