Dog Training Collars & Harnesses : Fitting an Easy Walk Dog Harness

We’re going to show you how to fit the Easy
Walk Harness. What the Easy Walk Harness is designed for, for dogs that have a tendency
to pull. It works great on the bigger breeds, and it helps just to control them, and how
you would fit this on her, is it hooks. It’s got two hooks on the top and the bottom, and
what you want to do is hook it, and place it on them. They size both on the bottom,
and on the top, and on the chest. Your hook always goes in the front. You want to hook
it underneath. This one is a little snug on her, but we can loosen it up. What you want
to do, is loosen it from the top. You want it to fit, where it’s over the muscle, not
too tight, not too loose. You want to be able to put two fingers under it. I’m going to
loosen that up a little bit more. I don’t want it to be too snug, especially when she
sits down. Once we loosen it up in the front, you can see that it sits over the muscle here,
and it’s not too tight. With having the collar on, what that does, is if you hook the two
together with the leash, you can actually get a more snugger fit, to where if you leave
it without the leash, it’s going to sag down here, and you put the collar and the leash
both on there. That’s how you would fit the collar and leash together, and give it a more
secure feel.

30 thoughts on “Dog Training Collars & Harnesses : Fitting an Easy Walk Dog Harness

  1. ok, what's the point of the harness if you are going to use both the collar and harness?

    That's not accurate, the point of the harness is to have less danger of your dog getting chocked and less injury due to pulling against the collar.


  2. The point of it is to keep the harness from falling down. It puts very little pressure on the collar if at all. If you're worried about that loosen the color some.

    The harness is good for two things. One: it doesn't damage the trachea. Two: to keep your dog from pulling you.

  3. If the front piece falls down you're dog may (depends on your dog) be able to get out of the harness. Also if it falls down, it is no longer effective against the pulling. In which case you may as well get a regular harness.


  4. Iam pregnant and have a hurting back right now, so I gonna buy one for the youngest dog who can pull sometimes when he´s gonna pee and will pull over to the other side…

  5. my dog snuck out of this one, but i think it was my fault because it was alittle too big. it worked really well when we walked though, i could drop the leash and she would walk right next to me. when she was rolling in the grass she slipped out though haha

  6. how does it keep the dog from pulling?

    think of it this way. a horse wears a harness to pull a cart comfortably. we put a harness on a dog and it allows them to pull us comfortably

  7. @pokeadictt I think it's a ridgeback something. It has hair on the back in the middle going to opposite direction. I think it's a hunting dog. They could keep up with a horseback rider for 30miles or so.

  8. I got one from the place I took obedience classes with my dog. Love it so does my dog which is a 3 year old Boxer/AmStaff. The harness keeps her from pulling. Going to use the collar and harness lops and try that. Thanks for the tip.

  9. @TheMightyBastard haha, i got a husky too, i depends how old he/she is, its easier to train them as a puppy but you can still train her now, what does she like to do, my husky loves to chase other dogs, so maybe bring another dog with you. and keep the other dog way in front with a longer leash, its a bit dangerous though, i tried taking my dog out with my bike and i got muffed up

  10. @fady1908 whenever he bites or nips, stand up, completely ignore him, until he sits down, and calms down. Then reward him with affection, and just put it on him, then let him do his own thing, just to get him used to it.

  11. It's too tight you dimwit. How can we tell and your slow brain cannot not? Because it is clearly digging in. I use harnesses on very large GSDs and find no need to have them that tight Clara Bell. No wonder the dog was complaining, poor thing.

  12. If you don't have the straps tightened, that back strap will slip right over the dog's head and he will step right out of that harness. This happened to my greyhound.

  13. Good clip!
    I'll tell you some good ideas, tips, and advice to help you turn your puppy into the best behaved, most happy, running, jumping, slipper-fetching best pal you always wanted

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