Dog Training Collars & Harnesses : Fitting a Halti Dog Harness

See I’m going to show you how to fit a halti.
A halti is real similar to a horse’s harness, it’s designed for dogs who pull or are a little
bit bigger. What it does is steer the head. This is not a muzzle. It doesn’t stop him
from eating, barking, biting, drinking, anything. It’s just designed to help us control our
dogs a little bit more. They work really well on the wire nose breeds. We have a fairly
in between breed here who likes to sniff the floor. Anytime that you are putting on a new
tool, what you want to do is have plenty of treats to keep it positive. What you want
to do is loop it over their nose as they are getting a treat. Stick it on their head. You
will always get a little bit if fussing and fidgeting. Stick it on, and I want to tighten
it up. There is a clasp on the back for tightening and you want it to sit at the base of the
skull fairly snug. This has got a little bit more leeway than other products. This one,
you can actually close their mouth if you pull it from the bottom. They use these in
aggression cases at times because we can actually close their mouth with this one. The way you
would hook it up to the leash is right on the bottom.

16 thoughts on “Dog Training Collars & Harnesses : Fitting a Halti Dog Harness

  1. @heathermc79 I agree but look at my method it is better and does not cost anything. Look at my redneck halti video. Rate and see if it works better for you.

  2. Hello expertvillage, where can I buy this halti dog harness that tightens on the muzzle for an aggressive dog?

  3. got this for my shepherd mix and she walks wonderful on the leash now lol but when she sees another dog she goes nuts and flales her head everywhere making her look aggressive when shes not and just really wants to meet the dog but she cant cuz the owner thinks shes crazy haha , would you have any tips on using the halti especially dogs that get excited when they see another dog??

  4. watched this video then had my dog out for a walk seems to work hope its like this in future instead of him taking me for a walk.

  5. I got my dog one of these it seems to be working, my concern is that I don't want to Walker on it full-time I want to train her not to pull and go back to normal lead and Colour, is that possible? has anybody had any success doing this?

  6. I hate how so many fucking idiots think that a head halter is abusive. It's not abuses for a horse, SO IT'S NOT ABUSIVE FOR A FUCKING DOG!

  7. continue with the reward.When the dog is completely comfortable with the head collar, it’s time to clip the straps. Reward your dog with treats or a favorite toy or game.

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