Dog Training Collars & Harnesses : Fitting a Gentle Leader Dog Harness

We’re going to show you, what’s called the
Gentle Leader.This is what they call, a head harness. It goes over the dog’s nose, and
around the back of the head, and it’s designed to help dogs who pull, and have a little bit
of tugging, on any kind of walk. As you can see, he likes to pull, and it will do us a
little bit of good, with him. When you put this on, and how you fit it, you take it over
their nose. Put a treat there, good boy. Get it over the head. Once you get it there, you
want to tighten it at the base of the skull. You need to tighten the bottom, but I’m going
to stop here, and give him another treat, so he doesn’t focus on me doing this. There’s
a clasp at the bottom, that needs to be slid up, but before you can lock it, you want to
get it to where it’s just at the tip of the nose, but not able to go over. That’s the
proper fit. Close it. Once it’s closed, go ahead and hook your leash up, to this metal
ring here, which what that does, is controls the dog’s head. Make sure that it’s snug behind
the head, fits to the end of the nose. If it can go over, you need to tighten it up
a little bit.

6 thoughts on “Dog Training Collars & Harnesses : Fitting a Gentle Leader Dog Harness

  1. SmoothChino, perhaps you should learn proper spelling and grammar before wondering about someone else's level of education. The dog does not look like it's being abused at all.

  2. I got this collar for my service dog whos an Australian shep. this collar rides under my dogs eyes. Its not suitable for his breed. I fit it properly but when in use it slides to the side and rides up and pinches my dogs eye off no matter how I attempt to adjust it. I Dont recommend it, finding it poorly designed. Can you list any draw backs such as this one for the types of head halters? Im about to spend the 50 bucks to try the NewTrix EasyWay collar to see if its any better….

  3. Angelus, I was just having the same problem and realized that it's because I wasn't pulling the hoop up through the double metal ring — if you do that, it will stay in place! Some of the videos don't actually show that step because it's already been pulled through. Felt like a complete idiot myself a few minutes ago when I realized it was my oversight!

    Going to try again tomorrow the right way, but when I pull it through now the proper way, it doesn't slide at all

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