Dog Training Collar Review – PetSafe Basic Remote Trainer ST-70 Unboxing

Hey Colin here we’re gonna do some unboxing
of the petsafe easy trainer 70 meters okay so if you have got a fairly
domestic situation I mean 70 meters is a little bit longer than the average
swimming pool and by the way if you hold these remotes up high in the air instead
of pointing them at the dog you’re gonna pretty much add another 20% to your
distance and I’m gonna embarrass the heck out of myself trying to open a box
on video so back and enjoy this part 1 ain’t you alright
I need a chain saw ok that fixed it so over here we’ve got everything that you
find in the box and then once you do get it open you’ll see that you’ve got your
instruction manual don’t worry about this bit if you need any you have any
questions you can give us a call put that down there
there’s your owner’s manual and inside this don’t get too worried it’s about
that much in English and the rest is in other languages so goes to show you that
petsafe is an international company and the products they sell are
very reliable and they have a very good track record so we don’t find we get
people ringing us up saying that the collars are malfunctioning they’ve
actually put a 3-year warranty behind this model as well which goes to show
you that if you’ve got anything electronic these days with a three year
warranty the manufacturers really trust what’s gonna go go on because if it does
go wrong they’re gonna have to replace it later on that little yellow tag says
don’t attach a lead to this to this unit so as you do it up you can take that off
and then lead the dog on this collar because what are you gonna do you’re
simply going to be pulling the dog along with the unit and pulling the probes
into the skin which could lead to increased incidence of rubbing source
which is basically not an issue provided you don’t leave the collar on the dog
too long and you do check the skin all the time and make sure there’s no
rubbing source of irritation so what have we got we’ve got the transmitter we
have a lanyard you can attach the transmitter we’ve got the receiver which
picks up the radio signal from the transmitter we have a test light with a
spanner right and also to undo the the lids and you’ve got four
3v CR2032 batteries readily available we do have good quality ones
here if you want to get them from us and you can add a spare set of batteries to
your order if you want to this is on a very good special at the moment I’m
going to put some of this aside because here’s some batteries I prepared earlier
and I’ll put the batteries in and I’ll show you what happens now the receiver
collar the easiest way to do this is pop those in you’ll see they have a side
connector the positive end is facing up and the negative end goes in first pop
that in that’s locked and loaded ready to go and you can see that’s working
instantly with the lead a little bit trickier just undo that to the to match
up the lines it’s all color-coded and then pop those batteries in and they
should stay in that lid in that cradle without falling out so they’ve made it
really easy on people like me to pop that in where the line lines up there
and then use the little spanner end that’s a screwdriver in that fits into
that slot and turn that to the off position now I’ll do that again as you
turn it on you’re gonna see a light show up there okay little couple little beeps
you’ve got the off position and then the on position and as you turn it off and
on quite simple it’ll tell you that it’s on
now that that’s on this this unit is actually tested and coded and cleared
for Australian communication media Authority so it will not pick up other
radio signals except from this transmitter so when you do push the
button this button will only talk to your collar and no other collar in the
park so it’s very safe and if someone else has a mobile phone next to this
unit it won’t pick up a signal emanated from the mobile phone or the towers and
incorrectly activate and zap the dog accidentally which can be a problem and
look I don’t know hop on it but if you put a three year warranty on something
you’ve pretty much done your homework and you make sure it’s going to work
before you send it out so these guys have obviously done that if you push
this top button here’s the dials two different tones okay you could use that
as a would turn good dog you’re doing the
right thing no problem this could be the pull your head in you’re about to get
corrected pay attention I’m about to give you a command your choice start
from the beginning whatever you start on doing continue that as you go through so
the dog gets that what’s the key to dog training consistency and persistency can
you take your old dog new tricks certainly can with the help of the
little easy trainer it’s just easy to use now on the side you’ll see you’ve
got Roman numerals I , II and III then you’ve got button
number 1, 2, 3 and 4 which means you’ve got correction level number
1, 2, 3 and 4 on the collar then when you turn it up to mode 2 (II) you’ve got correction number 5, 6, 7, 8 and then you go to
number 3 (III) and you’ve got 9, 10, 11, 12 so depending on what you
set that level to you can increase the intensity of the static pulse and you’ve
got your two buttons and your different tones let’s have a look at that visually
if I get this little test light that pets they feel kindly put in there for
us and I rest that two little wires rest that on the probes that touch the dog’s
skin if you watch the center there you will see that there is a little light
that comes on so go the low levels very low level stim go the number 2 and
you’ll see that like getting a bit brighter and number 4 it’s a little
bit brighter so you can see an intensity building up now if I quickly go bang and
take that up to Roman numeral II so we’re at the second set we’re doing
level number 5 (so it’s getting brighter than number 4) 6, 7 and 8 and then when we go to that level so this is how quick it can be you can
just go bang bang if you talked about to run across a busy road you flick it up
to number II hit the top button number 12 and that stops them from
going across if you do your training properly and follow our guide you won’t
ever get to that point very reliable little unit obviously when you get home
turn the unit off so you don’t drain the batteries this is not listening for the
radio signal it’s dormant until you push the button the receiver is always
listening for the signal so do yourself a favor and copying someone we all know
do yourself a favor and turn it off when you get home okay folks now let’s have a
look at what that feels like just remember as I’ve said in every
if you put it on yourself or your kids yes your husband no problem and then you
push the button you’re gonna feel it a lot more than the dog because you’ve got
oily skin and it’s quite thin whereas a dog has thicker skin and it’s a dry skin
they don’t sweat we do they pant to loose heat we sweat to lose heat so if I
go to number 4 I can feel that as add quite an intense well not really
intense but it’s an irritating pins and needle sensation and it’s going the same
as this light is as well just going to zip zip zip zip zip and that’s it so you
could teach the dog that that’s like pay attention if you had to go up to the
higher levels that’s getting more high can you see my hand flicking there that
unit is what that’s doing so what you’re experiencing there is a TENS machine
have you been to a physiotherapist and they put a TENS machine on your arm on
your muscle they put a probe here and a probe here
and it runs a current and it flicks the muscle that’s what this does it’s
transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulation and I was lucky enough then
to find a spot where is actually traveling down a nerve and making my
hand twitch how’s that okay so you can see that that’s all that’s doing it’s
100% harmless there is no heat generated from any of these probes
so if you then hold it up to your chin there is no heat on the probes it will
never burn a dog’s skin what you do need to do obviously is not leave it on
permanently don’t tie your dog up to this particular strap because you’ll
pull the probes into their skin and check this this the skin every now and
then to make sure there’s no irritation all right so there’s that unit it’s on a
good special at the moment click on the add to my bowl button get that delivered
we can get it out Express post we will include our own little training guide in
there so that you can see the whole thing working and then sorry read the
training on a few tips my tip is don’t show the dog this little unit and they
won’t ever know what’s going on and you’re the good guy in the equation
you’re not the person telling the dog off there’s something strange happening
they get distracted and you redirect their behavior and reward them then for
the good behavior but this is not a training video this is a demo video and
an unboxing video so give us a call our number 1300 THEDOG 1300 843 364
if you need to go up to a level that’s a little bit more
professional long-distance Bush walking down the beach much longer distance no
problem, this is the type of thing down the park just to stop your dog from
running across or going up to a strange dog so you can control the situation
it’s an ideal little unit and it’ll last you for many years 1 300 843 364 chat
to you soon Bye.

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