Dog Training Center – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Until now, nobody has come here with their dogs for training. Have patience, if you have patience then our business will flourish. Motu Patlu, congratulations, you people have done a very good job. Meet my police dog Hawaldar Bozo. Hawaldar? So they too have ranks? Yes, all our dogs have ranks. You both have to train him. Yes sir, we will train him so well, so perfect that you will promote him from Hawaldar to Inspector. Very good, but Motu, you don’t teach him to eat samosas. Haha!! Bozo sit down. Bozo shake hand, shake hand. He is aware of all this, you teach him how to catch the culprits, how to deal with it when he gets an opportunity. Yes sir!! Bozo you have to crawl through this pipe, when I say crawl, then you have to start crawling, ok? Bozo if you crawl, you will get this biscuit. No, you can’t snatch the biscuit this way, first do as I say and then I will give you a biscuit as reward. Now come on, start crawling. Oh! You did not understand, I shall show you how to crawl. Motu crawl. Ok, now come out or are you going to stay inside? I am stuck inside, push me out. Push hard. I am also stuck. Motu, you do something. My brain doesn’t work on an empty stomach, you think and do something. Idea! Come, let us go to Dr.Jhatka. Bozo, you stay here, we will be back soon. Motu, balance yourself. Motu Patlu are training you? No, I am training them. Motu, balance yourself. Whats this? Hey Motu, what is this new drama? I will tell you latter, I am in hurry now. Patlu go left, a car is coming, and now move to right, and now go straight, ok, look there is a turn in front Why are you saying look, look? I can’t see anything. Go straight, where are you going? You are going on wrong side. Hey Motu, this is a good circus, should l throw some money? It will be good if you throw some samosas, Patlu take a U-turn, let us have some samosas. I feel breathless inside and you are interested in eating samosas. Lets us go fast to Dr.Jhatka. You can go if you want to, but I will have samosa and go. Ok, I am going, if you can wait then try to wait. Hey, where are going? Wait, there is a truck coming, no you can’t go back, there is a car behind. Not right side, there is a scooter. Motu my brother, my friend, are you working in a circus? Oh my lord! How did you become so tall? And how did you get into this pipe? I will tell you in detail, it is a long story, arrange for some tea and snacks. Forget about tea and snacks, get me out of this first. Oh my lord! Patlu is also inside, what he is doing inside? Oh! He is also stuck inside, I will cut the pipe and get you out. What is this sound? Big brother is cutting the pipe with an electric saw. Is he cutting the pipe or is he going to cut me? No!! Wait a minute, trust me, nothing will happen to you. Hey, catch him!! Stop Patlu. I have twenty years of experience of training a dog, I will help you. Bozo, if you have to catch a culprit you have to jump high to get the obstacle. Look this is a wooden obstacle, when I say jump, you try to jump high. Bozo look here, I will jump and show you. Jump!! Hey, this training is much funnier than a comedy film, haha!! Bozo, when the culprit escapes, you search him by the body odor and the smell of his shoes, ok. Alright Bozo, now you smell the biscuits and then search for it, ok? Now these local dogs know what Bozo’s reaction will be, look at them, how they are nodding their head. Bozo, Motu will show you how to smell the biscuit and then you do the same. Ghasita, close Motu's eyes. Ok Motu, search!! Oh my lord! Look at that Bozo and these local dogs are friends. Bozo, did you understand until now, what I have we taught you? Yes. Very good, now we will teach you how to catch a thief. Look, I have a packet of biscuits, you imagine this is a very precious thing and the culprit take it and runs. And I will run like a dog and catch him, you watch me and then you do the same. Catch Motu, catch!! Are you all hungry? Yes, very hungry. Then what are you waiting for? Catch! Its party time!! Help!! Bozo, help!! All this is happening because of Bozo, and you are asking he lp from him. Big brother, help!!! Oh my lord! Motu, you are still running with four legs like a dog, training is over, now run with both your legs. Motu Patlu, Commissioner would like to see Bozo’s training, show him what you have taught him. Bozo, whatever happened until now, please forget it. Now, you have to help us. Crawl Bozo, crawl. Enough now, everything is been done, what else is left? Take this. Catching culprits session is left, come let us run, now it is their turn to cat ch us. Wow! Who is teaching whom? I don’t know. But your Bozo is a very good instructor, we can use him to train our soldiers. Big brother, help!!!

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