Dog trailer for bicycle tour

another video the dog trailer I put together get the dog across country this frame started out as just a cheap eBay dog trailer it the first time I took him for a ride we flipped it on a corner so it was a little too narrow and he's a wild dog anyway so what I did here I get down here is I cut the frame in half and widened it three and a quarter inches and I zip-tied this folding steel dog crate to the top go around the perimeter on the top plate took three quarter inch PVC and that is it tight across the top of the cage and this naugahyde is screwed on from the back of that I've got velcro connectors all those before a corner so I can open one side both sides all the sides depending on where the Sun is and keep him in the shade and keep him cool also gives me room to strap a few things on the top and then they just put a backpack on the back which will hold those dog food and his holding water dishes he's got a couple of water bottles here there's another water bottle Kade's there and the other side and of course he's got his safety flag is blinky like these tendons here are just made out of core applause and they're just kind of cut to shape just zip tie it on there wait wait and she keep the mud from flipping and also keep his tail out of the spokes this is the type of dog that would do that anyway it doesn't weigh as much as you think it would I think it should work out fine this is what the with the wife would be pulling I still got the big camping trailer which I mentioned in another video just dies you nut so I went ahead and put some Kenda pneumatics on it and that'll show up in another video sometime once I get the bike done I'm doing a couple of changes to the bike or at least experiment see if they work or not anyway this is how the dog is getting cross-country

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