Dog Steals Food To Feed Mysterious Creatures In A Deserted House (Part 1) | Kritter Klub

*sniff sniff* Is it fresh though? Never liked cats in my life. So Imma steal their food +_+ The dog eats cats’ food and runs away Still not enough.. All mine~ She pops up everywhere, so people can’t catch her Serial food killer, Noorung Doggo moves like jagger~ But where are you heading to? Catch me if you can :p She ate up everything Noorung the phantom thief Eats and runs again That sly doggo… Catch that doggo, right meow! Damn you doggo, you crossed the line.. Imma catch you rn One step ahead of Noorung The PD’s on his way Goes up over there! Finally caught the thief! Hello? Geez, follow me then Oh the door is locked? Totally empty.. A deserted house.. Seems like it was neglected for a long time..? Local resident : I’ve seen her once in a while coming down from that empty house Catch em all project has begun Undercover.. Oh, she’s here..! Oh happy day~ Wait, something’s changed Something’s strange..? A stranger visited here..? At that moment, Uh! There are puppies!! Puppies!! Bubbly rural dogs Who are these cutie pies?! Puppers, chill.. Chill pls Dem mother vibes tho

100 thoughts on “Dog Steals Food To Feed Mysterious Creatures In A Deserted House (Part 1) | Kritter Klub

  1. Porfavor ayudar a la perrita y sus cachorritos merecen una vida digna llena d amor y cuidados..
    No los dejen hay abandonados…
    Busquenlos una familia q los quiera y los proteja..
    La perrita corre peligros puede atropellarla un coche o a los cachorros..
    Porfavor ayudenlos….

  2. Pleased to report that the English captions on this installment of KK are a massive improvement on the last video. Not only do the captions make sense (no more acid-fueled fever dreams by the translator while they are typing) but they are also quite amusing. A definite value add to the viewing experience

  3. Wow porque casi siempre las personas tienen un animalito y después se mudan o venden y dejan a éstos Angelitos abandonados. Pobrecita solita se la vio para darle de comer a sus cachorros por eso robaba comida a las personas. Son hermosos. Se que ustedes lo rescataran y le darán un hogar a todos, se los agradezco. Gracias y Saludos

  4. Surely the people would have noticed the animal had milk, so would have guessed she was feeding puppies? Where's the mystery?! She reared them well. They are fat and healthy.

  5. Wooooow she has puppies ♥️?so sweet mum feeding them, thats why she took cats foods. Omg this is priceless. ?♥️. Iam waiting for second part. I wish they get saved and someone gives them love and cares and they can find a family. ♥️


  7. 無責任な飼い主のせいで、このこは自分でご飯を盗むしかなくなっている。人間が悪いのに。
    このあと母犬も子犬たちも 安心して暮らせるようになっていて欲しいです。

  8. See, more abandoned female dogs being abandoned for getting pregnant just like previous videos of stray/abandoned females dogs with puppies being dumped…

  9. Haha the cats are not happy that their food has been stolen. Bless this little dog so clever. The puppies are adorable. Mum's do what they have to do to look after their young.

  10. OMG The puppies are so cuteeeeeee and too cute! What a mom! But I don’t know if I would like the answer of the owner why leaving the dog all alone with puppies to survive on their own ? I don’t like irresponsible pets’ owners ?

  11. At first I thought I was tripping but I definitely remember this one! Still don't mind watching it again though, lol I guess I watch way too much KK & SBS! Lol

  12. Follow the link for part 2 🙂
    Part 2 :

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  13. That called mother love…plz rescued them also please..they need guardians…..cutyyy babies muahhhhh love u babies….i wish ull get comfy life soon….always stay blessed happy healthy????

  14. Быть хорошей мамой и у людей нелегко . Пусть учатся у этой собачули

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