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Dreaming of walking on two feet is a doggo named Byeol *Pant Pant* “Oh, why’s our Byeol acting like this!!” Guardian: She shows this symptom every day. Once she starts doing it in the morning, she does it all day long. Pls let go of meh, let go of meh! Byeol is obsessed with climbing It seems to be a pretty serious condition though.. There’re even blood stains on the bedsheet “She’s bleeding again..” Even one of her toenails fell off.. Her strange behaviours continue repetitively “Byeol~Do you want to go up?” “Okay Byeol, here go up. She doesn’t even try to go up” And oddly, when she’s put on the bed She goes down from it, goes back to the bed again and only stops when she gets out of breath Guardian: I’m really scared of her.. the dog Guardian: You know how people say when someone’s possessed by a ghost. Guardian: Just like that, she seems like a different dog… She doesn’t cease even when the bedroom door is closed and goes to another room where her struggle starts again “Why is she like this! Our Byeol!” T_T Even when Mom tries to stop her When Mom takes her eyes off of Byeol.. She tries to climb up a bookshelf instead When did Byeol start to act like this…? Guardian: It’s been about over 3 months. She wasn’t like this in the old house we lived in and was just a bit sensitive… Guardian: But when we moved here she started to show severe symptoms such as climbing a wall. It’s already been 3 months.. What’s behind the cause of this nightmare of Byeol..? A vet observes Byeol’s abnormal behaviours Vet: If she’s extremely stressed or feels terrified, Vet: abnormal behaviour that she can’t control could very well appear. Does that mean there’s some stress that Byeol is experiencing from the new home that they moved into? Vet: She has sensed some change. Byeol stares at something as if she’s keeping an eye on something Vet: I think she’s responding to sounds. From outside a jet plane sound can be heard PD: Do jet planes by around here? Guardian: Ah they fly 5-6 times a day here. “The air force field is near here…” Dogs have much more sensitive hearing than humans The jet sound must have been a thundering sound to Byeol.. Is it really the sound of the jet that’s causing Byeol to show strange behaviours? Vet: Her heart rate got a lot faster and irregular when she heard the sound of the jet. Vet: When the sound of the jet ended, her heart rate is gradually returning back to normal. Moreover, what made it worse was Vet: I feel like there must’ve been some trigger when the new house was moved into Guardian: Mom was absent. She was away from home for about a week. “Dad and I also had to go to work so she was alone at home..” “When I came back from work, she was doing like that.” Vet: In a new, changed environment, a thundering sound that she’s never heard before. Vet: And on top of that, her owner is also not there. She could’ve sensed those changes two or three times more. Mom and Dad are sorry that they hadn’t understood Byeol better Guardian: Knowing now that Byeol’s behaviour was simply due to fear Guardian: I’m sorry to Byeol Closed the window that was left open without much thought Made a cozy spot especially for Byeol to have her feel comfortable so that she can rest with ease♡ Just for you, Byeol☆ (Byeol means star in Korean) “This is a plane. It’s the plane that Byeol is scared of rite?” “Let’s hear the sound of it” As she has the moral support of her sister she’s even able to feel sleepy~Zzz Byeol, there’s no need to be scared anymore~as your family knows how to make you feel better now♡

45 thoughts on “Dog Started Acting Abnormally After Moving Because Of Jet Sounds | Kritter Klub

  1. Terrible breed they can hardly breath. Just so humans can say arrrrrrr how cute. The pallet and throat is so distorted they struggle to swollow. It's not cute it terrible.

  2. Бедняжка, мучилась и ни кто не понимал что же происходит . Зачем красить собачку ведь она итак красавица.

  3. Ben bu kanalı turkiyeden takip ediyorum o kadar hayran kalıyorum ki bu insanların sahip olduklari varlıklara karşı göstermiş oldukları hassasiyete ve sevgiye. Veterinerlerin sahip olduklari mesleği yapmaları konusunda zaten diyecek bir şeyim yok. Harika insanlarsiniz ??

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  5. He’s acting abnormal because some STUPID fool dyed his ears and his tail orange. I’d act abnormal too, actually I’d be SUPER pissed!

  6. Please remove that color, is a tourture to the digo, no good
    poor dog it's a dog abuse
    not your foult ,but please you'll see your dog no resiste that, they use that for someting not good

  7. Es muss ein Segen sein, daß sie ihm jetzt noch ein "EXTRA"-Jet Geräusch ans Bett stellen, damit er davon gar nicht mehr genug kriegen Kann…(>.>)

  8. Como mierda le tiñen el pelo a un animal weon, están enfermos los culiaos o que wea (? Enserio qué onda con esto indecentes que le tiñen el pelo a su perrito

  9. El perro es muy bello.lo cuidan muy bien que lindo. Se notan que lo aman, pero ese tinte esta muuuuuyyyy. FEO y eso es ABUSO mejor que la mujer se pinte ella.

  10. Pobrecito ellos sufren y pasan mucho por estrés y todo porque nosotras no sabemos interpretar su lenguaje corporal. Gracias al Dr. Ya pueden estar tranquilos todos. Eres muy hermoso y tu familia te adora. Gracias y saludos

  11. Oh no, Byeol started acting strangely after moving, even hurting herself in the process. What's causing her to be so distressed??
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