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who's the boss in the bedroom and it's usually a race to get in bed do you have a try and get him off yes oh so that's what he usually does when you try and get him off okay so this is what we do yeah does he sleep with you we don't have a choice there's he he owns it it all started because the first thing he came home I begged him please don't leave the dog on the bed so what does he do oh let's just let him sleep on here one night and so from the one night this is where at well it was very comfortable it is very comfortable so where do you sleep we sleep in little balls around Harley you touch him with your feet at night it's you know he doesn't bite you but he's just remember that's a warning he pees on us like a little baby so he doesn't he doesn't bite hard I don't know if he's got a mean bone in his body he's got huh I do what excuse me what do you think that was and that's what he is it's you know it's like a big joke to him oh he's not gonna hurt you that was vicious okay Rick do you think he would bite I gotta say no huh Rick doesn't think that his dog's behavior is that serious Jody does I I think Rick is a little blind and I think he needs to wake up have you asked Rick to get him out of the bed oh my god it's a fight every night um can you show me how you would get him off the bed but I come on don't crowd me come on come on come on no so that didn't scare you you didn't think he'd bite yup you didn't jump let's let's back back away from him back away from back away all right yeah because your dog just snap to you right his best buddy his dog the next level of snap is bite we're not talking play biting here we're talking about fight then you're really gonna know about it you're really gonna know what a fight feels like Hollies guarding the bedroom location at the moment but I have no doubt that it's going to translate to other areas of the house too if they don't nip this in the bud but despite Harley snapping Rick thinks Jodie is overreacting maybe she's a little bit more afraid of the dog than I am I again I don't feel that he's got a bad bone in his body I just can't see him really hurting anybody I can't believe you're defending the doggy making light of this get lodged with tape oh and Rick still just thinks he's playing he stopped before he growls and he puts his mouth over your hand and that really does cause he snarled and has lips up like that before hey beautiful what do you mean maybe I don't know no no I don't know no he's never had his lips up T showing like that the only time he's bit harder is trying to play with him that's my time he just doesn't get it it's really weird to see them fight because they usually they haven't fought a lot when I was growing up or anything I guess but like seeing them fight over like such a stupid thing like a dog it's just really weird well that's the third time I've seen him viciously lunge at me in bed in two days yeah mr. crazy it's the only place he doesn't Rick is in complete denial I mean what he's actually doing is enabling Holly's negative behaviors goodness me Harley suffers from really bad aggressive response and he bites somebody that could be curtains for Harley this is serious I have no doubt that that dog will bite if pushed too far he gave you a very clear warning that's your serious opinion yeah really really 1,000 trillion million percent I have no doubt he is gonna bite he will make contact with your skin and this time it will not be play he will mean business because he's never broken skin well actually your arm had broken skin we caught me once this is serious and if you don't want to listen to your wife you're gonna listen to me I spent a day observing you with your dogs and there are a lot of issues here that need addressing and until you understand those issues things are never going to get better and I'm looking at you Rick a major enabler of negative behavior I have to say I have never met anybody whose instincts with dogs are so wrong it just it seems to me that you're not listening you're not listening to your family you're not listening to your dog Jodi told you I don't want another dog yes she did Jodi what did Apollo mean to you everything how was my life do you feel like you have have had enough time to mourn no no it just doesn't get it Rick how do you feel when you hear Jodi saying that she doesn't think you understand what's true I look at things differently I get past things a lot quicker and I thought that coming into the house and everybody's so sad that if you bring another dog in they would share the house back up we need your help big time it's a problem okay this is obviously very emotional for you why feeling such emotion because I try to do everything I can for my family and that's why I've tried to fix things and it backfired I can see how you just wanted everything to be okay and you wanted your family to feel better and you wanted Abby to feel better I'm gonna help you to improve Holly's life with you to make him a happier dog cuz I don't think he's that happy at the moment poor dog his life was on a chain mm-hmm most likely on concrete you've got a dog that has been damaged that has suffered and you can't enable a suffering you can't pander to the suffering you have to go okay I'm your new family and I'm gonna help you succeed I'm gonna take you under my wing Holly and I'm gonna show you now how people can love dogs how you can be taken care of is there anything that you want to say to Jodi Rick I'm sorry because I just never felt the way that you've been feeling and I'm sorry you're afraid and I know how upset you are in frustrated you are I don't know what to say I love you sorry the training starts now are you ready I am ready absolutely yes

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  1. I understand he's in denial but i do kind of feel bad for him. He just wanted to make his wife happy again.

  2. I have a mastiff and if you get to close to her bed while shes sleeping or playing with her toys she will lunge at you but she doesn't bite you she just gums your arm

  3. usually on these types of shows, it is usually the women who display high irrationality and serious denial about the reality of the situation…..but to see a man do it….yikes

  4. Stop talking crap about the dog the dog is not well trained. You can't blame the dog just like a kid. A kid is only bad if not trained.

  5. 1. That wasn't vicious
    2. Give him a good push. He'll fall on his tushy and he'll be fine.
    3. Stop showing your dog fear. He'll keep doing it if he thinks you fear him.

  6. Having a dog that large who growls and snaps at you constitutes a big safety issue for the owners. That behaviour could very easily escalate and one of them could be badly injured.

  7. the man uses the word feel a lot, meaning he is likely Fi oriented, which is why he would be so adverse to confrontation even when trying to address the issue of the dog, because it would open up a lot of confrontation and bad realities. the guy is soft. long hair.

  8. This dog need a discipline when my dog snaps at me I talk back to him and I ignore him u know basic stuff

  9. After my Yorkie died, my oldest brother wanted to give me another one the next day. I told him no, because I was still sad. 10 months later I'm still sad. I don't want another dog yet. Maybe after a year, but not now. This situation is so wrong. You shouldn't let a big dog like that sleep with you on the bed. It's wrong.

  10. And ever heard of the story of Daniel in the lions den, because Daniel obeyed GOD and worshiped GOD even though they threaten to throw him in the lions den and so they did. GOD saved Daniel from the lions!
    and the lions did not bite Daniel or scratch him!

  11. U people expect the animals to submit to u, but why dont u obey GOD! hmmm i wonder who obeys GOD more humans or animals. I think animals! do!

    so u people better obey GOD then u will see a change!

  12. Just stumbled on this, probably been said before, but the dude's comment is cliché. I am sure everyone who has owned a dog that has bitten has also claimed their dog doesn't have a mean bone and wouldn't bite. How many dogs have, nobody thought they could or would.

  13. That man has got to be the biggest FOOL one can imagine!! Clearly, he needs a lot of help, beginning with COMMON SENSE 101 !!!

  14. What the hell kind of "sorry" is that?

    Rick- I'm sorry I don't feel like you do, I'm sorry you're so afraid!

    Rick is NOT sorry!

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