DOG SLEDDING Husky Puppy First time Pulling

what a man nor caboose head she's Sharia she wants to try harder to show me does like I can do this this is awesome why so much fun I know you're running right to me you gotta go pass me good yeah good yeah a little bit faster with four huh oh yeah all right guys Nora back here it's too awesome cool I could okay Hey there's a Memphis lap Memphis hold up good girl good girl go away for Nora good girl Nora good girl we're going Memphis we're goin good job Nora

39 thoughts on “DOG SLEDDING Husky Puppy First time Pulling

  1. ??? huskies are so cute and adorable and they even speak in they even though trips

  2. How old is the puppy? I would guess she's <9 months? If she's less than 1.5 yrs, I don't agree with putting them to work…growth plates aren't closed, bones aren't calcified. It's understandable to want to familiarize pups with their job early but working them under load is not a good idea…especially large breeds. Let em grow up. She could be put in a harness and left un-traced if you want to provide training, and only short sessions…1/8-1/4 of the time the adults get. Remember, under a year old, she's like a 1st grader in human terms. Not worth it for her to get the clicks on YouTube.

  3. I'm not sure if this was asked before but I'm new to your channel and was wondering where you got your sled from? Thank you.

  4. Hi, you have beautiful dogs.
    By the way, how do you make them stop? with a voice command? or with something else?
    Thank you!

  5. omg so cute! i wonder how would it be like if Thor would join the pack for sledding!! XD
    Memphis and Nora is like constantly brushing unto one another.. play nudging one another while pulling XD so cute!!

  6. I love how Nora and Memphis were fighting in front they kept bumping into each other on purpose it was adorable

  7. i might get a husky when im all done with high school and thats in a long time though and its going to look like oakley and im going to name it oakley ! 🙂

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