Dog Siblings Go On A Cross-Country Road Trip To Their Forever Homes | The Dodo Adoption Day

you go you're free ready to go to New York our organization is called badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue we go down south and rescue dogs from shelters that are overrun so they don't have to euthanize the dog and we pull them up and transport them to New York and get them into a foster home and get them adopted this is Sebastian and this is Kathryn and they they love each other they're very very playful [Applause] they're so happy they're touching grass Sebastian he's very smart you can see he's a cuddler – he likes his attention like special attention Catherine is very active she's very playful burst of energy and then caltime bursts of interview MinnKota you're more scrappy yeah she's a little scare they found Bulldogs just wandering the street I mean they're the same age so we're we assume that they're siblings brother and sister they don't know they have a really big adventure in these next three days we're so close to the beach like I don't know what is this couple tail wag water I'm pretty sure they've never felt sand before I'm really excited to see them adopted in my land in New York [Applause] he's like sister this is fun [Applause] so we've got like 18 hours of driving left to go I kind of want to smuggle with Sebastian but I feel like she loves you yeah she loves you all right well I will take her into my bed this evening and we will she can have her own pillow we could have a car soon hi buddy hi sweetheart Katherine what do you think of your first hotel room you like using cozy pillows hi did you make a pillow fort are you gonna take over the whole bed we're here in North Carolina Catherine and Sebastien they are loving to everyone they need but I think it takes a few days for them you know to start putting their head on your lap and it's a really familiar with you he's much more relaxed in a hotel deathly enjoying his freedom good morning it's our last day Kristen Becca Catherine is definitely the more outgoing one but Sebastian is coming out of his shell for sure leaving Richmond hey guys me too yours going through a tunnel guys they have no idea the life they're about to have after this tunnel to earth this weekend I'm teaming up with another volunteer to bring these dogs their forever homes I'm so excited for them to get adopted I can't are you smelling we've been waiting for so long to adopt a dog again after our dog died four years ago we're just really excited to have a job in our home again you're gonna like our family oh good job okay what do you think buddy Jerome we really missed having that doggie presence in our lives and we were waiting for the right time to adopt a dog and now seems like a great moment when our daughter is four and sort of able to start understanding what it is what kind of a commitment it is and how to welcome a dog into our house Sebastian he's friendly to everyone he meets he's just wagging his tail and rolling over for belly rubs and just a really adaptable very very sweet natured dog having his first drink of water in his home and having a chat with Mira the love that you get from our rescue dog is unparalleled oh my god I'm sorry I feel like I want to take the picture maybe you got together I'm sure they really do appreciate having good humans in their life I'm extremely excited for Sebastian I'm just very happy that he's gonna be in a big family with a human sister now I am waiting for Catherine to arrive to my home for the first time I am definitely excited a little nervous I hope she likes it here [Applause] Oh we could hurt my job up this is the first time that I have had a dog living on my own he had a dog in my family growing up a household is just incomplete without a dog in my opinion oh it's so good I'm so glad to have a new Beasley member you just found a rope she picked it out of the basket herself she loves getting up in the morning and doing her zoomies and going for a walk she definitely loves her walks so first we need a walk drying off Catherine just been through a lot and yet look at her I mean she's she's still so sweet she's still so trusting she's just foodie a stick about all life has to offer for a dog I think that she will be the bit of sunshine in my life here we have sebastian playing with some new toys in his bed and here we have buzz checking out the scene be back good boy good boy okay it's going great we're so happy that sebastian is home with us but an amazing dog we're so grateful to Gracie and Krista for driving Sebastian and Katherine all the way to New York the dogs that they helped have these full lives with families it's kind of amazing to think about the impact that they have

33 thoughts on “Dog Siblings Go On A Cross-Country Road Trip To Their Forever Homes | The Dodo Adoption Day

  1. More than 18 hours drive and 1200 km to split the sibblings up? I thought they were going to 1 family. Tiring for them and too much wasted gasoline in a bmw. great job

  2. The comments right now:

    %85: they shouldn't have been separated.

    %14: so sweet!!!!!

    %1: it's nice they have awesome families!

  3. These dogs should not have been separated, especially since you were pretty sure they were actual siblings. I refuse to watch any other videos The Dodo posts from you. What a disappointment.

  4. Every single comment i see is “you shouldn’t have separated them” and I agree, but why so many comments about it????

  5. Thought they were being adopted together as they should have been being that they survived together prior to being rescued and adopted. Couldn't even watch the end this made me so upset. I was also surprised that they weren't properly secured in the car for such a long road trip. This whole story made me upset and disappointed. Many bonded dogs are adopted out as a pair. It's all about finding the right home.

  6. Yeah I thought they should not have split up the brother and sister but I hope the families or family in the new homes will be kind and caring to them ..they are both beautiful dogo's

  7. It’s great that they found their forever homes, but in TWO SEPARATE HOMES???? What a crappy ending! Boo Dodo!!! ????????

  8. I'm so glad they were adopted by loving families, but coming from Africa I always get concerned when I don't see any grass or trees. I hope both families often take them hiking or something. There is nothing better than watching an animal experiencing nature.

  9. Nice – but should've hooked up the owners so the dogs – the only dog friends/siblings they've known and come to rely upon and trust up till adoption – could touch base once in a while… wouldn't you want to stay in touch with your survival buddy?

  10. You never separate a pair of siblings that have been together this long. My heart is ? broken. I would never separate my two brother and sister pitbull and Bassett hound mix.?


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