DOG POUND – Trailer – A Film from Kim Chapiron

gentlemen strip out a bit civilian clothes and place all of your belongings in the box with your name on it all of your belongings shake your hair wiggle your fingers spread your toes blow your nose welcome to Enola Vale youth Correctional Facility but bet on the far left stay straight ahead angel record judge may have given you a sentence but in reality their sentence all depends on your behavior no weapons no illegal substance no tobacco no alcohol and no signs of gang activity will be permitted on the facility of a no avail right now you're all level one evaluations will determine for us whether you actually want to change and rehabilitate what happened it slipped and fell if you refuse to cooperate I have no choice but I saw it so let's go good year what the hell happened

34 thoughts on “DOG POUND – Trailer – A Film from Kim Chapiron

  1. Not a bad movie tbh.
    I did prefer the original, Scum a little more though. (Probably because I'm British, and because I saw Scum many years before this) but overall not a bad contribution from a Canadian film company.

  2. Movie sucks IMO.. was about half way through but the acting is so bad i had to turn it off.. what a waste of time

  3. This movie is only good if you've been in these scenarios, watching the movie when it first came out was a movie. I never thought I had to live it, so watching it now is a massive wake up call from not going back to hell. so all the scum comments I get it but this movie is such a helping hand for people in this situation. Seriously no one thinks they ever go there but you do

  4. Randomly came across this film and watched this trailer first and read some of the comments, thought now I have just finished watching it I'd come back and comment

    The film was decent to be fair, and yes, without question it borrowed very heavily from Scum almost throughout. For a lot of the film this was a bit of an issue for me because for large parts it was then predictable and lacked the grit and punch of the original source. But there was the odd curve ball and one or two nice touches and even one slight surprise. Those who have stated they loved it and what a great film it is I can assume haven't seen Scum to sing such praise, but on the whole I personally don't regret watching it. It was a bit drama school at times and I didn't really buy Butch as the character he played, but all in all it was fairly well done

    Worthy on an award? No. Would I watch it again in the future? No. Would I recommend it? I doubt it, unless you haven't seen Scum then you may get more out of it than me. It's not a 100% rip off, definitely has some original elements. Shitty ending though, they could have done a lot better with that….but hey, it is what it is

  5. In the first minutes, the cunnilingus scene, there are two mistakes. You can see clearly the girl's pants . They should be more careful in that scene. 🙂

  6. Scum was better but this was still good…. And no, it's not a remake… the director just got a lot of the ideas from scum

  7. Looks like a remake of the 1979 film SCUM the British based film on Borstal young criminals sent to a young prison,  Stared a young Ray Winstone, Phil Daniels plus lots more now famous British actors the film was a major hit purely due to Mary Whitehouse having a meltdown and banning it instantly. The film has direct scene copy's

  8. this was a puss y film so was scum i was in bar l know as barlinnie glasgow slashings stabbing seen everyday the saying was welcome to hell

  9. I am British which means I have to deal with all the Brits who think nothing made by an American could surpass anything British, head up their asses… This film is excellent, great acting especially by Adam Butcher, what an absolute fucking animal, way more raw and animalistic than anything I've seen in Scum, which is far too over-rated, I watched this film last night and I'm now gonna watch it again, if you haven't seen it just watch it

  10. Butch just looks like a psycho. You ever see one of them boys who just look fucking mad? That's Butch all over.

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