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you know when you meet a total stranger you try to put your best foot forward you try to act witty you try to speak intelligently maybe you even try to act cool and I'm okay at this except at the dog park the dog park is a place where you're forced to stand next to complete strangers and in LA that's a big problem for a lot of people that's downright painful but it's really a good thing usually you talk about your dog first boy or girl where where she came from where you got her oh she's cute you don't have her fixed yet do you yeah I can tell her fur is just so interesting she's adorable then you talk about the weather maybe how chilly it is what is it 68 oh goodness but I have a bit of a problem at the dog park see something happens to my voice it's a rather strange phenomenon ah see I have no problem talking to a dog owners face but if I turn and address a cute dog such as my dog June it goes kind of like this oh you're an actress that's cool yeah I'm a director myself yeah yeah just shot a feature yeah that's it was fun that's fun why watch sweet face what sweet face there appeared mr. Jones now if I look up from the dog I'm fine do you know when the dog park closes okay thank you thank you of course the dog park is full of dog lovers so they get it but you should see me walking June around my inner city neighborhood the only white guy talking baby talk to a little Terrier in the most flamboyant of ways I love my little furry daughter what can I say you want to treat until next time I'm Matt covel I need like a little gimmicky something to do at the end like I'm at koval i'm at koval i'm at koval

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  1. haha! i never even baby talked to my son when he was littler. and thats probably why his first word was….drum roll please? HELICOPTER!

  2. I do this so much, I'll be having a heated argument with a friend walking through the house and I'll run into my dog and be like "oh Baxter! Your the cutest puppy ever! You've been practicing extra cuteness I can tell!" mid sentence this will come out of me, I look away and the arguments back on

  3. @Facebookmanify – You've got to be kidding! Australian accents are cool! I LOVE the way Australians sound! Do your thing, be true to yourself and know that there IS an audience out there for you!

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