Dog owner Pays It Forward to groomer who helped save her life

there's something special about the way Morgan McCallum pampers each pet that visits her gentle hands mobile pet grooming van I love the before and after I love taking a dog into my into my office and loving up on them and then making them go from you know a dirty dog to a clean dog the gilbert pet groomer treats every dog and cat like there were her own but it's the care and service Morgan provided these adorable pups that had the most impact helping save a woman's life everybody thinks I'm a puppy but I'm not a puppy I'm a girl you see those dogs belong to Lynn Tristram who was recently going through major depression following the death of her brother Bruce and best friend Louis Lynn said she had nothing to live for but then things changed Morgan heard about Lynn from her mother then offered to bathe and groom Lynn's dogs free of charge it was a small act of kindness that had a big impact it meant someone loves me and loves them enough to go out of their way to do something that kind because I couldn't get up to do it myself Lynn was so grateful to the pet groomer for turning her life around that she reached out to CBS 5 to pay it forward to Morgan and give her $500 our news crew followed along for the big surprise you are very special wonderful girl you don't know how much you touched my heart and I just want to let you know that this is for you for helping me and loving me and caring about my family this is my family I don't think I realized how deep of a spot she was in and I feel if I had known that I would have stepped in sooner ok I tell clients all the time I can't help them with their laundry or their taxes or their marital issues but I can help them with their pets I'm having again Jason berry for Arizona's family

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