Dog Mode In A New Tesla Goes Very Wrong… (He Loves It!)

and that's it from me and my dog Farrell thank you guys so much right in them hey everybody it's Tesla driver here I hope you're doing well today we've got a short video showing you the new dog mode in version 9 in the Tesla's now I've not had this in my Tesla this is a Tesla that Tesla have given me for a few days just to film with and this actually has the update now I was really excited for this update I've got a dog a big dog that I like to bring around with me and he's got a lot of hair he gets very very hot even in the UK so we wanted something that would keep them cool now the testers have had to keep climate control on for ages actually I can't remember it not being a feature but there used to be loads of issues where people would see dogs or cats or hamsters in cars specifically Tesla cards and people would see them through the window and especially if you're in somewhere very very hot like California people would break in to save the animal now that in most other cars is great and a great thing to do but in the Tesla it's really not because it now has dog mode now dog mode is basically the climate control system before but what it does is it alerts people that the dog is in the car and the temperature is safe for it by displaying something on the screen I'm gonna show you that now so we're just gonna say that we're going out for I don't know to the shops or something so far hop now obviously he's a pretty big dog he doesn't like getting in the back either he has to use the Falcon wing doors cuz he likes swag so he's in now let's go inside and have a quick look now my dog is in the back of the car and he's pretty happily sat back there so I'm just gonna close the Falcon wing door and let him settle in now if I was to leave all I would need to do is click this fan down the bottom here and then keep climate on now again this has been around for ages and you just set it on and it will keep the climate at a nice preset temperature that you can adjust from your phone app but this is the new mode the dog mode and it says climate and scream will stay on after you leave the car and turn off when battery leaves finishes at 20% sets entry mode will also be disabled so it's going to disable a century mode I assume just because it's noted in the car I guess and all you need to do is if it doesn't disappear in time click that and click whichever temperature you want but I'm gonna leave on Auto get out the car lock it now you really shouldn't leave your dog in the car obviously for a long period of time but this is a great method if you need to jump out and go do something or if you just don't want to leave them at home let's have a look inside and see what it looks like on the screen clear as day it shows the temperature a little dog and it says don't worry my owners gonna be back and the a/c is on so anybody peering through the car should see this I'm gonna tell you can't look into the car and not see that screen to be honest considering that my dog is all black and we've got tinted windows I can't see him anyway but let's bring him out cuz I don't want to keep him in there and that in a nutshell everybody is dog mode or pet mode I guess you could say it's super simple but it makes a huge difference and I think it's something that every car should have but no other car can do that no other car can do these software updates plus there's a good boy on you did you like that do you like look how happy he is the dog mode is an actual thing oh my oh my oh my and that's it I'm not going to stretch this video out any longer because I simply can't let me know what you think about dog mode down below in the comment section and if you like these updated videos showing specific little bits of the update rather than one big video showing you the whole update and that's it from me and my dog Pharaoh thank you guys so much right in the knob he's gone back in oh my god his paws are so big thank you all for watching he clearly wants to sleep in there so I need to go get him out don't forget to drive safe

31 thoughts on “Dog Mode In A New Tesla Goes Very Wrong… (He Loves It!)

  1. I love the information in this video bu the best bit was the nut crunch………..Perhaps think about that as your logo for all your videos…

  2. You need to try dog mode in real life (kind of a social experiment) see what people do when you leave the dog in your car

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