Dog Massage : Picking a Dog Massage Therapist

In this clip, we’re going to talk about how
to choose a professional massage therapist for your canine. Now every state is different;
most states don’t have any laws or regulations which makes it a little bit scary. So, it’s
your job to make sure you’re choosing the right person to get their hands on your canine.
A lot of groomers offer dog massage as an added bonus but they’ve never taken a class
in canine massage. And this is a little bit scary, because anybody can say they do dog
massage. You want to look into their qualifications. You want to ask them what schools they went
to. You want to see if they’ve been insured, if they have any other qualifications other
than a home course for dog massage. Someone who has actually taken the time to go the
state and learn dog massage is going to have a better knowledge of the dog’s muscles, of
specific ailments. You want to tell them what medications your dog may be taking and they
should know what these medications do for the dog, to know if it’s a contraindication.
So the more classes they’ve taken, the more courses they’ve physically gone to, the better
their qualifications.

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