DOG Magician Makes Simon Cowell CRY On Britain’s Got Talent 2019! | Got Talent Global

I Am just going to let you get on with it. We like surprises. Good luck Now we all think our dogs are magical but fin truly is and for more than one reason David I’d like you to think of an object and write that word down Don’t show me Have you done that hold out to your chest come and join us at the front of the stage In a minute, I’m gonna close my eyes and when I do I want you to show Finn the word Show him the word But you please return to your seat There David, there’s no possible way I could know what word you’ve picked no Finn. What was that word? David the word is Table holger apply to everyone can see Yeah, everybody thinks so their dog is amazing the thin truly is You Just feel good. I’m Strong Simon can you come and join us on stage? Yes, the big round of applause please for Simon I want you to kneel down and face spin For the last two weeks For the last two weeks we’ve been asking friends to think of a word that Best describes thin we’ve got companion brave Amazing Incredible fast Simon. Can you hold your left hand like that? Now I want you to look into Finn’s eyes Keep looking into Finn’s ID. And with your right thumb. I want you to open a page Have a peek at that word and remember it Assignment for the first time could you tell us what that word was? heroic Now there’s no possible way. I could know what word you were going to pick no But Finn eat Because before we came here this evening Finn had a word engraved on the tag on his collar there Simon Please have a look and the tag Color I read out loud the word fair Heroic heroic You

100 thoughts on “DOG Magician Makes Simon Cowell CRY On Britain’s Got Talent 2019! | Got Talent Global

  1. Not going to lie, recently i have been getting a lot of these, "Makes Simon cry" in my recommendation list of videos. Simon cries and it makes media headline people.

  2. Don't get me wrong. it was a nice audition, but I do not like when people use a sad story for their own achievement. Not a fun.

  3. How would they ever make a successful Vegas show around this?

    Look, this was sweet and all, but it was a blatant appeal to emotion just to mask the lackluster performance of a subpar stage mentalist.


  5. Whats crazy is i KNEW he was going to write table. Then saw ta, im like yup, then in like na cant be that simple, but what else could it be then.. whaddayaknow… it was table. Lol

  6. Great job with the subliminal suggestion. Show a heartbreaking clip of a police dog being a hero and challenge anyone to pick any other word besides heroic.

  7. People do not realize the intelligence of dogs. The Shepard I have now is far more intelligent than some of the people I'm around and I work at NASA. Had that been one of my dogs the trash with the knife would be no more

  8. I am seventy-eight years old, my GSD Tobias RIP passed three months ago and I have been shedding tears daily. Am not ashamed to admit it because he would give his own life away for his love for me.True story.

  9. I watched today for a second time just so I can have a good cry for today. Jimmy Valvano said it's one thing you need every day besides laughter and thought. God bless us all

  10. Dogs are braver and more heroic than most humans. They will never lie to you or betray you. They will only love you and remain loyal to the very end. I love my dogs so much. I love all dogs and would crush anyone who abuses any animal, especially dogs.

  11. Mierda… no soy de llorar, soy una persona que casi no llora o por lo menos trata de no hacerlo, pero los animales… son mi debilidad… casi lloro?

  12. At 4:43 when a “magician” touches the object that he wants Simon to see, that’s when the “slight of hand” works it magic.

  13. El mágico no fue el perro. Aquí el mágico fue Simon. Por que logró conectar sus sensores con toda su energía al perrito y logró lo que muchos no podemos hacer. Sus sensores se conectaron de verdad con la naturaleza. Y el perrito es parte de ella. Por eso vino la emoción.

  14. Probably had some camera on his dog and some little panel on himself.

    Edit: I always get sick when Supertalent turns to Supersadstory. That's like trying to grab cheap points.

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