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This dog and cat are #relationshipgoals Bbobbi takes care of the cat with injured legs I took the cat in because I felt sorry for it Bbobbi licks the cat’s legs They used to fight at first But they became close Waits for the cat to finish eating Sharing is caring Bbobbi’s friend, Kkami Bbobbi gets protective over the cat What’s the matter? Takes the cat in for a massage Bbobbi waits outside As if knowing that Bbobbi is waiting, rushes outside Since the cat has a hard time walking The owner prepared a nice house for the cat The real ride-or-die fam..

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  2. вот не пойму а для котейки инвалидное кресло лень сделать? ( два колесика от игрушки пояс и вуаля ) и бедная кошечная не будет сдирать кожу от волочения . Сразу видно китаезы только и умеют воровать и копировать чужие идеи а вот соображалка никуя не работает

  3. Il faut lui faire un chariot pour son arrière train à partir d'un jouet d'enfant.
    Make a cart for his rear end from a child's toy.

  4. Lo q tendría que haber hecho esa familia es haber llevado al gatito al veterinario para que lo trataran como dejar q sufriera arrastrándose pobrecito ?????

  5. I'm so glad the cat found a dog as its companion (vice versa) and the caretaker who is taking care of it. 🙂 god bless to them all.

  6. Tengo llorar.Es increíble…….¡.Que.Angel.ese perrito.!.Eil.gatito mi Dios Ojalá se reponga.pronto.y puedan.estos verdaderos amigos disfrutar de la.vida …

  7. Where is part 2 ????
    Also cat needs to go to the vet, a professional needs to check him over to heal his injuries; please need an update to this sad video ??????

  8. Make a little cart for the hind part of the cat with wheels, not too tall so it's always above the cats body when it's lying down. It will support the bottom half of the cat and allow it to 'run". Email me an address and I'll 3D print a cart and send it too you, free

  9. that was gross watching her allow the cat to scrape it's legs across the rough surface.. am I the only one who saw that? Owner a guardian angle huh?

  10. Please please please get a wheelchair for the cat! Or at least bandage the legs so to prevent wounds from road rash!!?

  11. Realmente esta escena causa ternura que hasta los animalitos no son insencibles ante el dolor de otros,mucho por aprender en este mundo artificial e indiferente.?

  12. можно же сделать операцию котейке и будет бегать…=((

  13. I feel sad for the cat when I saw his legs, but the little dog is giving lots of love to him 😉
    Big kisses to all Kritter Klub crew 😉

  14. Всегда смотрю Криттер Клаб там очень много хороших сердобольных людей. Пока такие люди есть на свете, добра будет больше , чем зла и жестокости

  15. Si nos comportaramos como estos ,animalitos bellos ,el mundo sería otra cosa .tenemos mucho que aprender de ellos…

  16. Meu DEUS como é lindo de ver uma coisa dessas eu me pergunto todos os dias pq as pessoas maltratam jogam essas coisinhas fora sem esses pequeninos ñ somos nada cada dia nos ensinam uma coisa como sta pq ñ aprendemos com eles pq?

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