Dog House For American Girl Doll Pets

it's Chloe's American Girl doll ciao hey guys I'm gonna be opening this doghouse from bed at the rent and that is an Etsy shop cook the eye up here if you want to buy this doghouse or learn more about the shop so let's get up Wow this doghouse is awesome it is purple right here and right here white it has some windows it's lime green bright green right here some blue pink polka some lime green green shucks stars blue roof and inside it has this mattress that has a lot of really cute colorful stars I love it and it's a really comfortable now I am going to make pepper sticking its head out the window like that and this is a perfect set to play with what's your friends it's a really good inside like it can fit like five dogs in here all different sizes my friends at beds of dress up at seat made this really well look at all these details there is polka dots there's stars they added a mattress and on the side there's windows and shutters this is perfect to keep your dog's pet in a play so you can keep them all in one place to send off gathers around here around it's a little bit shorter than a normal American girl this little sort of each inches and I really recommend this once again it's from beds surrett and from X if you want to check out this doghouse or just the this shop click the eye up here if you liked this video comment like and subscribe bye it's Chloe's American Girl doll

46 thoughts on “Dog House For American Girl Doll Pets

  1. oh Chloe your soo great at making videos you inspired me but I don't live in america so I get out genaration thanks for helping me and my collection I have one roll Julie from america I don't have a bed yet I only have some accessories keep up the great work isabelle p?

  2. I really like the dog house. The colors are pretty and the dogs look super cute in it. Awesome video. 🙂

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