Dog Health Treatment & Advice : How to Stop a Dog From Eating Feces

Hi. I’m doctor Aimee Beger and today we’re
going to have a brief discussion on what to do when your dog is eating his own feces or
getting in to the kitty cat’s litter pan at home. There are some good products out on
the market. We do use at our clinic, we use a product called For-Bid. And all it is is
wheat gluten and msg and you sprinkle it on your dog’s food or your cat’s food and that
does deter your pet from eating feces if that was something that your pet had eaten. Ways
to prevent your dog from getting in to the litter pan depending on what size dog you
have. If you have a larger size dog that can’t not get in to the litter pan, if you have
a covered litter pan with a little entry way, that would be a good way to prevent a larger
dog from getting in to the litter pan. If you have a smaller dog, such as Neeska, then
you may need to actually put up a baby gate and allow your cat to jump over the gate and
therefore, have access to the litter pan. The other thing you can do is just pick up
after your dog after walks and potty breaks outside.

8 thoughts on “Dog Health Treatment & Advice : How to Stop a Dog From Eating Feces

  1. thank you! i have a smaller dog, actually dog(s) like mishka haha and the idea of using a baby-gate has worked so far very well, oh and also, ur beautiful : )

  2. This is nothing more than an advertisement for the Forbid product masked as a dog advice by veterinarian video.


  3. I will have to go find that stuff just for the winter because my dog does both she is a medium size breed what kind of bottle is it or is it in a box could you let me know please and thank you so much 😉

  4. hi gudam Dr. pls help me. my rottweiler have a sour milk…what the medicine for the sour milk??? pls help me :'(

  5. But how do you stop your dog from eating cat poop outside your own backyard, I have try to find the outdoors cat poop but to no luck but my but lab happens to find it all the time and when comes in she get sick vomited all up and it all over the house and the smell is and horrific, I don't want to get rid of her but I don't know what to do, can you please help me sign ; my beloved dog won't stop eating s***

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