27 thoughts on “Dog had given birth in a shipping yard, but the guard didn't want us there!

  1. I like watching the videos and let any ads play but I don't think you should bother naming them and let their permanent owners have the priviledge of that.

  2. The guard was just making sure that y'all didn't leave without the puppies. I think you should change the title.

  3. I think the guard just loved the dogs and didn't wanted you to take them away from him but realized the dogs were not in a better condition anyway so he agreed

    I feel sad for the guard now;-;

  4. Τον λογο που κανετε dislike δεν μπορω να τον καταλαβω. Σοζουν ζωες ζωων τι αλλο θελετε;; Οι ανθρωποι αυτοι ειναι ηρωες!! Τελεια δουλεια!!

  5. You are naked and everyone touches you and speakers other non-languages and feel hungry at all times but don't get the food at the time they wanna eat. This is the life of a dog.

  6. I love the last puppy ??I really love animals and specially dogs I am proud of you Hope For Paws thanks for saving tini but lovely pets I am proud of you organization I really appreciate your help for the animals like them??❤️

  7. This title was misleading. They made it seem like the guard was rude and didn't them around. He simply wanted the mother dog to stay for her babies. He even let them in once the women told them what they do. Such an ignorant title for someone who was kind enough to let you do your damn job.

  8. I love that you named the mother dog agnus cause guess what? That is what my Shetland sheep dog agnus is named and I love her and not veryany dogs are called agnus. The story behind why my dog is named Agnes is cause five years ago when we got her we loved agnus the little girl from despicable me cause the unicorn that this little girl had was fluffy and my dog is fluffy so we named her agnus after the little girl from despicable me.

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