Dog Grooming with Daniela Foreshaw | O2 Custom Plans

I love customising dogs because I like
the fact that you can really change up a look quite dramatically. You may just
want to add a hat, you might want big hair, you may want to go all out with
bows, tutus, feathers. The current trend is for dogs to accessorise to match their
owners. Doing this as a career just makes me so happy! Every day I get to play with
people’s dogs! The most important tool for me isn’t
really my scissors, it’s my new tablet that I’ve got. Clients
want to see what’s happening with their dogs. I can spread the cost over three
years and that’s really useful for me. It’s vital to me that we’ve got a lot
more choice and we’ve got more chances to mix things up a bit.
Venice, shush! Venice!!

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