Dog Grooming Tips – Trimming Hair Around Eyes

there's a basic rule of thumb in getting the hair out of your dog's eyes and stretching your grooming dollar typically want to comb the hair to one side and just snip going towards the nose come to the other side and once again snip going to the dog's nose on either side then when it comes to getting air directly over their eyes you want to tilt your scissors you can do it two ways you can either turn it this way whichever ways comfortable for you or this way if you're fearful of cutting your dog dog's eyes just makes you nervous to use a good sharp pair of scissors then get some thinning shears and just you know snip thinning shears take longer you're better off using a pair of good straight shears or rounded shears to do this job because dogs lose patience if you don't get the job done quickly just like children now we can see if you have a dog that has hair and it grows underneath the eyes or an out of the corner of the eyes your thinning shears really should be their only shears that you use for this and you just lay the shear right this is weird too Gigi I don't normally do this lay it right there and just clean that area up that way you haven't made your dog's top knot look strange and the girl is not looking at you like what did you do to this dog when you bring them into the

6 thoughts on “Dog Grooming Tips – Trimming Hair Around Eyes

  1. Never used curved shears or any shears with the point of the shear facing ur dogs eyes! She should flip the scissors and use the shears backwards! This video should be removed for the stylist techniques are incorrectly being taught!

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