Dog Grooming Tips – How to Bathe Your Dog

hi my name is Gina Ward and I am the owner of Gina's dirty dog salon in Cambridge Massachusetts we're going to show you how to bathe your dog at home what's the proper approaches so first of all you don't want the temperature of the water to warm you actually want it temp it your dog has your dog's skin if you look under under your microscope at your dot at a photograph of the dog's skin you'll see it's almost scale like so you really don't want to lift those scales and open that up it'll set them up for dermatitis problem or just maybe basic dry skin issues you want to thoroughly wet your dog you should probably use a tearless shampoo on their face just to avoid any problems with shampoo getting the eye in the eyes the shampoo that's not tearless can cause problems with your dog's eyes like ulcers in the eyes and really if not attended to if it stays in the eyes long enough can cause blindness I'm going to quickly rub that wonderful smelling stuff we use this is our blueberry facial that we use make sure you really clean the tearing area on your dog's face tear stains and matter that's left in the corner of the corners of the eyes will cause eye problems for your dog's infections and just doesn't look pretty okay if you thoroughly shampoo your dog you should only have to shampoo them once if you have a really dirty dirty dog then go for twice if your dog is white it's probably wise to use a bluing shampoo which will help whiten and lighten your dog's coat she's always nervous in the tub she hates her bath we do have dogs here that absolutely love the bath matter of fact we have a bull dog here today that we're having to keep chained up so he won't jump in the tub of Gigi invading your dog you want to thoroughly wet your dog everywhere if you are treating your dogs for medicated baths then actually you don't want to wet your dog first you want to apply the shampoo the medicated shampoo directly to the affected areas your dog's skin absorbs the first thing that's applied to them to their skin I am poop water whatever we really should be pushing down and you when you wash your dog if for those of you that have cocker spaniels or dogs with ears that lay down you really want to make sure you get that area up underneath their ears because that holds a lot of dirt it not only do they roll and get things under those ears but there's a wax the earwax helps collect dirt and hold on to it and you rinse just like you're washing a car you want to start from the bottom and work your way down to the top – I mean up start from the top and work your way down to the bottom cover up your dog's eyes and now try not to let the ear let the water go into the ears there's two ways you can avoid that you can either put cotton in the ears Giggy it's okay you can either put cotton in the ears or you can simply pinch the ear close so that you don't get water in the ear making sure you get all of the shampoo out now you can either add a conditioner into the bath or you can get a nice spray-on conditioner here at the Dirty Dog I sell one that I use that has sunscreens on it and truly makes a difference in the end result one of the ways of drying your dog after you have given them a bath is to take the towel and literally wrap them up like a bolito wrap them up tight so that the dog's body temperature will help dry the dog's coat and keep them warm at the same time so it will cut your drying time cut your handling time and your physical output you

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  1. Thanks a lot for this video and for the nice tips you gave in this video. You really bathed the dog like a baby?

  2. +arke killa you are a dumb mutated monkey =) Those tiny dogs are not at fault for human stupidity. They were bred that way, they did not asked to be that small and look like a sheep but they deserve respect too. They are dogs, they all come from the wolf, they bark, play, growl and do everything else a dog does. It seems like you have some self steem issues and you are projecting your insecurities on to a dog. You are lame.

  3. Geobeats, I am a beginning groomer and love your hose set-up.  I need to take a shower pipe and attach a soft garden hose like yours and I love the nozzle as well.  Can you share how you attached the hose to the shower pipe and where you got the nozzle?  Thank you!

  4. Clearly the dog was very nervous, so why use this one for a demonstration? Use the one that apparently loves the bath. Also, any groomer advising that we use lightening shampoo on white dogs does not have the dog's best interest at heart (these can cause many skin problems since they are very harsh). Maybe she'd be better in a hair salon.

  5. She certainly wasn't abusing the dog, she was being quick and professional, but that being said, she flat out SAYS the dog is nervous in the bath. I don't know why she wouldn't show a little humanity and be more gentle with her, use lower water pressure, etc.

  6. OMG it looks like the dog is enjoying it ^__^ all the "oh you're being so rough" comments are just crap .-.

  7. Loving all the good grammar from people insulting her… You obviously never have never worked with dogs before, or graduated elementary school for that matter.

  8. Poor little dog! I should like to grab that woman by the face and see how she likes being tied up and blasted with water and point blank range 🙁

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