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are you looking for dog grooming schools and finding them inconveniently located or beyond your financial reach look no further than all about dog grooming to assist in your dog grooming training dilemma developed by a team of pro groomers with over 30 years of dog grooming experience the dogs grooming training course can be taken from the comfort of your home and for a very reasonable tuition over the course of several years this comprehensive program has helped thousands of individuals just like yourself reach their dog grooming training goals whether you’d like to become an employee or own your own business no goal is to great the course offers step by easy step instructions and is much more personalized and direct than any other corporate school formats the instructors assume the student has zero knowledge of the dog grooming trade to begin and has been taken from the simple tasks all the way to the more challenging skills of clipping and scissor styling over 30 different popular dog breeds live instructional demonstrations are given through over eight hours of video as well as an in-depth 21 chapter training manual thinking of having your own business there is extensive information on this topic as well a toll-free number is offered for unlimited friendly consultations the hands-on portion is critique personally by the instructor herself and you will receive a certificate upon completion all of this for one very low cost to find out more about the dog grooming training package visit or call toll-free 1-888-800-1027 don’t let expensive dog grooming schools steal your dream of working with the dog you love act today where you could save one hundred dollars off the already low price and free shipping and handling for USA residents

11 thoughts on “Dog Grooming Schools – Training Dog Grooming Course School

  1. This is a very information presentation and one that gives the information needed to hone the skills needed to have my own business as a dog groomer. Thank you for this clip on Learn to Groom.

  2. I like that they not only teach how to groom dogs, but they also focus on the business aspect. That a vital part of becoming a successful Dog Groomer!

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