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a Tuesday because I always start everybody out on a Tuesday. You come in and we go over
your equipment, and we go over policies and expectations, what you should expect from
your school, what your school should expect of you. I’92ve had students that afternoon,
because that’92s the morning, that afternoon, go well you know what I got some dogs here
so lets start washing dogs, so I think the quicker the better, you know the sooner you’92re
actually handling a dog the better you’92re going to be.
If you handle a lot of dogs you become really comfortable and you need that. You need to
be comfortable so that you’92re not coming to come to the table with this weird energy,
where you’92re uncomfortable doing it because the dog will read that and take advantage
of you. When you come to the table and you’92re comfortable you know what you’92re doing
and handling yourself and you know what you’92re doing, the dogs are better,
I don’92t have a lot of biting dogs here, first of all, because every dog that comes
here the first grooming I do, every single dog that has been through this shop, their
first haircut is with me and then I write everything down what anyone else should expect
of that dog. I push handling a lot, because generally bad
groomers they’92re not necessarily bad groomers they’92re bad handlers and so dogs are acting
up with them, and they’92re like my dog isn’92t doing this and that, its because you’92re
handling them wrong, you lifted a leg too high or you’92re lifting a sore foot where
you shouldn’92t be lifting it and to be aware of that and to read your dog. So my thing
is the sooner I can get you in here and the sooner I can get you handling dogs, the sooner
you’92re going to be a great groomer }

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