Dog Grooming in Antioch Local Aera … Call (925) 238-9472

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Dog Grooming in Antioch We are your neighborhood pet salon serving
Antioch and the surrounding local area. We do pet grooming exclusively, lovingly and
with unmatched care and attention. Our pet groomers are expert at both dog grooming and
cat grooming and we always work to insure the
pet owners’ total approval and satisfaction. Grooming is one of the essential responsibilities
of a dog owner. Grooming is a necessary maintenance that will make the pet look and feel better.
We have been making happy pets in Antioch, CA for a long time and enjoy many loyal regular
customers. Dogs enjoy being brushed. Dog brushing, especially
on heavy shedding breeds minimizes dog hair inside the house. It is the best way of maintaining
the healthy condition and beautiful appearance of the coat. And most importantly, with a
regular grooming schedule, the owner will be aware of developing problems such as parasite
infestations and skin infections. Regular ear care, teeth cleaning and bathing are necessary
grooming practices that will ensure the pet’s good health and good looks. Let us make your pet happy and clean today.
Come by our local Antioch salon and let one of our professional dog groomers give your
loved pet the royal treatment. Today (925) 238-9472… Serving the dog grooming
needs of Antioch, California and the surrounding area.

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