Dog Grooming : How to Groom a Toy Poodle

hi my name is Sammy I'm at the Animal Care Center in West Bountiful Utah I have Katie here and Tia to help me demonstrate on how to groom a toy poodle I'll show you a little bit later how to trim a topknot on Katie there's many different types of cut you can do on a toy poodle katie is in a teddy bear cut it's the same length all over the entire body including the face and feet those are not shaved like most poodles another cut is kind of a rendition of the teddy bear cut it's called the lamb cut you'd start out a little bit shorter on the back and keep getting longer as you go up they have a full chest and a very long neck leading into a large top knot and you'll also shave the face and feet with the number 40 blade another common cut would be a cut that T is in right now she's got the Continental cut it's most commonly used for a show cut and on that one you'll use a number 40 blade to cut their feet their legs and arms you'll want to cut up to the midsection and also shave the face they're left longer in the body with a full chest and bracelets on each ankles the pom-poms you can either choose to leave or you can also shave those short as well when cutting a top knot on a poodle you'll want to get a good pair of curved shears that will help you to make the structure of the top knot you'll want to go around and cut it round leave it so it's slightly hangs over the edge a little bit and you'll want to cut it and blend it into the neckline with poodles you'll want to make sure that they are brushed out daily they have very long fur that Maps very easily you'll want to pay attention to the neck and chest area those are the areas that Matt the most so make sure to go through those with a line comb and make sure that you get every mat and tangle out of their fur if you have any questions or if you'd like to contact us go online to the utah animal care comm

27 thoughts on “Dog Grooming : How to Groom a Toy Poodle

  1. why did the white poodle have red near its eyes? is that with all white poodles? :/ that may change my decision on getting a white one..

  2. These aren't toy poodles, I have a toy french poodle and she's much smaller, I'm trying to learn how to groom her myself, she's a senior and getting older and the girl that used to groom her left so she's scared of someone new. ??

  3. Please don't use this video as a guide to grooming any breed. The steps are bathe, fluff dry, comb thru again and again and again as you do your trim. Also, for a pet I would use a 10, 15 or 30 on the feet depending on sensitivity of the dog. And yes I am a professional groomer and have been for 19 years.

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  5. OMG, this is horrible. Who dare you post such a video? You work is horrible. I almost died when you started cutting the top knot …

  6. Agree. This video us horrible.i would never cut a poodle with out brushing out first especially when doing the top knot..little white poodles hair cut looked very sloppy

  7. I'm not a groomer, I've had my toy poodle is 6 months old now and I did a better job than this… Maybe looking for advice on here isn't the best bet =P

  8. when i cut my dogs fur… he always shake his head… im scared that i could cut up his face and pain happen.. my dog name: louis
    1 in a half year.. a male dog

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