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hello folks my name is Jorge and I will be your host for today I would like to welcome you to online grooming school comm our topic for today is how do you become a certified at hygienist or a certified that rumor or both that's what online grooming offers both certification visit the website have a look around join us we have a special going on you can look at this video real quick but anyway I'm gonna bypass all this because I want to get to why you're here which is you're looking to become a certified pet groomer so the certificates are issued by our parent company master groomers Academy when you follow through with everything what you do is you study but before I do that let me show you what your certificate will look like so I'm gonna bring it down here let me expand this I can always close this so this is pretty much certificate of pet grooming your name goes here the date will go here master groomers the Academy that's what your certificate looks like let's exit out of here it's very simple you join up you log in click here to study you come here there's 20 videos that you can follow through this is the instructions the curriculum no your dog but here is what you do here you see this is under the instructions what what you really need to do is you need to take five pictures before and after and then you may substitute breeds we tell you what breeds we need you to take but you can substitute that as well you upload the five pictures before and after and you take a final test and what I would like to do is kind of cover that with you so you know exactly what this is so if you go back here again let's go to the login again and it's very simple here it says take your test online and upload your pictures so what the page is so big I'm so sorry but here is where you take your rizal multiple-choice there are 35 questions you upload before and after your picture is right here so in a nutshell folks that's what it is so visit online room with school comm let me go back here again and you can become a certified pet groomer and a certified butt hygienist if you have any questions you can always call me my name is Jorge thank you

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