48 thoughts on “Dog Gets A Puppy For His Birthday

  1. I hate it when stuff starts popping up suggesting what you should watch next while your still watching something.

  2. yay the dog looks soo happy and the puppy ?
    they look soo cute together and when they were playing
    if i get my dog a pup she will be mad and be jealouse but iknow they will be bff afew days later?

  3. So cute but I love how at first the older dog is almost shaking it’s head like “no… no, no… we never discussed this”

  4. Real cute, love how excited he gets at having a new playmate! (plus i just like adding the word 'Doodle' to anything!!!!LOL)

  5. So sweet….i see ppl getting puppies for their bday but never a dog…?..both of them seems to hv a good time..?..loved it…

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